Military and Civilization

2015-10-26  Military and Civilization (1)

“The man placed the hanging rope around his neck, and then jumped from the chair”

Every time I have explained these concepts before, people got mad at me, and in some cases they stopped talking to me completely!!

I tried not to post this one too close to Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, so not to hurt any feelings, but at some point I have to post it, if I want to be honest with my thoughts and beliefs in this blog, especially if I want to present A Different Perspective, even if people might not like it, and with it get mad at me.

I don’t know if there is a concept for the existence of the military that I don’t know about, but what I can see and believe is that the existence of military and the existence of the concept of reverence for the military imply a denial of true civilization.

Let me explain

Throughout history the military has been an important part of the growth of some countries, mostly because it allowed them to conquer and take control of territory and goods from them. Most of the times when a country invaded another in history, it was with the intention of self growth; and in order to keep control over the acquired territories, the introduction of their own customs, religions and ways of living was used, transforming with it the ways the population of the conquered territory used to have.

It was the times of kingdoms, and the different names such organizational way could have at the time. So these kingdoms expanded physically in order to grow, and this, by the means of conquering and taking the resources of the conquered land (and its people). At these times, the military used to be at the service of the kings, being more a force of attack for material gains to their country, rather than defense of their land and its people.

In modern days, and due mostly to the importance of international corporations who trade and move money from one place to another, it has become virtually impossible to conquer other countries as a way of growth, since these corporations have become the ones who truly control the direction of the countries they are based at and commerce with. It is known that a country that is close to entering war usually looses lots of international investment, while at the same time these corporations are the ones who nowadays dictate when and where would be “convenient” to create a war. And the military is there, now not at the service of a king, but rather at the service of corporations

And so, nowadays terrorism has become the ghost to be used to convince the modern peasants of the need to go into war, and support it. Before a peasant didn’t have a say it a kings decisions; today people consume the goods from the big corporations, so they have to support the decision of war, as a way for the corporations of not to loose business. Then the convenience of the terrorism concept as a way to lead the minds of people that supposed to keep consuming goods, yet investigates and self cultivate in the true reasons of war in the same ways a peasant used to do in the kingdom’s times.

So military has always been at the true service of the ones in power, whatever the name or organizational way they may have; and the story of defense from possible attacks comes from the original conquering lords of the past, to the nowadays international corporations of financial dominance.

Military has always existed to serve the kings, not the peasants; the elites, not the people! Before it was to defend the king and his way of life, to the cost of the peasants; today is to defend the elite’s way of life, and as we all know, to the cost of the people.

Military true concept is to be the weapon of those in power. As an individual level, a soldier might join the military forces with true, genuine desires of serving his/her country; but soon they can discover while at war in combat, what they are really doing is to serve the elite on power, usually to their own demise!

It could be considered that, together with the action of attack, immediately we have the concept of being attacked, and so the true reason for a military defense system; but if we analyze, in the past those who attacked where the biggest empires, which were the ones who boasted the possession of the higher levels of civilization at the time, while the attacked countries where the smallest, considered the ones to be uncivilized.

2015-10-26  Military and Civilization (2)

Nowadays the country attacking are those where international corporations have their biggest investments, and so these countries are the biggest, more powerful ones, and they also boast having the higher levels of civilization

The more civilized attacked, while the least civilized had a military force for defense only!

So the true reason for the existence of a military force in a “civilized” country is to have the possibility of attack, rather than defense.

Now, in both cases; attacking to conquer and grow, and defense in case of being attacked, the existence of the concept of military implies the possibility of confrontation between people of two or more different location and customs. In both cases it implies the concept in people’s minds of violence among people.

Because of the existence of the concept of violence among people, the fear of being attacked by others has to exist in the subconscious mind of people, creating with it the reverence for those who will protect them in case of being attacked; so the reverence for the military becomes a subconscious element in people.

Then we get to the point where there is the existence of this reverence for the military in people’s minds. Even when nowadays for most the sole idea of war can be considered not a true human characteristic, the reverence still exists. So the concept in people that war is not the right way would be more a learned concept in their minds, while the reverence for the military is a concept in their minds based in a subconscious fear of being attacked.

My point is, in a true civilization, shouldn’t the fear of being attacked by others not exist at all? In other words, shouldn’t the concept of violence between people be considered a simply not possible event?

If a truly civilized system would never consider the possibility of attacking for gain, then the possibility of being attacked by others for their own gain would also not to be of consideration.

In a situation like this, the concept of the existence of military would be not only unacceptable among people, but simply nonexistent in people’s minds! Since attacking would be out of the question, the possibility of being attacked should not exist.

Then there would be no reverence for the military, but even more, there would be disgust for such concept (the concept of the existence of military forces, not the soldiers as people), and with it also there would be no pride in being part of such organization.

Yet today is exactly the opposite!

There is this reverence for the military and there is this pride for being part of it, which in my concepts it shows that people as a society still need to have a change in subconscious processes in order to truly be considered civilized. Only when people and their social systems don’t have at all the concepts of invasion as a way of profits, and the subconscious fear of being attacked, then they would have advanced an important step in civilization.

I know with this post many people would get mad at me. Every time I have explained these concepts to someone, especially those who reverence the military and/or are part of it, they got mad at me, although nobody so far has come up with a good argument in favor of the inclusion of military in a higher state of civilization.

Just something to think about



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Brain Changes

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

One thing that keeps bothering my mind is the brain reactions some medicines can create. By having the Fibromyalgia Syndrome, I have to take Lyrica as the medicine that let me keep going. But the brain reactions had become very intriguing, to say the least!

As I have mentioned before, Fibromyalgia Syndrome is the misinterpretation by the brain of electric signals coming from the nervous system to the brain. Whatever touches the skin, a slight breeze, a hand or a needle, the nervous system sends an electric signal to the brain, and the brain interprets that signal as something pleasant, not important, or painful, and with it, the brain sends the appropriate electric pulses to the muscles in that part of the body, to create the corresponding reaction, like moving that part of the body quickly away, as a protective reaction, if the case was, for example, a needle touching the skin.

Nice and sweet; the marvels of the human body works!

But with the Syndrome there are two possibilities of why the problem of misinterpretation can occur.

The first is when the nervous system stops working properly and starts sending the wrong electric signals to the brain. For example, a slight touch of the breeze makes the nervous system send to the brain the signal of pain, so the brain reads that signal as pain and react accordingly.

This can happen by a weak nervous system that deteriorates because of a natural tendency of the body, as it also can occur with some other organs in the body. Usually this is just a problem of the body construction due to genetics, like when one inherits the weakness from parents. So in this case, it is the nervous system that deteriorates and starts working wrong, so the way to fix this problem is to give the patient a medicine that mostly will relax the muscles of the body, to sort of lower the intensity at which the nervous system works.

The second is when the brain interprets in the wrong way the correct signal from the nervous system. The nervous system sends the right signal, but the brain reads it in the wrong way, interpreting those signals as pain.

This can mostly happens as a reaction of the brain when the person is exposed to excessive stress, and so the brain sort of change its operating ways, and starts to read wrongly the signals from the nervous system. It is an involuntary change in the operation of the brain in those areas controlled by instincts, rather than consciousness. In other words, the person never thought of something like this, but it just started to happen, mostly because at a subconscious level the brain cannot take more stress, and so a failure in the operating ways occurs. It’s like if the brain goes crazy! Then the way to control this is by giving the patient a medicine that acts on the brain, rather than the body, and what this medicine does is basically change the way the receptors of internal communication in the brain work.

As you know, the brain is like a computer (more advanced of course), so it works by sending electric signal from one place to another all throughout the brain, and for this, there are electric receptors that connects to allow the electric signals to move around. What the medicine does, is mostly help some receptor work more efficiently, while blocking other receptor to stop the electric signals move from one place to another.

In my case, I have the second type of Fibromyalgia, which would be the one created by excessive stress. In my case, this excessive stress created a “twisting” in my brain works; and the reason for the excessive stress was my last job, in which I had to stand lots of discrimination, and also had to deal with something an Aspie cannot deal with very well, which is too many “normal” people at once, and for a long time (four years).

So my nervous system seems to be fine, and all the problem is the wrong interpretation by the brain of the nervous system signals. So I take Lyrica, which changes the way the receptors in my brain work, and so with it, my brain interprets the signals in a lighter, lower way, so the pain is greatly reduced; the tiredness and lack of energy is not so intense, and my breathing becomes normal (if I am not doing heavy work or exercise).

Everything becomes fine and life is good again…except for one thing…

By changing the way the receptors work in my brain, not only the medicine is changing the way my brain works in relation to the signals sent by the nervous system, but also change the way the brain works in other areas!

For example, my perception of the surroundings changes, and with it, my tastes and desires also change, and as a consequence, my desires also change. In other words, I change! I am not the same person I used to be, mostly because many little things change, so my general perception and direction in life becomes different.

I had the opportunity to test this theory when I run out of medicine for a couple of weeks, and had to rely on old, different medicines from what I suppose to take. Those old medicines were the first given to me, when the thought was that the reason for the syndrome in me was a failure of the nervous system, rather than a misinterpretation of the signals from the brain.

Because of this, I was taking medicine to relax my muscles instead of medicine to change the way my brain works, so in part my brain started to work the way it used to be, and so I had a slight chance to revisit my own self. What I found was I was not the same before, which obviously implies I am not the same now, like I used to be.

This got me thinking (tell me something new!!). If the medicine changes the way my brain works, then because of the medicine now I am a different person (because I perceive, think and desire different from before). I still observe and analyze like before, but that’s the way I am as my internal being. What changed is my perception and interaction with the surroundings, as a being participating in life.

(Don’t worry…the voices in my head keep talking to me! LOL)

Now, since the perception of my surroundings is different, also my reactions to the surroundings change, and since my reactions to the same surroundings change, I become a different person. Now I am a person who reacts different from before to the same stimuli from before. So the right medicine for my Syndrome makes me a different person from what I used to be!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, most probably you would not find my strange way of writing much different from before, and that is because my logical processes remain the same, but my reactions to the physical world where I have to interact with have changed from what I used to be. It means you would have to know me in person for a while to notice the changes in personality (reactions to the surrounding stimulus) that has been occurring to me.

In the specifics, I used to drive fast, I always had to pass the car in front! Now I can be very happy driving in a long line of cars, going at the slow speed they have. Some foods I didn’t like before, now I like them, and the same with the opposite, some foods I did like, now I don’t.

There are other things that have changed big in me, but unfortunately those I cannot mention in this blog, as it would create a big problem in the relation with some people who know me and interact with me all the times in physical life.

So it is funny in a way how a person can change by the use of medicines that work with the brain, but at the other hand it can be scary when we think how real are we in the way we are, if just a simple medicine can makes us different from what we used to be before.

Are we really a complete entity, with a true soul occupying our brains? Or are we just the result of the way electric pulses run in our brain, making us with this just simply more advanced electrical beings, like a robot that believe he is a higher kind of being, fooling himself into believing something that is not real? I wonder now…



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Alien Contact

2015-10-19  Alien Contact

Do you know why Alien races don’t contact the human race? Because they are afraid of humans!

Yes, they have a more advanced technology, so it would be easy for them to wipe out the human race from planet Earth, but they are more civilized than humans, so they will not use their technology to “abuse” against them. The fears humans have of Alien races coming to kill is just an instinctive fear humans have of anything and anyone different and unknown (Like Aliens). Heck! Humans are afraid of their own fellow humans if they dress in a different way and speak a different language!!

Aliens know humans can be very aggressive. They know humans can build an entire city in a very short time, and destroy it completely in a blink of an eye! It all depends on human “mood” (according to Aliens).

They know humans are a very temperamental race, bound by their excessive control from their feelings. At an instinctive level, humans have a very intense instinct of mating, and so their lives are bound by those instincts. The need for sex is very intense, as is reflected in the multimillionaire dollar porn industry! And also humans can become very creative when falling in love. And when deeply in love, feelings of jealousy can lead to very destructive ways!

It is known that a new couple can become very creative and motivated, which is reflected in their desire and actions that lead to acquiring a place, and the coordinated work they both can do in the decoration and enhancement of their newly acquired “love nest”. At that point life is wonderful and perfect.

Yet in time there is a fall in the intensity in the love relationship, and so the motivation decreases, immersing the couple in a routine that most of the times none of them like, creating a feeling that love is gone, and there is no spice in their lives. So life becomes boring, and in desperate need of the initial spark. They think love is gone, which most of the times is not the case since love is still there. What is missing is the intensity of sex between the couple, which in many cases fall to the point of zero!!

What really is missing in that couple, is the instinct of mating at work that happened to exist at the beginning. The instinct of mating in humans is so intense, that when at work (like when in love), can motivate, and even push people to huge levels of accomplishment…or destruction, when jealousy leads the way.

We only need to see how big is the percentage of love songs that exist throughout human history, to realize how important for humans is to have the feelings of love inside. And at the other hand, a childhood lived without the feelings of love can create a bitter, or violent, and even a dictator, out of a person!

So humans have a very advance brain for logical creation and thoughts, yet their capability of feelings, motivated by the instinct of mating can overcome, and even easily surpass the logical works in the brain, to create artist, lovers, dictators, and all kinds of very intense human desires.

The two more powerful instincts in humans are the instinct of mating and the instinct of self protection. The first can create intense actions of love and hate, which can lead to very intense action of good and bad, while the second can create intense actions of denial and/or destruction, by actions motivated without the use of logical thoughts.

Both instincts can create very intense actions of love and hate, good and bad, an denial and destruction, that are not directed by logical thoughts. A very intense race that can create wonders in very short amounts of time when highly motivated by love, yet can also destroy them in the blink of an eye, when motivated by rage, hate or fear!

It is no wonder then why alien races don’t want to stop by and say hi to the human race!

What if humans become afraid of the different physical shape, ways of communication and customs aliens have, as they have shown throughout their history when having contact with their own? Will they become violent and destructive? Some might be logical and genuinely interested in a positive contact and communication, but the masses, acting as masses, are definitely something to be afraid of!

Funny when some people say the government have contact with aliens, but don’t want to tell.

When we analyze how the instincts of mating and self protection can easily overcome the logical part in humans, we can only conclude the human race, as a race, still behave as children, and so it has to be a race in its infancy, with still a long way to go. So open contact from alien races watching the human race clearly will have to wait for a long while!



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2015-10-15  Dreams

Dreams. They can be so small and fragile as the cute little creature in the picture. So much in need of being protected and loved, so to allow them to survive and grow.

Dreams. Just electric currents moving inside a human brain. Nothing truly physical inside or out of the brain. Yet the foundation of so many civilizations throughout history, with all the good and bad that has always been part of them.

Dreams. So many times the only reason for existence in so many human creatures, as so many human creatures defy existing just because, as most other creatures in the planet would accept without questioning, second thoughts, and mostly not even a single advance thought, as human can do.

Dreams. The reason of happiness, strength and self commitment, yet also the reason of frustrations, stress and tears. How many lives enhanced by dreams, creating with it a true meaning to someone’s existence? And how many lives destroyed by their own, never fulfilled dreams?

Dreams. Let’s celebrate the human capability of dreaming, as it is one of the biggest parts of being human, and what truly makes a human creature a wonderful one!



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Arch of Triumph

2015-10-13  Arch of Triumph (1)

Life is crazy…and wonderful!!

For a couple of days my wife and I went on a road trip through a big part of the West area in Colorado, and then touched Utah by visiting the Arches National Park. It was mostly a trip to see places and nature, while driving many scenic roads in this part of the country.

While at Arches National Park, we stopped at several places to take pictures, and even walk a little to spend some time under some of the arches that can be found there. At some point, in one of the many trails the park offers, we decided to go walking to reach the main arch at the park, the one that is used in the Utah car plates.

We really didn’t weight what we were doing. We just started walking and thinking, if it gets too complicated, we just go back to the car. So we didn’t carry water with us (as it is supposed to do), and nothing that could be necessary throughout the trip. We just walked the trail, and at some point we found it wouldn’t be logic to quit the walk after all we already traveled, so we should keep going all the way to the arch.

Later, after lots of walking while sweating and panting, we realized our mistake. The trail was mostly uphill in rough terrain, truly requiring lots of water and many breaks. It quickly became very exhausting and too much for our bad physical condition and our personal physical problems (my wife has almost no vision in one eye, not having depth perception, and I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome, not having physical strength and balance). Yet we kept going while laughing; a limping person guiding a blind one!!


Many times throughout the walk I remembered the wheel chair I suppose to end up in, and kept going more out of challenging my future rather than true physical strength. Quickly it became a matter of moving one leg at the time, just to do another step, instead of trying to reach a destination. My lungs couldn’t take enough air; my body sides and my chest were hurting really bad, and the pain in my legs was extreme, so I just concentrated in making one more step, one more step, one more step, not even thinking about ten feet ahead.

We must have looked really bad, because in one of the many breaks we took, a group of young people coming back already from the arch, stopped by our side and gave us water they didn’t need, so we collected three bottles of really needed water.

After drinking so much needed water, and resting for about ten minutes, we resumed the walk to keep pursuing our goal of reaching the arch. It took us a good another thirty minutes of walking through inclined and rough planes of rock and dirt before we reached the arch.


It was very emotional for us! After so much effort, pain and tiredness, after lots of sweating and doubts about our own physical capabilities, we reached the prize we were aiming for; the main arch of the park.

The arch was standing there; like a god waiting to be reached to be adored. Letting people sacrifice themselves in a tiring and exhausting walk, just to be at its feet, to admire its beauty, while taking many pictures to show later, as a proof of really being there.

We got there! Not a big thing for young and healthy people, but a true victory for us, in our bad physical condition, and with our personal physical problems. It was victory for us! We made it; we got there; we reached the arch.

For me it was a very special and emotional moment, mostly because after all the physical effort involved in getting there, loosing balance so many times, and feeling my chest ready to explode at any moment, while feeling so much pain everywhere in my body, I could prove to myself that I will not end up in a wheelchair! I could say I will not accept the wheelchair, and that I will fight it to the end, but at that moment I got proof of my decision and goals. It wasn’t just my desires and personal will into it; now I had proof of what I was feeling, desiring, and fighting at. I can prove wrong the doctor who said I will be in a wheelchair in five years! I will not!


So after the initial emotional feelings we had, and after recovering our breath and resting our muscles in our body by just seating there while watching the arch, we walked around and took some pictures and videos as memories of the very special moment we lived together. And I even celebrated my reinforced will of never ending up in a wheel chair by claiming some rocks, just to have a better view of that beautiful place.

We really never know what life will brings us next. What supposed to be just a short and pleasant walk to see the arch, became a challenge that helped us reinforce our thoughts of never giving up to what seems to be inevitable destiny.



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