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Back to the Net

  Picture: “Salar de Uyuni” – Bolivia (about 12,000 feet altitude) This picture somehow reflects for me what is to be traveling in the internet: Amazing and scary at the same time! Someday I’ll have to visit this place I’m … Continue reading

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Parallel Universe

    Long ago there were exotic lands waiting to be discovered, conquered and exploited, but no more. We already know the whole geography of the planet and there are no new places to be charted and see for the … Continue reading

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Our New GOD!

    When you are in pain, confused, lost, or simply bored, go to God Google. When you need to receive advice, directions, information or amusement, go to God Google. Even if you have sexual desire to satisfy God Google … Continue reading

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Blogging Is Like Where We Live

    Blogging could be like the place where we live. For a new blogger with few visitors and comments it might feel like living in the country; it could be a solitary work with lots of space around and … Continue reading

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