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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aspie World 12 – Whistling

Posted by Raul on October 30, 2013

2013-10-30  Aspie World 12 - Whistling

One of the things I never understood is why hearing someone whistling gets to my nerves and makes me loose all concentration while getting me really mad. I don’t explode, I just become useless. My body feels like shaking; my hands loose precision; my breath becomes agitated, and all I want is to get out of there!

Maybe is the sound? Or maybe the pitch of the sound that affects my hearing? (not everyone has the same hearing range, right?). Or maybe a psychologist will tell me that I hate my father! (!?)

The thing is, since I remember (wait, I have bad memory), let’s say, since I was a child I can’t stand the sound of someone whistling and I never found out why, and never been able to get rid of that problem.

Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe it has something to do with a hearing range more common in Aspies than normal people, but that’s only a thought without any support.

The thing is, at work some people like to whistle, and when I have to work with them, I quickly run to get some foam ear plugs to try to minimize the problem, but even though most of the sounds around disappear, the whistling still can be heard! I’m almost convinced that it has to be the sound ranges of the whistling and my hearing. Maybe one day I’ll end up howling like a dog when a siren is ON.

So I guess, just like in the previous post “Aspie World 11 – Driving” I mentioned a sort of Aspie Superpower, maybe this is one of my “Underpowers”. LOL

I hope nobody can have control of my mind with just whistling! Or can they? (Yay!)




Aspie World 11 – Driving

Posted by Raul on October 24, 2013

2013-10-24  Aspie World 11 - Driving


For many years I couldn’t understand why so many drivers seem not to be able to correctly calculate the speed of the different cars around, and the speed differential between them, so to move between traffic (like when changing lanes) without forcing someone to brake or another to avoid a collision.

After learning that I’m an Aspie I started analyzing my perceptions from the Aspie point of view, and I have discovered that many things I didn’t understand before had a simple and logical explanation when considered from the different wiring of an Aspie brain. One of those things is my own driving compared with other people’s driving.

When I drive, usually I drive fast between traffic. I like the “gliding” feeling when passing cars. It is like a game with certain rules like: never going faster than 5 miles per hour above the speed limit; trying to use the brakes the least possible; turning the smoothest possible, so the direction changes cannot be perceived by the body, etc.

To do this it is necessary to anticipate the movements of the cars around, so to know before it happens which car is changing lanes, when, at what speed, etc. so to be able to “glide” my car between the opening spaces to jump ahead of others without disturbing them and abusing my car.

I believe the two keys to do this in the most efficient possible way is to be able to anticipate other cars movements, and being able to “perceive” rather than calculate the speeds of the other cars and the speed differential between them.

I can do that!

Analyzing how it happens, I discovered that most of the times somehow “I know” about 5 seconds before it happens when a certain car is going to move, change lanes, the direction and the smoothness or roughness with which the driver will do it; and I even can anticipate if the driver is going to use the turning lights or not!

After analyzing my wife’s driving (and how she gets scared when I drive!) (my car has marked the brake pedal in the passenger side floor, and my wife remains extremely silent when I drive), and even my son’s reactions to my driving, considering that he is young (25) and with excellent eye vision and reflexes, and can only conclude that it seems I have a special ability to anticipate other people’s movements and sort of visualize the different movements of all the cars around me at the same time, so to know where, when and at what speed should I move.

I can’t deny that some times my senses fail and I have to do a hard braking to avoid a collision, and some other (the least of times fortunately) I seem to get it all wrong and position my car in the slowest place, making me loose time rather than gain it. Also, this “anticipation” thing seems to work only when driving and nothing else.

Still, it is strange that I can anticipate other people’s movements, considering that those people move without even thinking! So this whole Aspie driving thing reminds me of that T shirt for aspies that reads: “I’m an Aspie. What is your super power?” LOL




Aspie World 10 – Getting High

Posted by Raul on October 18, 2013

2013-10-18  Aspie Worl 10 - Getting High

I don’t know if the problem is something wrong with my brain, or if it is part of being an Aspie, but from time to time I simply get high out of nothing.

I always thought it might have been just being tired; then, after I started taking Seredyn to control anxiety I thought that maybe those pills were getting me high some times; but when I realized that some of the times I get high I didn’t take anything and I wasn’t really tired, I started to think that maybe it is the brain falling into a certain “mode” for a moment.

What happens is that some times, especially at work, like without a reason I start getting high like if I had taken some sort of drugs. Everything that moves start to move slowly; the sounds I hear become fused all together; no matter what kind of music is in the radio, even if it is something I normally don’t like, becomes nice and sweet; whatever happens is fine, and I feel so relaxed in my mind while my body feels so comfortable, with a very nice sort of tingling all throughout. Temperature is perfect and clothing doesn’t bother anymore in my skin. I can’t deny I love it!

Obviously I know it is also sort of dangerous; especially when working with machinery; so I pay special attention to everything around and at whatever I’m doing; trying to analyze my movements and the possible consequences out of them. I work and walk slowly, with premeditated movement and verifying the results of those movements, to confirm that the initial intention was achieved without side consequences, like dropping something while trying to grab it.

It is such a wonderful moment out of nothing, that I simply don’t fight it but rather enjoy it for whatever amount of time it might last; which usually is about thirty minutes. After that my senses become normal again; movements around become of the right speed; I can distinguish sounds again and they start to create sensory overload once more, and music not necessarily is of my taste. My body feels the discomfort of fabric rubbing against my skin; temperature becomes higher or lower of what would be comfortable, and people around become human once more! (Sigh).

Now, as I mentioned, it comes out of nothing and without warning, but I embrace it without a fight since it is such a wonderful moment. The only times I can sort of artificially re-create those moments is when being extremely stressed that I need more than a relaxing pill, but rather a chemical punch to my brain to relax it from an over stressing situation.

In those cases, instead of just taking a capsule of Seredyn, I do take a capsule, but also add the content of another capsule at once (I just separate the two halves of a capsule and swallow the content, so instead of extended release I get the whole thing to act at once for a sort of “emergency” relaxation).

It does work great and in about five minutes, from being really stressed with whatever situation, I jump to a state of “not giving a damn”; but still it’s different from the high state I fall into for like no reason.

I can only conclude that probably my brain turns by itself to work in a similar way that’s forced when consuming drugs (which I don’t use), and for as long as it’s enjoyable without dangers I plan to let it happen without fighting it.

Crazy isn’t it?



New Roof!

Posted by Raul on October 11, 2013

2013-10-11  New Roof (1)

Yesterday was a very noisy day in the house! Finally, after what seemed to be like months of wait, they came in the morning and, after tearing apart the old roof, installed a new one. It really was like 26 days from the storm to the new roof installed, so not bad at all!

2013-10-11  New Roof (2)

Now we are confident that there should be no more inside rain, so we can plan the finishing of the enclosure, and get it done before winter arrives. Still, with all these delays, there are a couple of improvements that we are not going to do this year because of time and money, but next year will be back, armed with a hammer and a screwdriver, ready to attack another project!  LOL

2013-10-11  New Roof (3)

As you can imagine, because of all this stuff, I really haven’t had much time to write here and visit my friends, but I hope at least by winter, when all the improvements stop for the season, I’ll have the chance to do some more here.

Hugs to everyone! 


Indoor Rain!

Posted by Raul on September 21, 2013

2013-09-21  Indoor Rain (1)


With a big hail storm on September 14th in the area where I live, the roof in my house was damaged and water was able to get in uninvited. Because of the incline of the roof, and being the enclosure the lowest point, all the water ran into the enclosure ceiling and proceeded to create an amazing indoor rain.


2013-09-21  Indoor Rain (2)


I was at work at that time, so my son took pictures and the video below.



We were fortunate though; so many people lost their houses and others became isolated or evacuated, and there were even deaths! This really was one of the biggest storms in Colorado, or at least the one that did more damage.

For us is about to wait for the insurance company to call and send an adjuster to begin the construction of a new roof, while paying only the deductible; the claim is already done. We really got it easy compared with others!

So far we had a week of dry weather and it suppose to remain like that, so for most people it’ll be the opportunity to collect themselves and move forward, while for us it’ll be going back to work in all the steps in this crazy project of the enclosure. The exterior is already done, so next week would be the time to start the electrical (lights, switches, outlets, wiring, etc.), to then finish the interior.

I’ll keep you posted :)


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