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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Of Sheep and Wolves

Posted by Raul on January 27, 2011


So the sheep keeps dreaming of being a wolf, yet spends an entire life being a sheep. But because it doesn’t work, the sheep pretends to be a wolf. Then the sheep talks, walks and smiles like a wolf, but still remains a sheep. The corral is covered with signs saying “You Are a Wolf!” And with contentment, the sheep accepts the lying words as the truth of its world.

So the sheep learns one day it has to step on the other sheep to be above, but has to fight the common thought of holding hands with love. So the sheep rebels and fight the common thought, just to find itself being left alone.

Until one day it discovered the common thought was promoted by the creators of the signs.

<How could it be? Such a contradiction on its own! Who’s behind this?> the sheep asked in a thought, and “Mirrors” was the response word.

So the sheep types and types, while the sheep reads and reads, while the sheep cries and cries, while the sheep dreams and dreams.

“My goodness, you are a sheep!”
“I’m sorry ma-a-a-a’am, I’m a wolf”
“But you have a wooly skin”
“But I have cold thoughts!”


 So one day the sheep woke up from its daydreaming and found a wolf by its side, seating on the floor.

“What are you dong here?” It asked.
“I’m your counselor” was the wolf’s response.



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