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Monday, April 21, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Raul on December 30, 2010


Ahh…those freaking New Year’s resolutions that as a norm we never follow. Even if we finally change the “Should I” for the “I Should”, they still seem to dance around the fire making fun of our willpower, like the vision of a candy store seems to make fun to his desires in a child’s eyes.

So close…so far away!  Human instincts at war with human logic. Memberships forgotten; books with a growing topping of dust; written lists that slowly fusion with the walls, to the point of never being seen again…or at least with normal eyes. Instead the surrounding walls become the screaming consciousness to the senses for the avoided promises, bringing another point to the score of weight to be carried in tired shoulders for the years to come.

And yet, every new year the memories from past promises join the new ones, to conform the new bulk to avoid by the inner thoughts that fight the logic of it all.

Don’t take this post seriously…I’m just making fun of us all, including myself. It is not a criticism of our willpower, but a celebration of our humanity.

So what is my New Year’s resolution?  I think I’ll let my sarcasm flow more freely in 2011  :)

By the way…I took this picture at night while doing my delivery job. I don’t know if Santa is taking a nap after so much work, or if the party was so good that he ended up on the lawn completely drunk!  Those inflatable decorations can be cute when up and funny when down.

Funny though that somehow it resembles our own ways at this time of the year: The spirit of Christmas combined with the party attitude that can be seen all around.

One of my wife’s colleagues told her of something funny that happened when taking her 3 years old grand-kid to see Santa at the mall: While seating in Santa’s lap, Santa asked him: “What would you like for Christmas?”, and he answered: “What do you got?”

Smart kid, no doubt!

Happy 2011 to everyone!   :)


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