Simple Toys

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Such a simple toy. Just a wheel, or anything that would resemble a wheel; and then a stick with a U shaped end, usually made out of a piece of metal or wood that could be formed as a U and that could be placed securely at the end of the stick. The rest was skill from the player!

Some time ago, while surfing the net, I found this picture. Immediately it brought a smile to my face and many memories. When I was about 8 years old I used to have a wheel like this. It was so much fun learning to control the wheel to go around, most of the times running!

There was nothing special about this toy; it was made out of discards. But it was a challenge to find the almost perfect parts, then putting everything together. It could take several days, and some times even months to find all the elements. Then putting everything together would take a day or two; and then it was time to learn to control the wheel!

After many attempts and falls, not only of the wheel, but many times of one while running after it, we learned how to go around with our wheel, proud of our creation and our skills to control it! And it did give status among other kids for the one who had good skills and a nice wheel.

Such a simple toy! It seems incredible these days, when we have so many electronic devices and permanent services at our disposal, making such a strange world the one of simplicity some of us had the good luck to experience at some point in our lives.



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Class Levels Interactions

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When I was a child I remember people who had lots of money!

A doctor for example, would have a big house in a nice street with big trees. The house would have a small garden in front, and the doctor would own a medium four door sedan just one or two years old! Even more, he would have a lady who would go every day to his house to clean, cook and do the laundry. He and his family would have a very comfortable life, and his kids would have new toys every Christmas! They would be considered people with lots of money. That doctor would be the example to follow to reach the highest levels a human being could aspire to when it came to money.

Nowadays it seems something like that would be just a starting point!

Today people talk about having millions to be considered wealthy. It becomes necessary to own houses the size of a fancy hotel! It can’t be just one, medium four doors sedan which is one or two years old; it has to be several brand new exotic cars, including big sport utilities, convertibles and super cars! There should be vacation homes, also the size of a fancy hotel, located in the mountains or some exotic beach with crystal clear waters. There should be a yacht and a private jet. And the kids should have enough money to blow up themselves with very expensive drugs, while spending lot of money in very expensive clothes, jewelry and exotic, fancy gifts for their friends. Being wealthy these days is about spending money like if money was coming out of trend!

Before, we knew we had to get an education and work hard for several years to reach that level of comfort, like the doctor we knew. It was an attainable goal we could pursue. We knew then we could reach the top if we persevere long enough. It wasn’t easy and very few would reach the goal, mostly for the lack of perseverance. But we knew, if we applied ourselves strong and long enough, we would reach the goal.

Today? Good luck!

Modern society has raised the bars on what suppose to be an ideal and successful, wealthy life. No longer is a matter of following a clear, established path as it used to be. Instead, it comes now to create a specific, one time path. It depends more on personal creativity and perseverance to reach the new standards of success. The road to the top is now a lot longer than what it was before.

But the worst problem is that, by being so high the standard of success, and by not existing clear paths to follow in order to reach those standards, the characteristics a person should have in order to be able to jump from the common level to the actual high levels become too many. People have to know how to “fly”! No paths, no established length of the road to reach destination, with identifiable barriers to overcome in the process. Today it is all mystery. Before there was the low level, the high levels and a clear road to travel. Today there is the low level, the highest levels, and nothing in between!

With this, what could be seen before as a matter of perseverance, now it has become a matter of having extreme capabilities…or just good luck! People have to go blindly in pursue of attaining the highest levels, not knowing what road, what barriers, for how long, and not even knowing if they are in the right road, or just wasting their time! In many ways it has become a matter of having good luck!

No wonder why stress is a lot more common than fresh air!!

And then there is the other problem. In order for the highest levels to exist, people cannot longer rely on their hard work to make the amounts of money required to be part of the high class. To make millions, unless you get paid several thousand dollars per hour working hired in a company, you have to have a business. In a society that has already covered all and every needs people may have, the only way to make money in big numbers, is to have business in providing for needs people don’t have. So artificial needs are created. And even worst, in order to have repeated business, addictions have been artificially created!

This means, rather than having a symbiosis between the high and common levels as it used to be in the past, where both levels provided to each other in order to profit from the other, and a relationship existed between the two, now the highest level enslaves the common level, to the point of destroying it, in order to profit at the amounts that now are required to sustain such highest levels, and no relationship exists between the two, other than Master and Slave, Hunter and Prey, and even Owner and Property! Symbiosis has been changed for Antibiosis!

It becomes even funny to see how the human instincts of curiosity, desire of possession, desire of power, and the need for self identification, have taken humanity from a level of cooperation for growth, to a level of internal conflict and self consumption.

Interesting processes to observe and analyze, don’t you think?



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Sun Exposure Risks

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In the latest years there has been such a fuzz about being careful with the sun and the amount and level of exposure we have, especially in summertime. According to the latest “discoveries”, if we don’t use sunscreen every time we go outside, we could get skin cancer! So we must use sunscreen all the times we are out and about.


Having grown in South America in the 70’s, we didn’t have so many medicines and sunscreens to choose from, but didn’t have also the heavy promotion of products based on scaring people as it is today.

By then it was traditionally known by mothers and grandmothers the need to have sun exposure in summer time to “get enough sunlight and heat for the body for winter”. We supposed to play in the sun and get tanned, so we would be stronger and more resistant to sicknesses, and the use of sunscreen was reserved only for long hours sunbathing at the beach, so to get an even color while protecting the skin from sunburns. Nobody associated sunlight with cancer.

At that time the common knowledge was that we supposed to get exposure to sunlight a little at the time at first, to then add longer exposure times, until we could sunbath for a couple of hours in a row. No sunscreen (it was expensive), we just went to the beach, sunbath, and when the skin started to feel hot, we took a splash in the water to cool down the skin, to then go back to sunbathing, and so on. Only a few, like 1 out of 10, would get sunburns in the form of red skin that would peel and change for new skin in a couple of weeks; and those sunburns happened mostly to people who fell asleep while sunbathing, so they didn’t have the skin cooling splash every hour or so.

From all the people I know from my country, including my age (in our 50’s) and older, only one mentioned developing colon cancer; but it was cured with radiation, so it didn’t go to a major problem. But nobody have developed skin cancer so far! Nobody!

This shows to me that older women were right! We need to get sun exposure; and even get tanned from sun exposure in order to remain healthy. The key is to start slowly during spring time, to be ready to play at the beach under the sun for hours without worries in summer time. No need for sunscreen of any kind, unless you want an even and “shiny”, copper tone tan color, rather than the more common flat, brownish tan color.

Exposure to sunlight is important to remain healthy. It is part of the way our human body works. We need the sun just like we need food. So all the scary reports about cancer and this and that, followed by the promotion of different products to prevent the previous scary things, are just business tactics at the expense of people’s health!! We need the exposure to sunlight, to bacteria, to dust, pollen and all the things in the air, in order to develop a body that is resistant to the elements around; otherwise we would need forever products to compensate for the lack of vitamins, the allergies, the colds, and so many more problems modern people in modern society suffer from when they follow all the “advice” and try to stay away from the environment with sunscreen, bacteria killers, air filters, moisturizing creams, and so on.

If we believe the scary “findings” in medicine and start using protection for everything, we never develop strength to withstand our own environment, and so we become dependent on the products they recommend. We spend money now and forever; big business for them. While at the other hand we become weak and dependent. How convenient for the big companies!

As long as the exposure to the elements (including sunlight) is done gradually, our bodies will benefit from developing strength towards those elements, and there will be less need of products to “protect” ourselves from the planet we belong to.

We suppose to share the same body with our cavemen ancestors, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Modern Man, etc. So besides very small differences in the body, we should be mostly like them, and I don’t think our cavemen ancestors put on sunscreen before they went hunting, did they? LOL



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And The Point?

2016-04-25  And the Point! (1)


So what is the point?

Many times when writing something, an idea gets to my mind about some specific subject to analyze in a post for this blog. Quickly I write the general idea in my computer and save it in a folder of posts “working on”, so I can retake the idea later another day, when more time is available. That way I don’t loose the idea! Since my brain seems to have lost any and all of the memory banks it supposes to have, I simply cannot trust myself with my memory! But that’s fine, I have the ideas for posts saved in my computer; all I have to do is go back to that folder and open the already started posts, read and get back to the volatile idea I had before.

Just a little problem. The idea is there, the concept can be understood, but the intention, the reason, the usefulness of the idea is lost! Even the feeling, which adds for the intensity of the post, is missing! So what’s the point? To write about something that has no reason to be?

I have a big list of ideas in the form of writing files in my “Working On” folder, some of them several years old! I read them every time I come to my computer to write something, with the secret hope (shhhh, don’t tell me!) that maybe this time I will find the missing ingredient that makes a post worth to spend time writing!


So the list of “interesting” ideas keeps growing in that folder, with no indication of providing any help at the time I seat in front of the computer to write something, when I’m bringing no ideas with me. The list only grows…never gets reduced, or at least slow down its continuous growing.

But why is that? I understand it is a natural thing to perceive everything in different ways in different days, depending on many factors that affect us at every particular moment. We are not the same every day, so we think, perceive and feel different every time; just in a very small, sometimes not even very perceptible way to others; so obviously what seemed a good idea one day not necessarily will be perceived in same way in another day. But why most ideas that at one moment felt right, completely loose their meaning forever?

Seems like sometimes my brain get’s into a high and perceives with more intensity a simple concept that, otherwise would be seen as trivial. Frustrating isn’t it?

Just consider; I get these ideas; they worth nothing; so when I thought of them it was me being in a different than normal state of mind, and that’s why they seemed good to me; like someone who is under the effects of drugs! OK, my medicines. I can’t deny they get me high sometimes; and sometimes very often! LOL (I love the feeling!). But most of the times I don’t recognize myself as being high, when one of those mysterious ideas show up, so maybe I became used to the high feeling, and now that’s my normal level of functioning. No wonder why every time is more difficult to get high with the regular dose of medicine, LOL

If that’s the case, then all I have to do is take an overdose of medicine, get high, and then maybe I will find the “strength and passion” of those dusty ideas in my computer. But then the problem will be that, for me the writing might have some value, but not necessarily for the reader…like in this post, LOL (OK, wake up!)

I know, sometimes what I write can be very much “unimportant” and without any value for the reader. My only excuse is that all you have to do to get something out of these posts is simply change the time of the day you read my blog. If it is boring for you, then read it before going to bed; that way I’ll be helping you to fall asleep quickly! LOL (I am not going into the possibility of you having nightmares, LOL).

So it seems those “interesting” ideas that once I wrote to keep and not loose, until the time of having the possibility of seating in front of the computer and developing them as it was once in my mind, will remain in the folder of doom, until the mercy of a computer crash will finally delete them and take them out of their misery! LOL



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Just a few weeks ago I learned about the term Masturdating. I don’t know for how long it has been around, but only about two or three weeks ago I heard of it when told of someone I know doing it.

At first I thought they were joking; Masturdating? What is that? I check the internet and found it is considered dating oneself. But dating in the sense of trying our best to impress ourselves; so it is going with the expenses and the time to treat oneself as our most high interest.

I can understand the concept, and even kind of agree with some of the reasons expert give to convince people to try it. But then my doubts, in a date many times the interest is to end up in bed having sex, and if in this case one is alone with oneself, and the name of the concept is called Masturdating, I guess is not too difficult to imagine what is the happy ending of this dating system.

Funny though, while watching some videos in YouTube, some people openly called the concept by its name, Masturdating, which makes me think, either they don’t realize what the name is insinuating, or they are open about masturbating themselves. Even if they skip that part at the end, people around will still think they do end up pleasuring themselves. And while some years ago you couldn’t say that word outloud, no matter the context, I think these days things haven’t changed that much when it comes to this, so it surprises me those people in YouTube with their openness, or ignorance!

But there’s more to it than the funny part, and the intention of deviating and dedicating all our attentions from someone else to ourselves. First of all, what happened with the traditional dating someone? It wasn’t just to have sex at the end, right? I mean, there was the talking; the learning about the other person; the laughter; the flirting; the pleasant tingling sensation in the stomach; nothing of that could occur while Masturdating, unless someone is so Narcissist that gets aroused with himself! So one very important part in the pleasure of dating is gone.

And then, in a date we suppose to concentrate our attention and actions on learning about the other person and trying our best to make the other person feel comfortable. But now it would be about giving all our attention and actions to please ourselves. There would be no learning, no understanding another perspective, no exercising ourselves in discovering on the fly what could we do that would be of the other person’s pleasure.

Sounds to me like becoming egoist!


2016-04-21  Masturdating (2)


No time to give to someone else; no risking one’s heart in a possible deception; no risking our own failure to obtain from someone else what we want. I agree it is convenient, especially in today’s society where most people is too busy trying to put their game together to comply with modern standards of what is to be successful. But then, wouldn’t it imply a progressive separation from human relationships? Wouldn’t this practice create people who learn gradually to live more for themselves than for someone else?

I know Masturdating is just one activity in life, so it shouldn’t have a big influence in someone’s personality changes and adaptations. But the fact that is adopted by some people shows a hidden desire of receiving attentions, and the concept of Masturdating creates the excuse to stop trying to connect with others and gain their attention to us, to simply skip the whole courting process and just give oneself what seems to becoming too difficult for people to obtain from someone else. In other words, simplify and make it easier, with the assurance of obtaining the gain.

Now, it is said that practice makes perfect, or at least better; so considering that most people feels the need to mate at some point and for a while in their lives; if Masturdating becomes a trend among younger people; wouldn’t it prevent them from, by trial and error, learning the essentials about placing their attention to someone else, and then instead they will find themselves in relationships where they don’t know how to deal with each other?

At the other hand, many times it is necessary to have an obligation in order to do something. So what happen with the latest trend of younger people, especially boys, who are not so willing to date and get married, but just remain single and without any obligations toward a spouse or girlfriend in order to simplify their lives and don’t incur in responsibilities? So far they still had some pressure from customs that they “should” get involved with someone and enter the life of being a couple; but with this trend of Masturdating their lack of interest and desire of not getting into compromises and responsibilities becomes justified and acceptable!

As I mentioned before, I understand this trend is just one of many things in people’s lives, so its influence shouldn’t be of concern. But when a small element can simplify so much in someone’s life, could it become another element that helps pushing human relationships away of what it should be? Bringing with it another element of stress and dissatisfaction in people, when not meeting the expectations of their own instinctual behavior?

Just curious



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