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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Living Without a God

Posted by Raul on September 23, 2010



I don’t believe in a God’s existence as presented socially, so I don’t have a set of commandments to live by, I am at my own will.

So how can I expect to live my life?

Let’s say that I have two sons.

The first one is always coming to my house and thanking me for all that I have done for him; he talks about me out there; he is willing to kill for me, but he is also selfish and dishonest; he wants power and money; he goes like “I didn’t make things the way they are, I’m just surviving in this world” as an excuse to abuse and act in a self rewarding way without regard for others.

The other never came back. He never calls me and never thanked me; he went on to do his life. But I know that he is a good man, he is a good friend, father and husband, and people can trust him. He is not worried about money and power, he enjoys life and nature; he respects others and tries to be just and honorable.

Which one would make me more proud?

The second one would be my choice and I believe it’ll be the logical choice also.

So, if God does exist, and is like people say: eternally loving and worried about his children’s happiness and in no case selfish, wanting to be worshiped (that would be a religion’s concept) then I will try to be like the second son, to make him proud of me.

If he doesn’t exist, I can still be proud of myself, enjoy life and nature, family and friendship, and even that with this way I’ll never be rich and powerful, I know I’ll be happy with myself.

So I believe it is not important to spend life questioning about if God does exist or not, it is not important to go to church and pray, and of course, is not important to escalate in society and become rich and powerful. I think a God would care a whole lot less what we believe than he cares about what is in our hearts and how we treat each other, so what really matter is to put all our efforts in trying to be better people, become real human beings, and enjoy life in the process.

I know it may sound selfish for some, but after looking at religious wars that killed and tortured so many throughout history, a wealthy church with a Pope that wears expensive hand made shoes and lives surrounded by riches while preaching modesty and giving ways; and even local priests that preach every Sunday the rules to live by, yet scandals and left behind children abound, I cannot believe in their words in other ways than religions are just a man made business for conquering, ruling and profit building purposes.

Contradictions exist in the own words of the teachers when their preaching is compared with their actions.

If when I die I have to face a God that I never believed in and he happens to be the way is taught by religion, eternally loving and understanding, then I’m sure he will understand my motives, smile and say “Come in, make yourself at home”

If I found a God that requires worshiping and supports Holly Wars, then I’m in deep shit!


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