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Monday, April 21, 2014

Light Bulb

Posted by Raul on May 19, 2011



The other day I had to replace the bathroom fan, so it implied going up to between the ceiling and the roof. Walking over the wooden frame; avoiding the ceiling made out of sheetrock; over the dusty insulation; in a three feet vertical room; trying not to get my head scratched with the nails pointing down from the roof (those that hold down the shingles)…not exactly my preferred situation!

Once over the bathroom I left the 110 volts lamp over the insulation and proceeded to work on removing the old (truly vintage) bathroom fan. While working on that, and sweating a lot because of the heat and my own nervousness of falling through the ceiling (sheetrock), the light bulb exploded and darkness became all around me.

After removing the light bulb to replace it with a new one I realized there was a missing piece of glass, and could see the problem was my sweating dripping over the heated light bulb. That got me thinking…

Can we destroy our own imagination and ideas (reflected in the hot, lighted light bulb) by becoming too anxious (sweating drops) about the problems we have to deal with (falling through the sheetrock) while trying to accomplish our dreams and goals (replacing the bathroom fan)?

(I know what you thinking: “Here we go…what I was thinking when I clicked in this guy’s blog?”)

Not that a new bathroom fan was my dream to one day accomplish, but rather another freaking problem that had to happen when I had many other things to deal with.

The thing is, how many times we destroy our possibilities because of our own anxiety about the process and the outcome, and even more, worrying about the problems we do and will encounter throughout the process?

How many things could we accomplish if we could learn to just leave aside the worries of the surrounding elements that complicate the process, and that are part of any process?

Or simply learn to switch from the concept of “problems” into a more comfortable thought, which can be also easily manageable.

I must admit that thinking about this while hanging from the ceiling wasn’t exactly the best idea but hey, some people use music to distract the brain while working.

Now I can write about it, comfortably seating in front of the computer, while the new bathroom fan smoothly takes the vapors of the shower away, to the infinite sky (or the backyard).

Have you had sometimes the feeling of being your own “enemy” while trying to accomplish something? Like…being the biggest problem when working in solving the problem?

What is your take on the reasons why people struggle so much to accomplish their dreams?

Do you like light bulbs? (Just kidding)  :)


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