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Friday, April 25, 2014

Irradiating Beings

Posted by Raul on February 22, 2013

xxxx-xx-xx  Irradiating Beings



Let’s try a crazy possibility for a moment. Let’s assume it is true to see what happen.

We can talk, we can scream, we can sing and we can do so many things to express ourselves to the surroundings, but we do tend to disregard our own irradiation.

Just like a wire in which we circulate an electric current will create a magnetic field around that we can measure, the same way we, being electric creatures, generate a field around us at all times while we are alive.

Our thoughts are electric currents traveling throughout our brain. The signal received by the brain to recognize pain when we hit our hand against the wall is an electric current. The signals sent by the brain to the muscles in our body to move an arm, walk, etc. are electric currents, and so on.

As long as those electric currents are running through our body, back and forth to our brain, we are alive. When we die, there are no more electric currents in the body. It becomes, well…a dead body! (Duh!)

So we generate a field around us that we cannot see or measure at this time, yet it does exist, and maybe that’s what some people claim to be able to see as the Aura…the shinning around a human being that reflects what’s in that person’s heart (feelings, intentions, etc.)

We can “perceive” that field, that irradiation from another person, and when that irradiation somehow synchronizes with ours we can feel a sort of “connection”, and at the other hand, when that irradiation differs from ours then we can feel a sort of “rejection”.

Now, since our thoughts, feelings and intentions are electric currents in our brains, and those thoughts, feelings and intentions alter our physical state (if we are mad our muscles tend to tense, and if we are happy our muscles tend to relax), then it’ll be logic that the irradiation we emit should vary according to the state of our thoughts, feelings and intentions, most probably creating a sort of different wavelength in the spectrum of our iradiation. The thoughts, feelings and intentions in our brain are the generators of the irradiation and our whole body becomes a sort of “amplifier” of that irradiation, which is continually modified according to the state of our mind.

So, if we have this irradiation at all times, and if this irradiation varies depending on what’s in our thoughts, feelings and intentions, then this irradiation should have a sort of “interaction” with the irradiation of another person when close to each other, just like the magnetic field of a wire influences the magnetic field of another wire when they are close to each other.

Seen from that perspective, and making comparisons with the interaction of the magnetic field projected by wires which have circulation of electric currents, we could then analyze the results of human interaction using analogies.

When two wires are set in the same position while having the same electric current, thus the same magnetic field, those magnetic fields add up to a higher intensity. If we go to an extreme and position the same way thousands of wires with the same current, we create a powerful magnetic field that can be used in an electric motor – Two people in the same mood and feelings tend to feed each other in the same direction. If we get together thousands of people in the same mood and feelings we can create a revolution! (Think of a charismatic leader).

When two wires are set in the opposite position while having the same electric current, thus the same magnetic field, those magnetic fields repel each other. If we have thousands of those wires set in different positions with the same electric current, we have a chaotic magnetic field. – Two people in the opposite mood and feelings tend to reject each other. Thousands of people in different moods and feelings create a grayish society of distrust. (Think of big cities with millions of inhabitants).

But going back to the basic concept, have you felt distrust for no reason when you first meet someone? Like when going to an office to get a signed document and even before talking to the person in charge, just by getting close to her desk you know you are not going to get anything with this person.

Or maybe feeling the opposite; trust without a logic reason when getting close to someone that you might have never seen before? Like for no reason feeling friendliness from someone standing at the bus stop; or the grocery store cashier that starts a conversation that you feel somehow happy to follow, even if you weren’t in the mood of talking before.

Maybe “love” in part is a sort of synchronization of the irradiating fields between two people, creating an attraction that cannot be explained, and sometimes even defy logic (obviously logic in this case is reasoning based in a society in the material world and its requirements – “He is not of your same background, how can you fall in love with him?”)

My favorite: When you call someone on the phone; you hear the ringing and wait for the person to answer, and when he/she does and just say “Hello”, sometimes you immediately know if that person is mad, happy, sleepy, etc. There’s no visual you can use to reach that idea and the sound of the voice is distorted by the electronic transformation of the sound into electric pulses and back to sound; so how can you know the mood the person is in? Has it happened to you? Maybe we can perceive the other’s person’s irradiation at distances.

Have you had a sudden feeling that something might have happened to a loved one, just to receive a phone call a couple of minutes later to inform you of a tragic event to that person? Or even just suddenly having a thought about that person for no reason, and then receiving the phone call to say hello, then learning in the conversation that the person just decided a moment ago: “I’m gonna call her!”?

Experts insist a crying baby gets calmed when hugged by his mother because he can hear her heart…something he knows very well after nine months. But why then there’s people who seems to have a “natural” ability to “connect” with babies? (I mention babies because they cannot talk and don’t have knowledge of how to communicate).

Seems to me we do have another way of communication and a way to “broadcast” ourselves by the irradiation of our personality (which is created by our thoughts, feelings and intentions). And logically we should be able to control our irradiation by controlling what we think, feel and do in our lives. In many doctrines a monk suppose to have a very shiny aura since his life is dedicated to service and compassion to others and harmony with nature.

I’m not an expert in the field, so cannot say this is the way it is, but after so many years roaming this planet observing people and their interactions, looks like a possibility. I do know that while at work usually I’m quiet and thinking this kind of weird thoughts, while other people around is thinking and talking about the latest music video or the party they are going next…I’m not a person they like to spend time with, even if I always smile and try to be kind to them. We definitely irradiate in different wavelengths!

What do you think? Do you believe we irradiate ourselves?




What If…

Posted by Raul on February 19, 2013

2013-02-19  What If


What If…



Matter exists in the universe, and the interaction within itself creates energy. Energy then influences matter creating more interaction within matter, which in turn generates more energy: A self feeding system.

As energy keeps re-shaping matter, at some point the collapse of all matter within itself will occur, reaching the state of highest energy possible due to the concentration of matter in one point after all black holes become combined. Then the extremely high energy will “explode” the matter with a shiny light at the Big Bang point creating a new universe, and the cycle begins once more: A new creation.

While matter spreads to later stop and revert to a single point in this process, energy first goes to its weakest point when matter stops spreading, and from then it has a continuous growth to its maximum expression at the moment of total matter concentration.

It could be then that energy influences matter in the process of creation, not only at the new beginning, but also throughout the whole process of dispersion and later concentration, with its continual individual re-shaping and re-creations within. So we could say energy is the creator of everything: “And there was light, and everything was created in an instant out of the infinite emptiness”.

Energy shouldn’t have thoughts, thus not consciousness and/or intelligence, but from a very simplistic point of view, since being the one who creates, it’ll be easy to assign it the roll of an intelligent creator.

Now, being us physical creatures made out of matter, we do have energy within to power us, and which abandon us at the moment of death to dissipates into the air (which is also space), becoming part of the energy existent in the universe, while our bodies (matter) transform into the general matter around (rotten and dissolved coffin and body).

From that point, it’ll be easy to consider that our bodies are part of the physical universe while our consciousness, entity or soul (energy) is part of a higher plane in the universe and also a part of the creator itself: “The return to the creator to be embraced by him”.

If this matter-energy interaction is true, how would you explain that to a very ignorant person ten to twenty thousand years ago, if just a couple of hundred years ago people still believed that lightning was the fury of God? Wouldn’t be necessary to use known elements of ordinary life like images of an old person (as a symbol of wise), people, clouds, fire, wings, cute babies, etc to explain in a form of an understandable tale?



With the unlikable idea of completely ending one’s consciousness at the moment of death, with nothing to remain of it, and the still unexplained images of ghosts, death and back to life experiences, out of the body experiences, etc. together with the unknowns of the capabilities of the human brain, wouldn’t it be really easy to consider that “there must be something else”?

So what if the reason for those unexplained elements is that the unconscious part of our brain remains after death? Then the energy that dissipates could have a sort of intelligence and/or memory, which would promote the idea of entity (soul for believers, but that would imply consciousness instead of unconsciousness), and the energy in the universe could also be consider an unconscious entity with some sort of intelligence, although not necessarily conscious thoughts and decision making. From that point of view, we could consider ourselves part of a greater unconsciousness that connects us in a way still difficult to understand, but that would make us “Individual Units” interconnected by a common origin and a common wealth of knowledge that we could access through our own unconscious, like a remote computer connecting to a central database. Could be that what Carl Jung was talking about in his work “Man and His Symbols”?

This “if” proposal would make feasible the concept of an intelligent creator (the universal energy) and the possibility of us being part of it (bits of that energy coming to “power” a physical body), that will return to the creator or origin, carrying with us the acquired knowledge (in the form of unconscious memories) in a physical life, to contribute to the universal knowledge of the mother (or father) entity, that will in turn help create higher creatures in the physical life in order to acquire higher and higher knowledge: A self feeding system again.



Under this proposal we would be physical creatures that have no conscious knowledge and no connection between one another (individual units); traveling life in loneliness in search for connection (love, friendship) and knowledge that would help us understand our origins and reason of being. Yet somehow “deep inside” (due to our unconscious) we know we pertain to a common origin, to one another, and we know answers to questions that come to light from “inspiration” and/or “revelations” that surface when, without purposeful training, we are able to connect with our unconscious, and through it, to the universal unconsciousness we belong to. 

If this is true, then the purpose of our life is simply to acquire knowledge and experiences and shape them in a personal way by use of our feelings, to bring this information back to the universal unconsciousness for its continuous growth. It would be not just the knowledge we can acquire, but perhaps more importantly, the way such knowledge is interpreted and perceived under the influence of our personal feelings and sensations while experiencing life. That way the same knowledge for different persons, like the experience of marriage or parenthood, will have different variations, contributing to a wider wealth of knowledge and feelings to the mother (or father) entity

In a more “profane” way of thinking, we come from the knowledge of a universal Wikipedia or Google, and after death, what we learned in life, becomes our contribution “pages” or “entries” to augment the source of knowledge. We could be “Observers” sent in a lifetime mission. How many times it has been said that life is a school?


I’m not saying this is the way things are, I’m just trying to connect dots on my own, without simply accepting what is already “proposed and certified until revision”. And obviously I’m going into very general explanations because more detail would imply a whole book on its own! 

What is your take in this? Do you think the above “If” proposal could be true?





Posted by Raul on March 8, 2011

And then the old syndrome of: “Someday I’ll be able to stop saying someday”, just to drag life on another year. Who will subscribe?

“Spring is coming! Spring is coming!” -The inner voice raced across the city with the news.

The frozen lake is no more…instead seagulls feed at will with madness, flying all over the place.

Some say life is like a roll of toilet paper…the closer to the end, the faster it goes.

Some say life is like a cigarette…a pleasure at the beginning but stinky at the end (and only a bad smell left…Yikes!).

Some say life is like getting drunk…laughing and dancing with abandon at first, to end up unable to stand and walk by the end…Aw!

New technologies = easier life…incommunicado!

Facing the unknown from the comfort of an internet terminal at home equals little experience in facing life for the growing child. The art of physical interaction become lost.

Nowadays, and for more and more people, the number of minutes used on the cell phone seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of company felt.

A mirror shows just the machine, but not the driver.

Getting lost in the requirements of survival and their luxury extensions, that brings enhanced pleasures to the instincts. Starving souls leaving the physical plane?

All the spirits gather in the ether and conform the thinking and deciding entity that controls the cosmos…God is a Union!

Thinking in a bi-dimensional plane there are only two options to the problem. In a tri-dimensional plane there are six. (At least it becomes an “intelligent” confusion!)

I guess I’ve spent too much time without writing, and the thoughts fly around like small, winged demons, making fun of the driver!


In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings

Posted by Raul on December 27, 2010


    It is said that the most intelligent creature born in planet Earth is a human being. It is said that the main characteristic of a human being is its capability of feelings; love, hate, distrust, confusion, etc.

    Is it the capability of feelings proper and unique of human beings? Dogs can experience the same feelings at a lower degree, yet they aren’t considered humans.

    At the other hand, there are “humans” that, throughout history, have shown very little “humanity” by their actions towards other fellow humans.

    So what about extraterrestrial beings?  If they aren’t considered humans since they weren’t born on Earth, but somewhere else in the universe, does it means they are not considered capable of love? (Being love a human characteristic?).

     But if they have the capabilities of love (which they should have), then shouldn’t they be considered humans?  Unless the capability of love is not a characteristic proper of a human being, or should I say, an Earthling?

    In that case, feelings would not be the characteristic of being human, but just one of its properties.

    So then, should we greet an extraterrestrial being as a fellow human? Or should we consider ourselves as human or not, mostly depending on our own actions, and not just because we were born in this planet?



Consciousness Machine

Posted by Raul on October 11, 2010



They built machines that can hold Consciousness.

These machines are not made of plastic and metal but flesh and blood.

These machines have a Primary Program that allows them to sustain their own life.

This Program maintains the internal components working automatically.

This Program pushes the machine Operating System called brain into working towards physical self rewarding as an automated safety precaution of survival.

These machines also have a Secondary Program for search and acquirement of knowledge.

This Secondary Program allows the Operating System to control the machine so it can move, develop and participate, interacting with the surrounding environment.

But the final purpose of these machines is to hold Consciousness.

Then they are released to the physical world where they were created.

The purpose of the process is to allow the Consciousness to grow using the machine’s Operating System for knowledge search and acquirement and the machine itself as a traveling vessel, a starting point and a tool.

Once the growth is achieved the Consciousness leaves the bio-degradable machine behind to become part of the universe, the whole, the main Consciousness…the creators.

But the Consciousness must travel first the physical world in a physical body, a machine, to learn and develop as a process to grow.

And there is no guidance or instructions for this process, so the Consciousness must find the path on its own as part of the growing process.

And throughout this process, and pushed by the Primary Program of the machine, many times the Consciousness loose direction and dedicate the powerful capabilities of the Secondary Program of the machine and it’s Operating System just to fulfill the physical requirements the machine has.

So the journey of growth is turned into a process of acquiring the elements that will provide well being to the machine according to the Primary Program, instead of using that Secondary Program and the Operating System to control the machine at the service of the Consciousness in the process of growth.

A machine lost!

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