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Orlando Shooting

  And so what is to be said under a situation like this? Everything has already being said. There’s nothing to be added. We all know how horrifying can be a mass shooting like this one. The list and pictures … Continue reading

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What If…

  What If… —————————— GOD Matter exists in the universe, and the interaction within itself creates energy. Energy then influences matter creating more interaction within matter, which in turn generates more energy: A self feeding system. As energy keeps re-shaping … Continue reading

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Living Without a God

    I don’t believe in a God’s existence as presented socially, so I don’t have a set of commandments to live by, I am at my own will. So how can I expect to live my life? Let’s say … Continue reading

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Our New GOD!

    When you are in pain, confused, lost, or simply bored, go to God Google. When you need to receive advice, directions, information or amusement, go to God Google. Even if you have sexual desire to satisfy God Google … Continue reading

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