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Aspie World 36 – Multiple Opinions

  The other day I realized of something kind of strange. I can have different opinions of a subject, and all of those are my opinion, but it seems it doesn’t work in the same way with most people. You … Continue reading

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  I just discovered a new term for the people who is not Autistic: Allistic It seems Allistic means exactly the opposite of Autistic, so it is a proper term to be used by us, Aspies. In case somebody doesn’t … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

  In the previous post I was talking about the Indy 500 and the amount of trash that is generated in that kind of events; these days I’ve had the same situation of huge amounts of trash being generated, but … Continue reading

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Fourth of July

  Today is Fourth of July. People is celebrating in many different ways. Some going out dinner; some making a BBQ; some hiding somewhere to burn some fireworks. One of the curious things where I live is that it is … Continue reading

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Indy 500

  Just a little bit ago we went to see the Indy 500 in it’s 100th run. Two years ago, while watching the race on TV with my son, we became enthusiastic with the idea of going to Indianapolis for … Continue reading

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