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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings

Posted by Raul on December 27, 2010


    It is said that the most intelligent creature born in planet Earth is a human being. It is said that the main characteristic of a human being is its capability of feelings; love, hate, distrust, confusion, etc.

    Is it the capability of feelings proper and unique of human beings? Dogs can experience the same feelings at a lower degree, yet they aren’t considered humans.

    At the other hand, there are “humans” that, throughout history, have shown very little “humanity” by their actions towards other fellow humans.

    So what about extraterrestrial beings?  If they aren’t considered humans since they weren’t born on Earth, but somewhere else in the universe, does it means they are not considered capable of love? (Being love a human characteristic?).

     But if they have the capabilities of love (which they should have), then shouldn’t they be considered humans?  Unless the capability of love is not a characteristic proper of a human being, or should I say, an Earthling?

    In that case, feelings would not be the characteristic of being human, but just one of its properties.

    So then, should we greet an extraterrestrial being as a fellow human? Or should we consider ourselves as human or not, mostly depending on our own actions, and not just because we were born in this planet?



Cynicism Exercise

Posted by Raul on October 21, 2010



01- “Luck doesn’t exist…it is our own doing that brings us the good or bad things we receive”

-So how then do I influence the action of buying the right Lottery ticket number?

02- “Everything happens for a reason and is an opportunity to improve ourselves in the future”

-Should I tell that to the Jewish men and women that spent several years in concentration camps just to die there after so many tribulations?

-The early death of my child allowed me to learn the deep meanings of life, but how can I tell my child “you had to die so I could learn”

03- “We master our own universe, we are in control and it depends on us how we perceive our reality and how we control it”

-Then the earthquake came and we lost our house and all our possessions.

04- “I choose to be in love with everything and everyone; I love my surroundings and all that is part of it; I see the beauty in all the things and people that are part of this wonderful world”

-Including that wonderful being that happily went on driving after several drinks and run over my child.

    I’ve been lucky enough not to loose a child; I been lucky enough not to be in a concentration camp; I’ve been lucky enough not even to win the lottery (which I don’t play). Yes, I’ve been lucky enough…but I’m not blind, and even though I love life, nature, and I do believe there is goodness in people, sometimes when looking around I can’t stop being a cynic for a moment!

    A cynicism exercise…to dust off this human capability that protects us from our own, sometimes innocent blindness.

    I’m not feeling down or disappointed, I just want to experience the full range of human feelings, at the same time that I taste a bit of reality, so my feet can remain on the ground.


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