What is Reality?

2015-03-16  What is Reality

What is reality? Really!!

We perceive the surroundings through our senses, so what we consider reality is what our senses let us perceive. If the senses are fooled with wrong, different than actual information, then we get the wrong concept of reality. We could be in a completely different place and a completely different situation of what reality really is.

Take for instance, two people standing in the outdoors; for one the ambient temperature could be nice and fresh, while for the other it is cold and freezing! Both perceive the ambient temperature through their senses. Both perceive the same temperature, yet their brains interpret it in a different way, so for one reality is a cold day, while for the other reality is a fresh and nice day. They both are living in a different reality!

So from that point of view, reality is what we perceive, and there are as many realities as people exist. Yet it is considered that we all live in the same reality. I know that first hand when trying to interact with people while being an Aspie. My reality, I know, is completely different than theirs, and what we see and perceive is not the same.

But people, by considering reality is the same for everyone, expect others to respond to their inputs with reactions according to what their own reactions would be, forgetting that if others have different reaction of what they expect, it is due to be living in a different reality, and not to personal behaviors, yet they still form a wrong perception of the other person.

An example; a person expect others to respond to a situation the same way they respond, yet get mad at someone who seems to be indifferent to the problems at hand, and even worry about other problems that for the first person seem just irrelevant at the time.

So we live in different realities, and while for normal people (Humans) the differences between them are, or could be, just minute, compared with an Aspie such differences can be huge.

So often I see polemic about alien beings coming from another dimension, and how terrifying that can become for most people; yet in my personal perception (thus opinion) just among those born and living together different dimensions do exist, and act as barriers for communication and understanding by the persistent concept in most people that we all must live in the same reality or dimension.

Just a thought



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Aspie World 19 – Dizziness

2015-03-13  Aspie World 19 - Dizziness

Lately the only way to control the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and the stress at work, which is the reason why I acquired the syndrome, has been to go everyday in overdose.

The recommended dose by the doctor is 600mg a day. I started to overdose with 1,200mg a day (twice the dose), now I have to go 7,200mg a day (12 times the dose)!!

So the side effects are present all the times; dizziness and drowsiness. The pain is not so much, although is always there in my legs, hips, back and arms, but I can function with that pain, the problem is that I’ve had to adapt to live dizzy in order to keep doing things, like my job and the repairs of my cars, among another thousand things that show up everyday in normal life.

It seems pathetic when you think and look at it!

I didn’t have the syndrome and I was living and enjoying life very well, until I had to start interacting with people!! Then the Aspie in me clashed with the Human in them, and I was overwhelmed, reduced and beaten to pieces.

In my childhood I wanted to adapt to pertain, but now I am proud to be an Aspie and so want to remain an Aspie, and that attitude creates separation and rejection from the Human society, so instead of being able to participate, now I’m being pushed away.

The reason I didn’t have to participate with people before was that I was making money the other way. I worked at home fixing cars for cash, while saving from spending and having to generate money by fixing everything at home; and to have a stable income I delivered papers at night. I didn’t have to participate with people for about 20 years, so I was fine.

Now I have a regular full time job, so have to participate with people, and the Aspie in me can’t take it anymore! The differences are too many to overcome. It’s been almost 4 years and in that time I got so stressed out by having to live among humans that I acquired the syndrome and now live in physical pain and dizziness.

We definitely are different species!!

So the plan is to work on my own again, with the hopes that the symptoms of the syndrome will be reduced when the reason of the syndrome is eliminated, and hopefully the pain will be reduced together with the stress, so there’ll be no need for overdose, allowing the body and mind to return to my own normal mode again.

This trip to the Human planet has been like a mission from which I come back wounded and crippled for life, just wanting to get back home and rest in my own personal Aspie world. It’s been a disaster; a failed mission, and an example of how different Aspies and Humans are, and how difficult for them is to co-exist.



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Aspie World 18 – Code of Silence

2015-03-11  Aspie World 18 - Code of Silence

I didn’t know it existed, and I learned about it in the hard way, by burning myself at work!

Nobody liked the new fixtures the engineers designed for two stations at the production line. They suppose to relieve the stress in the right hand, and in reality they are creating stress in the left hand while not helping at all in the right one!!

Nobody liked the fixtures, but nobody said anything! I was surprised because the engineers asked for feedback in order to adapt, transform and improve the design.

Seemed like a logic thing to me, yet I didn’t know that logic approach is only in the surface, while in reality everybody is doing their own thing, independently of what the others are doing, and the way to create a connection between separate elements is by silence.

So nobody said anything!

When the supervisor asked for input, I raised my hand and asked if the feedback would be given in written, because verbally I have observed it just dissolve in thin air by not being considered by those who suppose to report it. Bang!! I was burned at work!! As simple as that. I became the troublemaker of the team!

Now two out of the three leadership don’t talk to me, don’t even look at me, and are continuously watching what I’m doing wrong or out of procedures to immediately come to tell me, while many others can do many things out of procedures and nobody tells them anything!

I broke the “Code of Silence”!!

By being an Aspie I didn’t know it even existed, and now I’m burned at work because I cannot go around explaining to everyone that I am an Aspie and I don’t see these things.

After that I spend a couple of days observing how things really work, and I observed how someone watching another doing things out of procedures didn’t say anything; how someone can do things against procedures and those who see it just keep silence.

By this I could understand that there is a procedure written by logic, yet the actual way of doing things is as many ways as people is working there, and to connect and smoothen the different ways, silence has to be kept. This way there is no conflict, so the wheel can keep turning, at a very poor level of efficiency, yet it turns, so movement can be perceived.

I guess it becomes another Aspie adventure in the planet of Humans!!



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Since I learned of the existence of these little vehicles when I was around 22 years old, that I wanted to have one completely restored to drive around town, and even maybe a couple of long trips like interstates.

My wife and I bought an Isetta in 1985. It was a 1959 European model that found its way to South America, and ended up in a used car lot, waiting for someone crazy enough to want it, and I saw it there…


It had almost everything worn out to the point of screaming out loud the imperative need of a restoration before daring to drive it in the streets with traffic. But we didn’t have enough money to do that, so we just drove it as it was, and the adventures of pieces falling from the car as racing at 20 miles per hour were the order of the day!

I would need about 20 posts to tell you about all the stories we had with that little car, so here I will just point out to the main events that occurred in the past 30 years.


When coming to this country we couldn’t bring it with us, so we left it in a sister in law’s house, waiting for us to be able to “import” it to the US.

That finally happened in the year 2000, when I went to retrieve it from a trucking company warehouse here in Denver, where our little car arrived inside a wooden box!

The search for parts took a while, until finding someone about 100 miles away who had four of these little cars, all in pieces!!


We bought the whole package of disassembled vehicles and I started the frame of repair process.

The sad news came to me when I realized the parts were better that the original car, so it was better to just let go the original car and make a better one with just the parts from the package.


By 2006 I shiny red 1957 US model came out of my garage to try the Denver streets for the first time. But the original power wasn’t enough to compete with the high speeds at Denver streets, so its use was reduced to sporadic Sunday drives, rather than continuous daily driving.

Still, I joined a scooter’s club, and my little friend became the escort of the scooters pack, holding proudly the club’s flag, while protecting the club’s members from unaware traffic coming from behind. I was driving closing the scooters march, to the amusement of people in the streets at that moment.

2015-03-09  Isetta (6)

Today my little friend, although it has been driven in every season of the years, spend most of its days parked whenever it is out of the way, while my bigger sized cars receive more attention from me!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to install a slightly bigger engine that will allow this little creature to compete gracefully with everyday traffic, and then we would be back together traveling the Denver streets, terrifying sport utilities and big trucks with such an amazing machine this little Isetta is!



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Giving Love

2015-03-06  Giving Love

It surprise me when I see so commonly that many people give love in a way that cannot be received by the person they want to give love to. For instance, it is very common to give things and do things that the other person wouldn’t be interested in receiving. A man can give his wife a very practical electronic device when she would be happier with roses. A woman gives her husband a nice sweater when he would have preferred tools to fix his car, etc.

People can give from their hearts, but sometimes forget to consider that what might be appreciated by them, wouldn’t be by the other person. They see things from their own perspective instead of from the other person’s perspective. The result is, when one wants to give from his/her heart, the other might end up feeling frustrated!!

Unfortunately this happens not just when giving gifts like in Christmas time, but also it happens all year round with intentions, attitudes and behaviors we all might have. If she just wants to hug and remain there like that for a moment and he starts kissing and touching, even though he might be doing that with love for her, she might interpret that as if he doesn’t care for her feelings, and all he wants is sex. Or she might cook something he loves as a way to give him her love, when he would have prefer she better listen to all the things he went through that day.

Even though it might be with genuine love from their hearts, it is so common people forget to see things from the other person’s perspective, and give their genuine love in ways the other person cannot receive it; like giving a dog fish food, so even when love is being given, so many are starving for a little love!!



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