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Hippie Spirit

  Sometimes I wonder what happened to the Hippie movement from the 60’s. They spoke about love and friendship, about living together in harmony, and peace on Earth. Seems like nothing is left. Was it that finally the “establishment” won … Continue reading

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Two Plus One

  So strange. Small everything it is, and for many years it was a small world between the two. What kind of love? As in love? As in friendship? As in forced? As in destiny? Who knows. After like a … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Life

Obviously everybody have a different perception of things; but it seems somehow funny to me when talking with people who love dogs and I hear how their concepts about them change depending on what are we talking about. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Aspie World 30 – Software and Behavior

  It always surprise me how people give a different face. For example, in a job, someone doesn’t like a co-worker, but when together they smile and chat like they really liked each other. I can understand the courtesy to … Continue reading

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  They didn’t see the world together. They didn’t accomplish anything at all. They just happened to find each other in a day like any, and without even saying a word things seemed to click. There was no time involved … Continue reading

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