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Friday, April 25, 2014

Life is Math

Posted by Raul on May 9, 2013

2013-05-09  Life is Math

Let’s see…it is said that math is everywhere and in everything. I know that for sure since subtraction is always present in my paychecks, while addition is always present in my payments.

Then division is an integral part of relationships and multiplication seems to be the essence of stress.

And as soon as life advance in the body, the more complex calculations are part of the process, leaving the mind occupied with calculus of the like, in an incremental sequence that strongly resembles a geometric progression.

Being good at number’s math is not so difficult, but dealing with life’s math is another equation! LOL :)


The David Returns to Italy

Posted by Raul on June 2, 2011

The other day I received this joke in an email. I thought it was funny, but also makes you think of what’s happening in the US, and how people around the world see Americans. (The email was in Spanish).

The David returns to Italy


After two years loaned to the US, the David of Michelangelo is returned to Italy


Its proud sponsors were:

Crazy, Isn’t it?



Microcar’s Dreams

Posted by Raul on April 26, 2011

1958 Messerschmitt KR200

Are microcars making a comeback?

From the 40’s, and during the 50’s and 60’s there was a full line of manufactures creating all sort of very small, cheap cars. The intention was to reach a market of people who didn’t have the money to buy a “normal” car and to pay for the highly priced fuel in Europe.

These so named microcars were part of the scene in cities and roads of the European world, and some of them even made it to the US. But while fuel prices here were low, and roads long, microcars didn’t stand a chance against the big, luxury local vehicles of the time, so those little examples of basic transportation became simply curious toys, if not the target of all kind of jokes.

"Yes officer, it IS a car!"


Now we are faced with increasing fuel prices and crowded cities, so many people look at European models that might have something to offer for the local roads. So far the VW Beatle made a comeback, together with the Mini (under a different manufacturer), the Smart Car, and now it seems the Fiat 500 will be roaming American roads by 2012.

These are not the same as they used to be of course. These are updated models that meet all the requirements for new cars to be legal in this country, so what once was a small, simple, affordable transport vehicle, has become a luxury; highly technological device that reflects modern’s times.

My 1957 BMW Isetta 300


I’ve always been fascinated by small cars, to the point that I own a little Isetta 300, so when I heard of the Fiat 500 comeback, I had to go and see it with my own eyes.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that little car among the other “monsters” at the showroom. Retaining the simple lines inside and out; small but roomy enough, and even with some luxuries included such as electric sunroof and power windows.

I was ecstatic for the availability of the vehicle in a short time, and even the crazy thought of eventually buying one in the future did cross my mind…until I saw a picture of both; the old and the new Fiat 500 standing side by side.

Fiat 500 "New vs Old"


What happened to the little car concept?!

If you take a look at the picture of both cars, you’ll see that there’s nothing small about the new one, well, in all fairness, the original one was classified as a “microcar” so I guess the new one could still be considered a “small” car. But for someone like me, that like the original concept of the microcar (think of a scooter with a body for rainy days), the excitement of a brand new microcar available for purchase in the present, dissolved like the colors of the picture under a heavy rain, and floating down the street drain it disappeared once more.

I guess is still about restoring the little one to make it shine once again in the presence of others; those who remain in the race of incorporating more and more elements, size and weight, as the way of natural growth nowadays.

So no…microcars are not coming back…  :(



The Joke of The Lone Ranger

Posted by Raul on February 17, 2011


There was this joke from a Chilean comedian who was really frustrated because every time he told the joke nobody laughed…because nobody understood it, even though is about the concept Chileans have about themselves.

“So there were The Lone Ranger and Tonto, hiding behind a small boulder while shooting to the Indians all around them. Then they run out of bullets and the Indians started to approach them, knives in hand, ready to kill them.

“We are doomed” Said the Lone Ranger.

You might be doomed” Answered Tonto.

I’m just curious how many people will get the joke. Let me know in the comment section.


Hooking Up On Love

Posted by Raul on May 21, 2010



It seems funny when you think of it in this crazy way.

A woman gets into a love relationship as a fisherman with a fishing pole: She sets the bait (beautiful clothing, make up, smiles and soft talking), then sends the bait flying to get close to the fish (approach the man with that fancy walking and irresistible smile), then moves the bait around to tease the fish (sweet kisses while hanging from the man’s neck), then do the strong pull that will hook the fish (get the signed legal document), to finally pull the string and retrieve the fish out of the water to take complete possession of it (start setting the conditions of housing, transportation and general way of life requirements).

A man gets into a love relationship as a hungry wolf on hunting night: He roams the land looking around for every possible prey (walking with confidence and a big smile while checking out body shapes), then gets close to the prey ready to attack (looking straight into the girl’s eyes while talking with the property of a successful business man), then jump over the prey to get firm hold of it (invite her to a fancy dinner for more big talking), to finally drag the prey to a secluded area to feast (motel room).

She was fishing while he was hunting. Mutual entrapment! And sometimes nine months later you get the witness.

Just kidding!

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