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The David Returns to Italy

The other day I received this joke in an email. I thought it was funny, but also makes you think of what’s happening in the US, and how people around the world see Americans. (The email was in Spanish). — … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Couch Potato

        Perhaps one of the most criticized creatures of modern society. The segregated rebels; the elements of the movement that’s mostly about anti-movement. The silent heroes that quietly sacrifice themselves everyday in their quest for sustaining a materialistic … Continue reading

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Induced Overweight

    I used to be thin for the first 44 years of my life, and then suddenly became 1.35 times myself! I jumped from 132 to 178 lbs. What happened? Cheap food and flavor!   In the previous post … Continue reading

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How to Really Loose Weight

    When it comes to losing weight and getting rid of excessive fat the amount of programs available out there is really annoying to say the least, and just the thought of counting calories and weighing portions of food … Continue reading

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