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Second Look

  Sometimes the world seems to be gone crazy; but a second look will show us it could be us seeing the wrong things. Raul     .

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Do we really exist? Not…really…do we really exist? You must remember the movie The Matrix. I personally don’t believe that is true. I think that was a very entertaining movie, with great special effects, but just that…a movie. But I … Continue reading

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Aspie World 17 – Humans and Aliens

I have a friend. He reads this blog and sends me letters commenting about the posts. He lives in Denver, so we meet often in person and talk. He is of the Human specie, so we are from different species … Continue reading

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  They didn’t see the world together. They didn’t accomplish anything at all. They just happened to find each other in a day like any, and without even saying a word things seemed to click. There was no time involved … Continue reading

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Just a Quick Note!

  People, this is a quick note to let you know about Eric’s latest post: “Exploring the Brain Twisting Worlds of Subjective Reality” at his blog “Eden Journal”  In this post Eric is analyzing different possibilities about reality and our … Continue reading

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