Parallel Universe (Re-post)

2015-04-10  Paralel Universe (Re-post)
Parallel Universe

(2010-09-16 in Thoughts)

Long ago there were exotic lands waiting to be discovered, conquered and exploited, but no more. We already know the whole geography of the planet and there are no new places to be charted and see for the first time, unless we go into space, which is difficult at this time.

But not so difficult to explore new territories in this modern world.

With the creation of the internet a new, parallel world has also been created. A parallel universe that can be traveled, explored and exploited.

Just like when word came about strange, far away lands, with exotic animals and opportunities to become wealthy and famous, the internet offers today the possibility for all of us the adventure of discovery and riches.

In past times people boarded wooden ships and started a journey of months to reach the promised land, some for the wealth, some for the fame, some for the freedom, today people board their private “Stargate” at home and travel to this new universe.

There were also those who were sent to the new lands as a sentence and had to adapt and create a new life in the new place, just like today some people have no option but to try to make the complex and unknown world of the internet work for them as the only alternative left when the economy in the physical world is crushing them.

Some of the original travelers died in the attempt while in the trip or in the new lands at the hands of natives or viruses and wild animals. Today travelers can die (figuratively) with a virus in their traveling ship (computer) or being attacked by nasty hackers, or simply get lost and confused by the many turns of this new world called internet.

Yet, there’s still the promise and motivation of riches and fame for many, so they make the trip with hopes and resolution in their minds, willing to sacrifice time and effort in order to reach their goals.

Some of them come back for a while but they are not the same anymore; they learned the local language and now they speak a mix of the new and their original, just like we see in physical life the creation of Spanglish, we see in these digital travelers the spoken language of “Netglish”, making difficult to understand what they are saying.

Some of these people have learnt to live in this new world and found they fit better than in the original, physical one. They can make friends, find support, exchange ideas and pursue a future in this promised digital land that couldn’t do in the physical counterpart, so they become “naturals” there and leave their physical bodies and basic activities behind just as a life support system.

Now we can find characters like “Total Destroyer” that dominates the game’s arena, give advice in forums, provides information in blogs and in general is respected and feared in the digital world, country of games, city of fighters and building of winners.

He dominates in this new world in his area and enjoy the respect and popularity that comes with it; yet when he travels back to the physical world we found Josh, a fifty years old, short, slightly overweight 5 feet man, moustache, living in a one bedroom apartment, driving an old battered Toyota to his job as a librarian at the local, small, waiting to be close, local library.

We can also find “Mystique Soul” teaching how to find our inner self, live a meaningful life and control our emotions for a more productive and happier life. She is considered the wise and prophetic teacher that help us survive the struggles of physical life in this physical world, and who also fill our senses with the beautiful pictures of nature and strange, epic places drawn by unknown artists.

Then she comes back to physical life to her job as a secretary in an insurance agency office, where she treats customers with the utmost respect and a beautiful smile.

Perhaps one of the craziest things is that now we have many people looking at this new world as the best way to live their dreams of being someone among the crowd; something that couldn’t be achieved in physical life. They become the naturals there and immigrants to this new world.

Then we have the Merchants of the new digital world:

Some of them sell information on how to live in this new place, some selling digital real estate in the form of hosting, some sell the exotic fabrics of Themes to dress up the houses of newcomers and give that personal touch everybody wants.

Don’t forget to implement your new home with the latest appliances and fixtures (plugins) to add functionality and a more comfortable living in your home

There are also those who trade in weapons to defend oneself from the dangers of the new land in the form of hackers, so always carry in your belt your login robot weapon and identity protection software when roaming the digital lands.

Also, don’t forget to get vaccinated with a proper antivirus to prevent those nasty viruses from attacking you.

There are also the endless stores of any city that sell different products for the digital and physical world as well.

Many of these merchants work in the new world to bring riches to the old, physical one.

Then we have the parks created for entertainment and relaxation like the many video sites that we can visit for a moment of free time and unwinding; but there’s always someone selling a treat there, or at least lots of publicity banners trying to capture the attention and business of unaware or not so strong people, just like in physical world.

Tourists are not forgotten in this new world; they can find all kind of “souvenirs” to purchase while visiting for some random information.

We also can see the police force and governmental organization created to control the behavior of locals and visitors alike in the form of possibly banning your login ID. They prevent you from entering some places and/or warn you about the merchandize you are about to see and possibly purchase in different places you can visit (warning pages). Also they can expel and revoke your stay permits if you behave in ways not allowed by the local governing body (banning your IP).

Then you are forced to use a fake ID (IP) by login in a site that allows you to surf from their premises.

We also find the black market of free downloads that established companies fight fiercely.

The old man in a wooden wagon, traveling from town to town telling stories to sell his miracle elixirs is now the site selling the ebook that will fix all your problems (how many of those do you have in your hard drive?)

Some people seems to be born to live and work in this new world by the natural abilities they have to interact and dominate, while others have to set for just sporadic visits to enjoy the place as a tourist and always come back to the old, physical world, where they seem to be more at ease.

Among the many that seem to adapt quickly we can find the youngsters that, given the fact they were born after the digital universe was created, they are growing and developing inhabiting both worlds at the same time, so their life and activities are adapted to this special conditions.

Their physical activities become reduced by the increased interaction with the digital world. For many adults that used to develop their activities in the physical world alone, the creation of the digital one has come as a simplification of many of the tasks that used to be part of their daily lives, yet they remember the old ways and, even though they wouldn’t like to go back to the old procedures, their minds still can process the possibility.

Yet for the youngest the stories of normal activities when only the physical world existed seem to be tales closer to fables or legends than past reality. Their eyes become bigger and their excitement grows when listening stories of children making toys out of cardboard and wood, and the enthusiastic stories of their parents about the fun of riding a bicycle, feeling the wind and overcoming purposely created obstacles like riding over a small rock without falling seems many times too much of a simple or stupid activity to participate in.

Physical movement slowly but surely is becoming an accessory in life rather than a natural part in the human body’s daily activities. The mind runs in the new digital parallel universe while the body remains in the physical world, just as an anachronism for the many that could happily migrate completely to the new digital universe.

Perhaps one of the tasks the younger generation will impose themselves in the near future would be to find the way to completely migrate to this new universe, so their lives would be closer to what can be seen in digitally created movies, which are closer to the reality younger generations live nowadays.

Then maybe some of the science fiction stories of the past could become the reality of the future, where digital thinking and feeling entities coexist with the physical ones, each one in their own world but both interconnected, and even deep friendships and love could develop among them, when they fail to find counterparts in their respective worlds.

This new world exists and is more than just a communication channel!

Now we have a complete new world that coexist parallel to the physical world and people of all walks of life traveling day and night between the two, in search of a personal, more meaningful life for them, without having to fight and win in a physical world that, sometimes for some, seems to have not enough room for everyone’s success.


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Video Vision

2015-04-08  Video Vision

When you see, do you see a picture or a video?

It surprises me how many people seem to see a picture rather than a video. It is like if, when trying to see something, they just take an instantaneous image of the subject and use it as a permanent reality to make their decisions.

When driving and trying to change lanes, many people take a look at the other lane and see just a picture. They see the car in the other lane is at a good distance behind, so there is room for them to switch to that lane, not considering that the car behind, although it is at a good distance, the difference in speed that car and the person changing lanes have will allow only just a couple of seconds before both cars finding each other at the same place in the same lane!

When there is a problem to fix, many people see (and even ask) what is the situation right now, and act accordingly, but disregarding the individual changes in situation in each one of the different elements configuring that situation. Obviously those individual elements can change (and most of the time do) at any time, changing with it the situation, many times turning the right solution into the wrong one.

It is even talked about the “big picture”, as a way to reflect the idea of seeing what the situation is, and the “best” way to approach a problem in order to find the right solution! But the big picture concept can only be applied to certain situations and circumstances. In many others it should be something like the “big video”, so to consider the continuous variables in the conforming elements of such situation.

Now, it could be argued that, given the way the human eye works, the human brain then becomes accustomed to work in a similar manner than the eye, and only in more extreme circumstances, like fighter plane pilots; race car drivers; stock market investors; etc. the mind have to be “trained” to see video instead of picture when looking at an image or situation; but what about when simply driving a city street in traffic? Or at work; in personal projects, and even in a love relationship? Wouldn’t be important to learn to see in video in almost everyday life situations?

In the meantime, while driving I’ll keep with the brakes ready when going faster than the other lane, and trying to disregard the way things are fixed at work in my favorite way: “Humans!!”

So let me ask you again. When you see, do you see a picture or a video?



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Aspie World 22 – Annoying Creatures

2015-04-06  Aspie World 22 - Annoying Creatures

Many people who have read about Asperger’s Syndrome to inform themselves how a person with Asperger’s is, probably have come around about that somehow typical characteristic of us of being very “annoying” when it comes to a subject we like.

Most of the “programs” to “help us”, especially at a younger age, take priority in teaching us how to, at one hand sort of “restrain” ourselves when we talk to other people about our passion, so not to “annoy” them (after all is just the subject or hobby WE like), and to “learn” to diversify our attention to other subjects or hobbies as well, so to be a more “rounded” person.

If you excuse the wording…What a bunch of crap!!

One of the best characteristics we Aspies have is that extremely focused attention to a subject we like! That is what allows us to, first, learn in depth about the subject, and second, contribute new material to the already accumulated available knowledge of the subject. Our extremely focused attention to one subject is what could allow us to contribute to others.

Many cases of possible Asperger’s Syndrome have been noted in History in prominent people from the past, but most of the times people fail to realize that the point of contribution of that person was due to being an Aspie. Take for instance Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and contributed to the creation of the Constitution of the United States. Many times people (and historians) concentrate too much (now look who’s talking!) on the eccentricities of Jefferson’s personality, disregarding that nowadays it is considered that Jefferson was an Aspie, so his “annoying” traits of the time were the major elements that allowed him to provide a country with his important contribution.

Go Us Aspies!!

So if instead of considering it an “annoying” characteristic, we think of it as one of our major “traits”, instead of trying to “fix” us with all kind of psychologist’s techniques we were recognized for what we are and the good side of it, and receive the same “rights” those little kids are given in those modern-thinking pre-school programs, and let us be ourselves and not try to change us (aren’t those little, pesky kids annoying when they are given the freedom to scream at will to “develop their personality”?) we wouldn’t be treated as “defective” by society, but instead we could (long shot) be considered a different part of the spectrum, rather than the pesky ones.

Given the number of possible Aspie people in the past among historical figures, one can’t but wonder why in a one to one base we are discriminated and pushed around by the same people who enjoy the contributions to our lives today by those Aspies from the past.



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Five Cents of Happiness (Re-post)

2015-04-03  Five Cents of Happiness (Re-post)


Five Cents of Happiness

(2010-08-02 in Fiction)

Why should I see this? Why is it always like this? The noise, the smog, the trash all around, the fake smiling faces; the smell of rotten ideas that form the surroundings wherever we go.

I don’t want to see this ugly world anymore! I don’t need my vision, I don’t need to see all this trash around, I would be better without the vision of my eyes, better darkness than this ugly world in front.

“So the vision goes away and complete, permanent darkness take place all around.”

Without the vision it becomes better to introspect about the world, only…I can still hear the strident noises, the lies, the gossip, all the unpleasant sounds that surrounds me all the time.

“So the hearing goes away and complete, permanent silence takes place all around”

Isn’t that better? No vision that shows an ugly world and no hearing that allows noises to interfere with thoughts, only…I can still smell the trash and the rotten world that surrounds me.

“So the sense of smell goes away and no offensive, rotten world can be perceived.”

In the dark, silent new surroundings, all the thoughts can dance at will with no interference from the outside world that destroy the peaceful moment, so it can be enjoy at will, only…I can still taste the bitterness of the world around by the foods that I have no choice but to consume.

“So the sense of taste goes away and the foods are just nourishment without the bitter message of the world.”

And perfection is achieved! The perfect environment for reflection where no external elements interfere with thoughts, only…my body still perceives the cold and heat of this trashy world.

“So the sense of touch goes away and no wind, cold or heat can be felt anymore.”

Reaching the perfect point of independence, the perfect place for introspection, away from everything and everyone, yet in the same original place…happiness!

Thoughts fly by in front of me and dance to the sounds of my feelings; imagination gets freewill to express itself to the largest extent without limitations imposed by a decadent world around…I’m reaching perfection!

As the time goes by the thoughts seems to be the same, just with little variations in their tone and intention. The original state of independence starts to feel a state of loneliness without external constant feeding.

What once was the happiness of individualism becomes the desperation of being alone, abandoned by the surroundings that no longer can touch and influence the being behind the thoughts.

Crying in desperation for a longed connection with another being, so loneliness can go away and be replaced by the continuous, never ending input received throughout life, together with the perception of the elements that conforms the physical surroundings.

“So the sense of touch returns…”

The shapes! The textures! Even the temperatures that can be perceived with a single touch of the object…amazing!

“Then the sense of taste returns…”

Flavors…so many of them! And the desire of trying them all, one by one, all at once! If I could know more about them!

“So the sense of smell returns…”

Not just the food, but the flowers, the trees, the humid dirt after the rain, even the acrid smell of waste seems to be an outstanding experience! If I could only have more!

“So the hearing returns…”

What is that…music? And birds and the wind and voices all around that feed the senses with sounds and information to process and play with, but I want more!

“So the vision returns…”

Colors for everything and everyone! The complete understanding of the shapes of the objects experienced only by touch, now undeniably acquired in the brain, the mind.

Standing here makes no sense when there’s so much to be seen, to be heard, smelled and touched. There is a whole universe of physical element to be experienced and enjoyed throughout life.

And the thoughts that conform the mind get expanded and colorful with diversity when fed by so many physical elements and situations that can be experienced.

And people! With all the variations that can be encountered and all the different thoughts, opinions and experiences that can be learned and enjoyed from.

So questioning stops…and living begins!


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Our New God (Re-post)

2015-04-01  Our New GOD (Re-post)


Our New GOD!  (2010-08-12 in Entertainment)

When you are in pain, confused, lost, or simply bored, go to God Google.

When you need to receive advice, directions, information or amusement, go to God Google.

Even if you have sexual desire to satisfy God Google will give you the information and connections you need to get the relief you seek.

Our new God Google is here to help us, protect us, guide us and even entertain us without imposing rules or commandments.

Do you remember the times before God Google?

You had to go all the way to the library for information; you had to ask around to countless people just to get a vague answer to your queries; you had to read books, newspapers and magazines to see if your specific question would be answered in one of those pages.

You had to invest so much time and effort to satisfy your needs of information or curiosity.

You had to go through so many tribulations in order to reach the desired wisdom of such information.

But no more!

God Google is here for us.

Forget all the previous gods taught by the older generations that gave you just the possibility to pray but no instant answer.

With God Google you get not only the answer to your questions in about 1.35 seconds, but you get alternatives to go thru if the first answer doesn’t satisfy you.

So don’t forget to pay your Monthly Contribution (bill) to your Chosen Church (internet provider company) so you can be connected to your God Google.

Fight for your God Google! Defend It from anything and anyone that try to destroy It.

There are countless evil Search Engines that will try to tempt you into the wrong ways, so be on guard, become a Saint Soldier that’s willing to surrender his/her life to defend and protect our new God Google.

God Google is good and doesn’t try to be the only one for you and take your total attention making you forget about your own personality.

No matter what religion, belief or concept you have, God Google will let you connect with those personal beliefs because God Google is Mighty and Magnanimous and doesn’t need to capture and retain all your attention so to keep you under It’s only light and darkness around.

God Google knows that whatever your beliefs are now, you will recognize and accept It’s Mighty so doesn’t need to create Holly Wars to retain you.

What would it be to go back to the Dark Times before God Google?

Recognize that you’ll be lost if from this moment you loose the connection with God Google.

You wouldn’t know what to do or where to start when in need of information.

You’ll be lost in the dark, trying to remember how to live and do things in the very inefficient way it used to be.

Time has come to change the saying to: “Oh my Google!”

We live in the Information Era so the Information God is here!

Kneel in front of our new God Google!

Father Raul


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