Verizon Wireless

2016-08-08  Verizon Wireless (1)


Five minutes ago I finished a call to Verizon Wireless. As expected nothing was fixed, but they were very quick in trying to get money from me. Let me explain what happened.

About a year ago I signed a contract for two year with Verizon for mobile internet access for my computers. They gave me a small device (picture above) that suppose to work as a Hot Spot, so it has a dedicated phone number. My computers (and any computer) detects the signal and I enter the codes to access, so then I can have internet on the go; great!

The problem is the signal is so weak I have to be waiting and waiting for something to download, like a page I wanted to view. When I went to a Verizon store the only solution they gave me was an 800 number to call! So I pay for internet connection that is very weak and sometimes nonexistent!

Then, in May we went to Indiana (from Colorado) to watch the Indy 500. Naturally I took the little device with me so to have internet on the go. To my surprise it worked fine all the trip, which was great news. So great news I passed the limit of Gigabites allowed and incurred in extra charges. To fix the problem I switch plans to a bigger one, so to be within limits with my usage. Everything fine up to that point.

The problem started when I received the bill which supposed to increase from $50 to $80, yet I got charged $110! Then I received an email from Verizon stating my bill was $28, and the next one would be $50. So I sent the $28, only to receive another bill for $143!! This new bill of $143 supposed to be due on August 15, yet a couple of days ago I received an email from Verizon saying my account was Past Due!

So I called the 800 number in the Verizon’s bill to see what’s going on. The lady kindly explained me that the problem was the dates the changes were made; the previous balance plus the next balance plus the following month, together with the consequences of the Napoleon wars and the increasing tension created by the possible presence of Nibiru and blah, blah, blah! Short story, I owe them the bill and it is past due! Then she transferred me to another lady who was mostly interested in when I was going to pay the bill. I told her I will be sending the total amount in a check. She asked when and I said after I receive my paycheck. She asked when I receive my paycheck and I blew up! I told her that I will pay when I have money, and if Verizon suspends the service in the meantime, I will suspend the account with Verizon and go to another company. I receive a crappy internet connection and no solutions, yet the bill is bigger than it suppose to be and I am being pushed to pay, so I will pay when I have money and that was it.

Why is it that every time we have to call a company to ask about a problem with the service, first we have to wait an eternity, and then there is no real solution and we end up mad? Unfortunately I still have a whole year to go with the contract, unless I pay some difference that I’m sure will be very steep. But definitely, if I have another problem like this with Verizon and the internet connection remains so crappy, I will cancel the contract and pay whatever difference, just to get out of there!

Obviously I cannot recommend the services of Verizon Wireless; at least the service of mobile internet through a portable Hot Spot as they offer. So I’ll keep an eye in those other companies to see how much they charge and what are the reviews over their services. Maybe it is time to switch companies and see what happens.



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Sleep and Energy

2016-08-04  Sleep and Energy (1)


Can strong medicines in big amounts at an early age, like five years old, destroy the sleeping patterns in the brain? Can the lack of sleep as a custom, from as early an age like five years old, be the cause of a lack of energy in the entire life of a person? And what is the right amount of energy a person supposes to have? I don’t know.

Sometimes I wonder how it must be. I see people with lots of energy and I can’t deny sometimes I even feel envy.

Since birth and until being seven years old I was very sick. Spending about nine months a year in bed, having strong medicines administered three times a day, you could say I was like an addict. My first memories are of dizziness and lack of energy, and I always thought it was due to the sicknesses I had, but lately I’ve been questioning if that excessive amount of strong medicines in a child could destroy brain functions, like the sleeping patterns. Since I remember I have problems to sleep, with no specific time to feel sleepy and no specific amount of time to sleep. I could sleep two hours at night or three hours a day, and it changed in a daily basis.

This lifetime sleeping problem has been a “natural” thing to me since I don’t know what is to have a regular sleeping pattern of eight hours a day every night. So I question if this could be the reason for having so low levels of energy all my life. By comparison with my sisters I can see they have so much energy to keep going and going, while I quickly fall behind and have to stop. I don’t know if my sister have more energy than normal or if what they have is what supposes to be. I don’t have references.

Perhaps the only reference I have is when I started working in the assembly line in a three days, twelve hours shift some time ago. By being an assembly line we had to work fast, and it was for twelve hours, so we needed every ounce of energy we could grab; so we drunk Red Bull to keep going. I remember being able to keep running and working fast for the twelve hours shift. I was amazed at the result with the energy drink!

Obviously after a shift I fell in bed and slept deeply…for about four hours! Then the next day and so on. After the three days we all were dead! (figuratively), so we spent the following and first day off sleeping. Well, my co-workers told me they slept for twelve hours in a row; I could sleep about six hours, and spent the rest of the day as a zombie! I could never sleep a long number of hours, no matter how tired I was.

So I question if those medicines destroyed in my brain the sleeping patterns, forbidding me of sleeping long enough to really rest. Could that be the reason for having such low levels of energy all my life? Maybe I will never know, but after about forty years I keep searching for the reason why I have such low energy levels.

Having this low energy levels not only had prevented me from doing more things in my life, but also it’s been the reason for having problems with many family people who saw my lack of movement as laziness rather than a difference in energy levels.

Maybe someday I will find out why my energy levels have always been so low. While I keep writing as my hobby, and something that I can do without much energy, as my brain keep working while my body rests.



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2016-08-01  Moles (1)


It is just unbelievable. In a time when man can travel space; have developed incredible technologies, and life seems to be all under control, the mole in my back yard laughs at the human advancements and continuous to dig more tunnels every day.

I’ve tried so many things; so many products, yet it always survives to dig a new hole. Just when I start to believe finally I got rid of it, it makes a new hole in the backyard or the front yard. That little creature laughs at human technology!

After searching the web for products, tools or whatever I could use to get rid of the mole I’ve found nothing new. Some poisons; gases; traps, and a thousand suggestions from people who claim to have the answer, yet nothing works. The mole remains alive and well.

It’s been four years easily that we have our little visitor. I even talked about it in the post Moles, Actions and Damage on 2015-04-29, so it’s been a long time fighting this creature.

But what surprises me is that none of my neighbors have signs of moles in their back and/or front yards. It seems this creature lives and prosper only in our house. I’m starting to believe in black magic and curses! Maybe I should try bringing a priest to bless the house and the back and front yards? LOL

For the moment all I can do is to keep an eye in both yards and as soon as a new hole is made, go and dig to reach the tunnel and drop one of those cylinders that resemble dynamite, but that work without an explosion; instead it creates a deadly gas that supposes to flood the tunnels, killing the buster in its own home.

The only reason I haven’t said yet “there is no room for both of us in this place” is because I don’t want to go live in an apartment!!



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2016-07-28  Requiem (1)


At 4 o’clock in the morning the swamp cooler can be used without water. Temperature outside is cool enough to freshen up the room, so no need for anything else than outside air. Although by day we are having 95 degrees as the latest norm, by night temperatures drop to 60-56 degrees, bringing a well needed break from the daily sweat.

She was seating in front of me, although she wasn’t there. The memories of her face and body slowly dissolving as time goes on, like a gentle friend who let bad news set in while waiting patiently by the side in case of being needed to bring a long and warm hug.

Logic and passion at war once more. She left without saying goodbye; without saying a word. It was the best thing to do for both of us, logic reminds me as my main adviser. But passion, crawling inside from my heart to my brain, like a gentle but deadly disease, entertains itself in keeping the memories alive. So I miss her.

Her face becomes blurry in my mind as time accumulates between today and the day she left. Just a few pictures remain on duty to refresh my memories of those days, but every time I see them she looks more and more as a stranger that one day I met. I guess time will come when the image of her in those pictures will mean nothing more than a loose memory of a distant past that I will struggle to recall.

Dancing Ghost.

A tired heart that felt young again by just spending time talking by the lake. The hard beating was there once again. Her spirit dancing in front of me while she was seating without moving, other than her hands gesticulating to support the intensity in the meaning of her words. Her sweet voice was music and her beautiful face was a fresh paint. She was art. But like art, you can buy it; you can borrow it; but you never own it, because art is free by nature. She had to go, I know.

Seating in front of the computer in a Sunday early morning I can hear the sounds from the swamp cooler bringing fresh and cool air to the room while I try to concentrate in writing, yet memories assault my brain and for a brief second the Dancing Ghost was there, while she was seating in front of me with her beautiful smile and piercing eyes looking back, to sting my heart with a bit of the past, to requiem a time that I guess it really never was.



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Family Reunion

2016-07-25  Family Reunion (1)


In the previous post I was talking about the Indy 500 and the amount of trash that is generated in that kind of events; these days I’ve had the same situation of huge amounts of trash being generated, but now while in my own house!

A brothers and sisters reunion that turned into a whole family reunion, Italian style, has been occurring at my house for the past several days. We are not Italians, but this reunion did congregate three generations of our family, all at my house for a couple of times. Although we are a small family (15 total for 3 generations), for the same reason we are used to live in a sort of isolation as a family. It’s been just three of us for the past 20 years and suddenly we became a lot of people in the same room, including grandmas to grand kids; the first talking and eating and drinking, while the last running and screaming and creating a mess with toys spread all over.

While we normally generate about half trash can a week, every single day it’s been a whole trash can! That’s times 14! (X 14). But we are normally 3, and now we can be a total of 15, so that’s only X 5, and about 5 of them are staying at a hotel and only show up during the day, so that reduces the number to about X 3, so how comes so much trash is generated?

At one hand, in order to simplify things, we’ve been using only disposable plates, so that’s a reason for some of the extra trash. Another thing is the amount of food that is dumped every day. Plates served and consumed only half way go to the trash with the remaining food in them. We never did that before, but in this reunion we had the chance to see how it happens in other families (my family!). That could account for X 3 or maybe X 4, but still it is a mystery to me how it does come to X 14!

It seems a good amount of trash is composed also by toys that get disposed of without noticing by the young parents in this family. New toys arrive every day, and it seems some parts of the old (one or two days old) go to the trash by accident, keeping automatically a sort of “balance” in the amount of toys owned by the very young kinds (2 to 4 years old). And these accidental disposal of toys occurs because of the complete mess that exist in a room where very young kids play, without parents teaching any organization skills.

Not surprisingly, parents show also this complete lack of organizational skills, among others, the apparent syndrome of not being able to stand a piece of empty surface. As soon as a small surface like a table or shelf shows empty, they have to place something there! It can be a purse; the car keys; a small blanket; kids shoes; kids toys; kids food, etc.

Then the amount of electronic devices like tablets; phones; game players, and their corresponding wall chargers. It is kind of unbelievable to me the amount of electronic devices per person my family carry.

So it seems a combination of owning too much stuff; acquiring more every day; not being able to keep things organized, and the chronic lack of planning, all together lead to the continual disposal of toys; food; disposable plates and tons of wrapping paper every day into the trash cans. No wonder why the generation of trash has been the most remarkable part in this family reunion. Oh, and empty bottles of wine and beer too!

It is so strange to look down and see the floor permanently dirty; look around and see so much stuff occupying every possible surface, and a huge number of people (for us) talking and laughing while my son and I are seating somewhere observing this truly alien landscape for us. We are Aspies, remember?

And that is the whole thing. What is normal and desirable by most people, like meeting in big numbers and talk; drink; eat; make noise and take the place as their own, for us Aspies (my son and me), quietness and organization are elements we are accustomed to. So I guess what I can see in my house these days is what happens in those public events, only in bigger numbers like from 15 to 100,000, which obviously has to imply a huge amount of consumption and trash being generated.

Funny though, I have now the opportunity to observe like a small cell of a giant creature, in order to better discover the origins and reasons for its characteristic behavior.



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