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Monday, April 21, 2014

Blog Update

Posted by Raul on January 29, 2010





The time has come for me to do some upgrading to this blog.


I want to add several elements like gravatars and CommentLuv in the comment section; a list of the people commenting at the right hand of the page, etc, but it seems that the WP version I’m using is too old and tired for that (2.6.1) and also the Theme seems to be too simple for such luxuries, so I’ll be following Barbara’s advice (from and create a test site to experiment for a couple of days before getting into the updating process.


Hopefully, starting this Monday, February 01 and to Friday 05, the whole process would be completed, so there’ll be no posting for that week to dedicate all the time to deal with this infernal computer technology.


Think of it as if, for those of you that don’t have a clue about cars, are going to rebuild the engine with just a bunch of hand tools, no knowledge and/or experience, and using information obtained from Google…there’s going to be bleeding hands and tears!


Fortunately, since this process is about typing and clicking, I doubt there’ll be any bleeding at all, but I’m not so sure about the tears!


So wish me luck and we’ll see what happens, and if you have any advice about this process, it’ll be much appreciated.






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