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Friends (Re-Post)

  They didn’t see the world together. They didn’t accomplish anything at all. They just happened to find each other in a day like any; and without even saying a word things seemed to click. There was no time involved … Continue reading

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The Spirit in the Mirror (Re-Post)

  While the image is just a reflection, the entity standing there could be considered the separation of itself from the body. There’s no physical existence in the image in the mirror, yet we can see it standing there, looking … Continue reading

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Irradiating Beings

    Let’s try a crazy possibility for a moment. Let’s assume it is true to see what happen. We can talk, we can scream, we can sing and we can do so many things to express ourselves to the … Continue reading

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In Defense of Extraterrestrial Beings

      It is said that the most intelligent creature born in planet Earth is a human being. It is said that the main characteristic of a human being is its capability of feelings; love, hate, distrust, confusion, etc.     … Continue reading

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Fascination as a Container (Guest Post)

        Today I have the pleasure to have a guest poster at Alien Ghost!  Nacho Jordi, from Zerebria, has a very interesting topic for all of us to enjoy and think about.       If you haven’t visited Nacho’s blog, … Continue reading

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