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Wrong Place

I have a Facebook account. I seldom visit it. At first, when just created that account, I posted for a couple of times short paragraphs with something that had the intention of challenging to think. The comments I received were…well…disruptive, … Continue reading

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Twilight Zone

Why do I have to complicate my life so much? While other bloggers post a picture and make a question; post a picture of something they did and make a comment, or simply re-post something they found on the internet; … Continue reading

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Aspie World 25 – Writing and Talking

For those reading this blog, even though they might find the writing style a little “weird”, I believe they still consider it fine and fairly easy to understand, but if you happen to have a verbal conversation with me, things … Continue reading

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Aspie World 20 – 6 birds

Some time ago a friend of mine who reads this blog pointed me out to 6birds.net, which is the blog Liz, an Aspie girl have. Although we have different perceptions, probably mostly due to being of such different ages, we … Continue reading

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Comments Option

Technological problems again! I really don’t understand computers and programming, and it seems after updating (automatically) the WordPress program being used in this blog, whatever was programmed in the blog in order to have the possibility to receive comments simply … Continue reading

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