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Friday, April 18, 2014

Illegally Posted Pictures

Posted by Raul on January 25, 2010



I just read a post in another blog about someone complaining because his picture, which he published in his Facebook page for his friends to see, was to be found now in some other site posted without his permission.


He was complaining that there should be rules or laws in place to prevent those kinds of situations from happenings, or at least a way for the affected person to enforce his right to privacy.


I believe this person is missing the point about technology. We want more and more capabilities from our internet connections and the sites we visit and/or create so more can be done to reach a wider audience. The same we ask from our cell phones, so we can be able to take pictures and videos anywhere anytime and then download them quickly and easily into our computers, blogs, websites, YouTube, etc.


The problems is that the easier it becomes for us, it’ll also be easier for everybody else, and not everyone has the same moral concepts we have, or simply put, we are different people with different views of the same situation. What is right for me might not be right for you and vice versa.


We want to reach the biggest number of people and go worldwide with the internet; we want the possibility to take pictures and videos fast and then be able to upload them in our posts or pages in social sites without hassles, so we demand better technology and use it.


The problem then is that, at the same time we have all these conveniences, everybody else get it and use it, so no longer we can assume things will work the way we expected or think is right. We post in our blogs and want it to be worldwide for everyone to read, yet we don’t accept our pictures can be worldwide for everyone to see when is posted again by someone else.


With the new technology available don’t be surprised if one day you find yourself in a porn site in a video that shows you naked taking a shower, and after the initial shock you discover that it was in the showers of your local gym, and all you can remember is someone talking on his/her cell phone at that moment.


Technology can and will be used for good and bad purposes; most people will use it to enhance their lives, while some others will consider enhancing their lives getting money for videos or pictures taken to unaware people in awkward situations.


There are many sites out there posting “funny” pictures of people that I’m sure didn’t know they were being photographed at that moment.


The point here is that as soon as we upload something in the internet we can assume it is gone in a life of its own and we cannot control it anymore; so the only way to be safe is just not to upload what we might regret later.


We live in a new kind of world, where we are to become public in every aspect of our lives. Even if you make a search of yourself in the internet you will find your information available to everyone. There are sites out there that, for a small fee, will deliver to you information like your name, address, where you work, if you had bankruptcy at any time in your past, your spouse name, your children’s names, etc


My guess is that if you want to be sure about someone you can use the information in these sites to make a decision, but at the other hand your information is also available for everyone to see.


We live in a world where private life is less and less probable because of the technology available, so we have to be very careful on what we post in the internet, being it a social site, a dating site, a blog, a website, etc, even when we send emails we cannot be sure of who will get it and what they will do with it.


If we post something in the internet we must automatically assume it will take a life of its own without us being able to control it, and we must accept that as a fact of the modern world we live in.






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