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  So it seems we need to have direction in order to act in life. That in itself seems very logic. What surprises me is that it also seems the direction can be any, as long as there is one. … Continue reading

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  Summer is running away; Winter is coming, and its representative, Fall, has started conversations already. Such a beautiful yet sad season is Fall. I love walking over the accumulated leaves at the park, wearing some warm clothes and taking … Continue reading

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The Spirit in the Mirror (Re-Post)

  While the image is just a reflection, the entity standing there could be considered the separation of itself from the body. There‚Äôs no physical existence in the image in the mirror, yet we can see it standing there, looking … Continue reading

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Indy 500

  Just a little bit ago we went to see the Indy 500 in it’s 100th run. Two years ago, while watching the race on TV with my son, we became enthusiastic with the idea of going to Indianapolis for … Continue reading

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Worlds Apart

  Checking someone’s site somewhere I found this drawing. I don’t know who did it, so credit to the creator of it; part because of the due credit, and part because it is a concept shown in an amazingly simple … Continue reading

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