When thinking about it, it seems strange how some people like things big while others small. In my case the preference is for small things rather than big. The Isetta 300 car; the 19 feet motorhome; my Netbook; even my house; and my desire for a small piece of land with a small warehouse feeding the closest possible to an off-grid design.

Why not? It seems more practical to me. I do like those huge houses with huge gardens, but only as a nice thing to think about, yet never make it real. Who’s going to pay for the maintenance of all that anyway?! Even if I was a millionaire, I would prefer a nice, small house in the mountains rather than a huge house in the exclusive suburbs of a fancy city.

For a moment it got me thinking if my like for small rather than big could be an obstacle in achieving bigger goals, but when remembering several friends and acquaintances that love big, as in big house; big cars; big wardrobes and so on, yet all they have is bigger payments, and haven’t accomplish anything special, I can conclude nope, it doesn’t make any difference. At the other hand, there’s plenty of people in history that have accomplished big things while living small.

So it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people like everything big, while a “small” number of people like small things, and I am in the second group. Even my latest ideas of finding a nice 1946-1949 Jeep Willys CJ2a reflects my preferences for small and simple. I just can’t resist a vehicle that I can easily fix myself!


2016-09-05  Small (2)


Now, why some people prefer big things as in big cars and houses, while some others go instead for small everything? The main reason that usually comes first as an explanation is the lack of self assurance. Some people like big things to try to show others how big they are, how successful they have become. It is also a common thing the concept of, the bigger the car he drives, the smallest the penis he has; in other words, a different reason to compensate for lack of self assurance.

Yet it is also said the reason some people like big is because they have a bigger, higher personality, and that shows in the things they have.

At the other hand it is said people who like everything small is people who have no personality and/or also lack self assurance. Their lack of self assurance makes them remain down, and that reflects in them wanting small.

Yet also it is said the reason for preferring small is because they are so self assured, they don’t need to try to impress with having big things because they feel comfortable in their skin and don’t feel the need to show off with material stuff.

So it seems there are plenty of reasons to say who likes big is because of a lack of self assurance, or it is because of having plenty of it. And the same with people who likes small, which could be for a lack of self assurance or having plenty of it. Reasons can be applied to any of them and in any possible combination. How convenient!



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2016-09-01  Leeches (1)


They are respectable. They are considered very smart people. Somehow they are. They make tons of money. They live the higher life. People admire them. People want to be in their shoes. People want to be their friends. They are the Society Leeches.

But their respectable name is CEO. So they move between companies, going around sucking their blood until those companies begin to tumble, which is their time to leave and find another, healthy company, they can suck their blood until it also begins to tumble. They repeat the cycle for as long as they can, making a fortune in the process.

A just hired CEO, brought to the company to lift the bottom line, the profits investors want, which also increases the value of the company stock market. A CEO brought to lift the company.

They study the company movements; its way of operation. They reduce expenses to increase the ration between gross income and operating expenses. Same gross income but less money spent in operation; more profits.

They negotiate bonuses directly related to the profits the company has, so when they increase the profits by reducing expenses, they get bigger bonuses, some times to the number of millions of dollars!

But what they did was suck the company’s blood. The money used in operating a company, the expenses, is the blood of a company. It motivates people to work by the way of salaries, small productions bonuses, benefits as provided medical insurance, 401k, vision, dental, vacations, insurance; and others, like building bigger employee parking lots and bigger and better supplied cafeterias and break rooms. All the things that make an employee feel happy of working for that company, and that creates an incentive in doing a better job, sometimes under the fear of loosing that good job.

But the CEO sucks the company’s blood. He reduces the amounts in the expenses area so to increase the bottom line numbers. They show more profits in paper and documents, but they are all based on numbers that have no feelings, so those numbers never consider the attitude the employees will have in the near future when related to the company’s changes.

For an employee the company simple stopped being a job that has to be protected at all costs. The company became just like any other place, and sometimes even worst! So the spiraling down of the company begins.
Employees reduce their work production and interest in quality and going the “extra mile”. Production slows down and it becomes necessary to bring in more employees to compensate, so the expenses of the company go up.

It may take several months, sometimes even a couple of years, but the slowing down of the company does occur. By then of course, the CEO is already gone to another company.

With a resume that shows increasing profits in every company the CEO has been, he is easily hired with even better salaries and bigger bonuses! He goes up by sucking companies blood, while companies he used previously start to go down; but his resume is golden. Nobody see the consequences to the companies.

Have you noticed how customer service has deteriorated lately, and there is more an attitude of no caring for the customer from the employees part? Lower salaries and reduced benefits only creates discontent and resentment, two elements that can only destroy employees attitudes to the company they work for, and so production, quality and customer service go down, which in turn brings back lower sales, which can easily destroy a company, forcing it to close its door.

The money spent in the operations of a company is the blood of the company. There are CEO’s doing a great job in lifting a company and making it run with extreme efficiency, which includes taking good care of the employees; but unfortunately there are some others CEO’s who make a millionaire living by sucking that vital blood; making a fortune for themselves while leaving the companies they have worked for weak and unstable. And they get not just money, but even the respect of people! Those CEO’s are the new Society Leeches!

Crazy, isn’t it?



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What If

2016-08-29  What If


What If…


Matter exists in the universe, and the interaction within itself creates energy. Energy then influences matter creating more interaction within matter, which in turn generates more energy: A self feeding system.

As energy keeps re-shaping matter, at some point the collapse of all matter within itself will occur, reaching the state of highest energy possible due to the concentration of matter in one point after all black holes become combined. Then the extremely high energy will “explode” the matter with a shiny light at the Big Bang point creating a new universe, and the cycle begins once more: A new creation.

While matter spreads to later stop and revert to a single point in this process, energy first goes to its weakest point when matter stops spreading, and from then it has a continuous growth to its maximum expression at the moment of total matter concentration.

It could be then that energy influences matter in the process of creation, not only at the new beginning, but also throughout the whole process of dispersion and later concentration, with its continual individual re-shaping and re-creations within. So we could say energy is the creator of everything: “And there was light, and everything was created in an instant out of the infinite emptiness”.

Energy shouldn’t have thoughts, thus not consciousness and/or intelligence, but from a very simplistic point of view, since being the one who creates, it’ll be easy to assign it the roll of an intelligent creator.

Now, being us physical creatures made out of matter, we do have energy within to power us, and which abandon us at the moment of death to dissipates into the air (which is also space), becoming part of the energy existent in the universe, while our bodies (matter) transform into the general matter around (rotten and dissolved coffin and body).

From that point, it’ll be easy to consider that our bodies are part of the physical universe while our consciousness, entity or soul (energy) is part of a higher plane in the universe and also a part of the creator itself: “The return to the creator to be embraced by him”.

If this matter-energy interaction is true, how would you explain that to a very ignorant person ten to twenty thousand years ago, if just a couple of hundred years ago people still believed that lightning was the fury of God? Wouldn’t be necessary to use known elements of ordinary life like images of an old person (as a symbol of wise), people, clouds, fire, wings, cute babies, etc to explain in a form of an understandable tale?



With the unlikable idea of completely ending one’s consciousness at the moment of death, with nothing to remain of it, and the still unexplained images of ghosts, death and back to life experiences, out of the body experiences, etc. together with the unknowns of the capabilities of the human brain, wouldn’t it be really easy to consider that “there must be something else”?

So what if the reason for those unexplained elements is that the unconscious part of our brain remains after death? Then the energy that dissipates could have a sort of intelligence and/or memory, which would promote the idea of entity (soul for believers, but that would imply consciousness instead of unconsciousness), and the energy in the universe could also be consider an unconscious entity with some sort of intelligence, although not necessarily conscious thoughts and decision making. From that point of view, we could consider ourselves part of a greater unconsciousness that connects us in a way still difficult to understand, but that would make us “Individual Units” interconnected by a common origin and a common wealth of knowledge that we could access through our own unconscious, like a remote computer connecting to a central database. Could be that what Carl Jung was talking about in his work “Man and His Symbols”?

This “if” proposal would make feasible the concept of an intelligent creator (the universal energy) and the possibility of us being part of it (bits of that energy coming to “power” a physical body), that will return to the creator or origin, carrying with us the acquired knowledge (in the form of unconscious memories) in a physical life, to contribute to the universal knowledge of the mother (or father) entity, that will in turn help create higher creatures in the physical life in order to acquire higher and higher knowledge: A self feeding system again.



Under this proposal we would be physical creatures that have no conscious knowledge and no connection between one another (individual units); traveling life in loneliness in search for connection (love, friendship) and knowledge that would help us understand our origins and reason of being. Yet somehow “deep inside” (due to our unconscious) we know we pertain to a common origin, to one another, and we know answers to questions that come to light from “inspiration” and/or “revelations” that surface when, without purposeful training, we are able to connect with our unconscious, and through it, to the universal unconsciousness we belong to.

If this is true, then the purpose of our life is simply to acquire knowledge and experiences and shape them in a personal way by use of our feelings, to bring this information back to the universal unconsciousness for its continuous growth. It would be not just the knowledge we can acquire, but perhaps more importantly, the way such knowledge is interpreted and perceived under the influence of our personal feelings and sensations while experiencing life. That way the same knowledge for different persons, like the experience of marriage or parenthood, will have different variations, contributing to a wider wealth of knowledge and feelings to the mother (or father) entity

In a more “profane” way of thinking, we come from the knowledge of a universal Wikipedia or Google, and after death, what we learned in life, becomes our contribution “pages” or “entries” to augment the source of knowledge. We could be “Observers” sent in a lifetime mission. How many times it has been said that life is a school?

I’m not saying this is the way things are, I’m just trying to connect dots on my own, without simply accepting what is already “proposed and certified until revision”. And obviously I’m going into very general explanations because more detail would imply a whole book on its own!

What is your take in this? Do you think the above “If” proposal could be true?


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Friends (Re-Post)

2016-08-25  Friends


They didn’t see the world together. They didn’t accomplish anything at all. They just happened to find each other in a day like any; and without even saying a word things seemed to click.

There was no time involved in their relationship, so maybe it couldn’t even be called as such; just a brief moment in time where they happened to be at the same place.

It was one of those things that cannot be explained…they were there, occupying the same place, without any specific activity or conversation. They didn’t talk, they didn’t touch, they didn’t look at each others eyes. They were just standing there, at the same place, at the same time.

Then the feelings of the surroundings suddenly changed. Like an abrupt temperature fluctuation or the appearance of a warm breeze. They felt it; they noticed something different around them, involving them.

Although nothing seemed to change in the outside around them, a warm, peaceful feeling inside took home in them both. The senses of loneliness they have been holding for a long time suddenly disappeared. The sadness that makes part of a grey life without any special motivation was nowhere to be found.

Only a feeling of peace and satisfaction became their essence…happiness!

A peaceful irradiation from each one…that was created from the peaceful irradiation that came from the other…that was generated by the peaceful irradiation from the first: Automated self feeding of a circular feeding…complete autonomy from the external world!

It lasted for just a couple of seconds. After the initial feeling and the realization they were perceiving each other, without self and mutual intention, they simply walked away and on to resume their daily lives.

Nothing really changed afterwards. The same routine, the same feelings and the same kind of grey life, except now they knew they were more than independent, isolated beings. Now they knew they weren’t alone because they felt the connection with another being, even if they never completed any sort of communication.

From that day they knew…someone, somewhere, was there…and they were not alone!



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The Spirit in the Mirror (Re-Post)

2016-08-22  The Spirit in the Mirror


While the image is just a reflection, the entity standing there could be considered the separation of itself from the body. There’s no physical existence in the image in the mirror, yet we can see it standing there, looking back to us.

Any intention, thought or feeling that makes us slightly twitch our face will be replicated by the image in the mirror, so we could assume it is our intentions, thoughts and feelings that are also there, being part of the image.

A perfect copy of the physical body without becoming physically existent!

Yet, that perfect copy of a body without a body, although capable of showing physical behavior, doesn’t have any physical possibilities. We are ourselves in the image in the mirror, yet, while being there, we exist without a physical body for a moment.

What if we take the physical body that creates the image in the mirror and leave just the image as the true existence of the being? Wouldn’t we be capable of thoughts and feelings, without the possibility of physical sensations? No pain, no hunger, no sicknesses, never getting old. A permanent representation of a non-existent physical shape.

When we see ourselves in a mirror, we could consider the image standing there as the separation of the entity we are, from the body where we are contained.

How will we use the presented possibility then? Will we consider the option of giving a bigger validation to thoughts and feelings rather than physical sensations? And with it, the need of dedicating time to the feeding of the image in the mirror rather than feeding the physical body that creates the image?

Just a crazy thought to get you a little confused.


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