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  So it seems we need to have direction in order to act in life. That in itself seems very logic. What surprises me is that it also seems the direction can be any, as long as there is one. … Continue reading

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Sleep and Energy

  Can strong medicines in big amounts at an early age, like five years old, destroy the sleeping patterns in the brain? Can the lack of sleep as a custom, from as early an age like five years old, be … Continue reading

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  It is just unbelievable. In a time when man can travel space; have developed incredible technologies, and life seems to be all under control, the mole in my back yard laughs at the human advancements and continuous to dig … Continue reading

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  At 4 o’clock in the morning the swamp cooler can be used without water. Temperature outside is cool enough to freshen up the room, so no need for anything else than outside air. Although by day we are having … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

  In the previous post I was talking about the Indy 500 and the amount of trash that is generated in that kind of events; these days I’ve had the same situation of huge amounts of trash being generated, but … Continue reading

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