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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adler Typewriter

Posted by Raul on March 21, 2013

2013-03-21  Adler Typewriter


Surfing the net some time ago I don’t know how I came up to the above picture, but it brought fond memories of my childhood.

It was one like that…the typewriter machine my father used for his work and the letters that were sent to family. My first steps in the world of writing without the problems of controlling a pen to create decent shapes to the letters in a piece of paper.

A five years old child changing the outcome in the adventures of the many characters in children’s TV of the time.

Then the attraction for machines transferred to the basic maintenance and cleaning of the trusted typewriter that, with its familiar clac, clac, clac, brrrrrrr, chingggg!, provided hours of entertainment to a child spending time alone.

A sticking tape, dirty typos and twisted typos arms that got together without returning to the seating position. An easy to remove cover, some stained napkins and dirty fingers later, the trusted machine was ready to keep going for another couple of hours.

Nostalgic memories now about an outdated artifact for the actual times, and yet, fond memories that remain.

I wonder (because I don’t remember) what might have been of that beloved (for me) typewriter machine.

Do you have beautiful memories of some artifact used in your childhood? Something that doesn’t exist anymore, or doesn’t have any use nowadays, yet it was very important in your childhood, and makes you smile when you remember it?




It’s Shopping Time!

Posted by Raul on May 3, 2011


It can be an empty fridge; it can be just being bored; or maybe tiredness of finding the same clothing in the closet; the thing is…it’s shopping time!

When I was a child, one of the games we had was to make a small hole in a box (like a shoe box) and from a set distance trying to get little crystal marbles in the box by giving them a little impulse, just enough to get them rolling to, and inside the box through the little hole.

Now, when remembering those times, I feel I was playing “Publicity Expert”

Like a superior being, watching from above, finding a way to make those little marbles roll to, and enter the store to shop.

But the rolls have inverted…now I am the marble slowly rolling to, and inside the box. How the hell did they do that?

I suppose to be the superior being with amazing capabilities, controlling the game of my life? How did I become the tool they use, to make me do whatever they want?

Practice makes perfect, or at least better. I got good enough at getting those little marbles inside the box. Now I am the marble being good enough at getting inside the store!


A society of marbles, slowly rolling by the gentle impulse given by…

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody controlling this thing?

Are we, small marbles, being gently pushed? Or are we just “suggested”, so we fall. Like inclining the surface on which the marbles stand, and letting them roll on their own to their happy demise.

Like a crystal marble that prides itself in its shiny composition, yet is externally controlled by unknown forces, denying with it its own power to float in space, magnificent, unmovable, amazing.

When I was a child I used to play getting little crystal marbles through a small hole in a box. Little I knew I was witnessing society from the eyes of a publicity expert in the world of adult life.


The Lost Moments

Posted by Raul on January 13, 2010



It is surprising when we observe the way we all, or at least the big majority of us, has been raised; the vision of the world and how to get prepared to interact in a successful way throughout our lives.


There is a song from the 70’s from my country called: “Los Momentos” (The Moments) by “Los Blops” that says it all


“Nos hablaron una vez cuando niños

 Cuando la vida se muestra entera

 Que el futuro, que cuando grande

 Ahi murieron ya los momentos

 Sembraron así su semilla

 Y tuvimos miedo, temblamos y en esto

 Se nos fue la vida”


“We were told once when children

 When life shows itself

 Of the future, of being grown up

 There the moments die

 They sow their seed

 And we were scared, tremble and in this

 Our life was gone”


This translation is not the most accurate but shows the idea of the words.


We are told that we should get prepared and study hard to get the highest certification possible so later we can grab the best position in a big company with great benefits. We should work hard and always be doing something in order to be efficient and prepared.


Then we become more like machines that follow established procedures than human being that enjoy life while living it. We become registered numbers that have a place in the machine while crying from inside we know something is wrong.


So “the moments”, the innocence of a child that sees the world as a marvelous thing full of amazing surprises is lost; the eternal discovery that starts with watching a bird flying or a flower opening to the sun, to later discover the properties of numbers or the incredible chemical reactions of elements, to then find the amazing works of the universe, etc, everything turns into obligated tasks to learn instead of the fresh desire of discovery.


The concept and the process of learning are turned from a natural human characteristic into society rules and punishments to follow and be afraid of. No longer the discovery process is enhanced and promoted as a human joy but rather reduced to tasks and obligations to tap as a condition of maturity and good behavior.


Maybe it is our own feelings of failure in a materialistic society, where we didn’t acquire the elevated price tag of possessions to comply with the standards of success imposed in this trade based society, that pushes us to direct our own children into the path of accomplishments rather than discovery; all in the name of their own good.


Maybe is just a standard we follow in the process of raising our children without questioning of its real effectiveness and the consequences it may brings to them. 


The process becomes a cycle and the chain remains throughout generations and only those who visualize the imposed concepts and dare to escape the golden rules become free to create a change in this continuous cycle of society norms that has the purpose of creating effective being at the cost of their human part.







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