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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Don’t Say Sorry!

Posted by Raul on July 26, 2010


The thing is, I hate when people say “I’m sorry” because I think “why didn’t you anticipate the problem?” For me people who say sorry too easy is people who is used to not thinking of the consequences of their actions and just throw the “sorry” word to get “clean” and move on…easy life!

We can see how adults teach their children to go that way when, instead of teaching them to think before acting, just let them be anyway they want and later tell them to “say sorry”, so the child say sorry and keep going the same way without learning anything from the situation.

Then, when being an adult, the same situation occurs, only the wording can become more complex or have more variations: “Oh I’m terribly sorry” “I’m so sorry” and so on.

It is not just that in those situations it becomes annoying the continuous line of “mistakes and sorry sayings” but it is also how it affects in life. When we don’t learn to think before doing, in small things could be (could be) OK, but the bigger things are the ones to mostly worry about.

-Love relationships that go awry because each one acts without thinking, then the flood of “sorry” that leaves each one with the feeling of not being important for the other

-A 16 years old kid driving really fast without thinking ahead, then crash and burn, and even worst, taking someone else in the process.

-Should I mention drunk driving?

Learning to think ahead is not just about preventing problems but also is about considering those around in the equation so no longer it is all about “me” and “the situation around me” but it is also about learning to respect the others as equals; so teaching to anticipate consequences also teaches respect for the others.

“Not teaching is teaching selfishness”

Then, without learning to think ahead it’s easy to:

-Become selfish and egoist

-Not learning to give love and dedication

-Not being capable of receiving love

-Living confused about what’s really important in life

-Becoming a materialistic being (many times to compensate)

-Risking injury and life, own and others

-Becoming racist and segregationist

And the list can go on and on…

Teaching our children to think before doing or saying something not only is about good manners, have a more fulfilling life and helping them to develop better relationships in their future, but sometimes is also about making sure they will have a future at all.


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