Memorial Day

2015-05-25  Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day in the US. Today people in the US commemorate those who died while in the armed forces, fighting in a US war; any war in US history.

It is a very deeply engraved tradition in US people, observed since around 1865, and which in part shapes the mentality and ways of living Americans have; a sense of respect and admiration to those who have served and died in the armed forces in the US.

Since Memorial Day is a US holiday, and by being born and growing up in another country, this is a holiday I didn’t know until I migrated to the US (obviously this is not a holiday observed anywhere else in the world), so naturally for me the meaning of this day is not the same as it is for an American born and grown person.

But there is another reason why I don’t perceive this holiday in the same way Americans do, and that has to do with my personal opinion about the existence, and even more, the acceptance of the existence of war and armed forces in the human race.

I wrote a post about what my perception is about war, the existence of armed forces, and the pride involved in mass human confrontation within the human race throughout its recorded history; but by knowing the perception Americans have of it, it has been really difficult to find a time to publish it, which is away enough of days like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, so to not hurt feelings in people.

I know it would hurt feelings because every time I had the opportunity to explain the concepts to someone, American or not, they seem to dislike the ideas I present them. And most probably it is because those ideas go in a different direction of what humans are; in other words, humans would not be humans if they had these different concepts integrated within their instinctual behavior

But most important; what I have noticed while explaining these concepts to people is that, especially Americans, seem to take it personal, rather than seeing it as just a concept proposal, like an exercise of the mind only, and not a criticism of American mentality and behavior, but rather an observation of the whole human race characteristic of behavior.

So for now let me just stand quietly in sign of respect for American people’s beliefs, while they commemorate and show their signs of respect to those fallen in American wars.



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Absolutist vs Relativist

2015-05-22  Absolutist vs Relativist

When many people may consider what is what they are inheriting from their parents, even if it is not large sums of money or properties, but instead simple things that represent a memory or a situation from the past (like a hat or a chair), I have to be contempt with a bunch of personal characteristics inherited from them, like my strong sense of sarcasm with a good quote of cynicism!

It is funny when you thing of it! My father is a very sarcastic and cynic man, and I inherited these “traits” from him, making us very similar in many ways, yet we don’t talk to each other for many years now!

Obviously there are other reasons why we don’t talk to each other, and I believe when trying to reach the essence of why, it all comes down to one very important difference; my father is an Absolutist, while I am a Relativist.

I don’t know if these are the right words in English, other than they seem to be, especially when checked in a dictionary. From Spanish, Relativista – Relativist, and Absolutista – Absolutist, they should be the same, especially when considering the explanations dictionaries give; but since my knowledge of the English language is very limited, and for the purpose of this post, I’ll assume the straight translation is correct, so to go on with the “why”

For my father things are like “this or that”, with no many (if any) other possibility in between; while for me things are most of the times in a scale of shades of grey, giving many possibilities in between.

While for me it depends in our point of perspective what the situation is in a…situation; for my father the situation is an absolute, independently of the point of perspective, so it should be the same situation, no matter what point of perspective we use to look at it.

As you can see, with this my father lives in a world of set physical elements and situations, which gives the possibility of a set rules of interactions. In other words, my father’s world is very neat and sharp!!

At the other hand, I live in a world of continually shaping and re-shaping forms and elements, which gives a continually changing set of rules of interactions, making the movement through this world an almost blind process since the world I live in is really blurry!!

I must admit it must be nice to live in a neat and sharp world where things are in one way only, so learning them once should give the person a clear view of reality, with no need to re-learn them and self questioning if what we see is what really is. It must be nice to be able to always advance forward from the previous point, since every step in life should be like every step in a ladder…when going up it is always going up with every step, with no steps going down (unless you miss a step!) (Ouch!)

But then, in the same way, if it is going down the ladder it must be always going down, and in this case, if you miss a step you don’t go up, but rather go down faster!! (Ouch again!)

So when living in a world of Relativism, you don’t have the advantage of set rules to learn once and move on. When being Relativist you have to continually focus in all and every situation to make sure you have a proper vision of the situation, not only from your own, personal perspective, but from every possible perspective you can think of, as a way to get the closet possible vision to what the situation might really be.

Like a chess game, where the possibilities are almost infinite (or at least it looks like that), in the Relativist world you must be thinking deeply every single step in life, if you really want to know what exactly are you doing, and in what direction are you going, making it very difficult to deal with everyday life!!

(Note of the author, to the author: “Get a life!!”)

So Sarcasm and cynicism are my main traits; to the point of screwing up things involuntarily in friendly conversations with friends who, many times in the past, became ex-friends after my remarks (Oops!).

But I wouldn’t change being a Relativist to become an Absolutist! In my personal opinion life is so much more interesting and gratifying when you are a Relativist than when you are an Absolutist. Living is a continuously changing paint in the canvas of life, and even though we get to add our own paintings to the main life-paint, because everything is continually morphing even if we don’t participate, we never know what the result of our doings is going to be in the future, or what our own future is going to be!



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Aspie World 29 – Little Car

2015-05-20  Aspie World 29 - Little Car

A huge motorcycle versus my little car; somehow it reflects what I explained in my previous post about rabbits.

One of the things I like about my little car is that it is so unpretentious. It shows it is a transport with the basic elements only, and nothing else. Nothing is power in this little vehicle, not even the brakes!!

When you sit in it you feel comfortably surrounded by its walls, like being inside an egg. When you drive it you can feel how small it is, yet it gives you plenty of room inside. All it needs is a bigger engine, to accommodate to the moderns speeds rather than those in the 50’s.

It is a statement to simplicity and not being greedy and/or aggressive!! It even seems to smile to people rather than trying to scare them!! All the opposite of newer cars!!

It is like a rabbit; so simple, so basic, so cute; yet so fragile when compared with the others around; and always in need to be protected from the others, the ones occupying the world.

It can move around unpretentiously, just dedicated to its main task of transporting someone from point A to point B, without trying to impress others around as being a symbol of wealth or power, or even manhood!! It is just a practical transport for someone needing to move around. Like a scooter that saves on fuel, but with a body that surrounds and protects the driver from the elements.

Every year I hope to see in new cars something like this little one, but it seems the need in people to show something to the world around is bigger than the real need of transportation, together with the increasingly disregard for safe driving, that calls for cars having to carry more and more safety devices to compensate, and that makes them heavy tanks compared with older, small vehicles.

This little car, with its simplicity and lack of amenities, shows to be a true transport for people, without pretending or implying anything other just being a basic, simple and practical way of transportation!



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Aspie World 28 – Rabbits

2015-05-18  Aspie World 28 - Rabbits

I have a special fascination with rabbits. I never paid much attention why until now.

Rabbits are like Aspies!!

They are not much into living among other creatures that are not their specie. They can be in the same place with squirrels and small birds, but they go on with their own activities. They are always afraid of being hurt by other creatures. They run away as soon as they feel there might be a danger for them.

They are very quiet and move around silently, dedicated to their own, rather than searching for interaction with others, like dogs, for example.

Yes, rabbits are like Aspies, and I feel like a rabbit sometimes!!

I guess that’s the reason for my fascination with rabbits, and every time I see one in the backyard of my house, a smile comes to my face, like if I am seeing one of my own!!

Most people wouldn’t like to identify themselves with a creature like a rabbit, but rather with something more powerful and dominating, like a tiger or a horse, but for me, that I have no intentions of dominating anybody, but instead quietly live my own life, a rabbit seems to be the perfect creature to identify with, even though for some that might be a laughing choice.

While dogs can be like normal people, always searching for socialization and interaction with anybody around they can find, rabbits prefer to be left alone. While a dog tends to approach a stranger with the intention of interaction, a rabbit runs away as soon as it is being approached.

Yes, rabbits are like Aspies!!



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Receding Waters

2015-05-13  Receding Waters

It seems the inevitable changes sometimes come around to hurt the original intentions of a situation.

Like looking at this picture we can see how the waters have receded, leaving exposed the bottom of a lake that used to be bigger before, when the house was built so close to the waters.

While dark clouds collect in the sky, showing the possibility of an intense rain, that has not been able so far to recover the shrinking lake below.

A small island in the distance becomes higher and more difficult to reach by boat, at the same time of showing a more intimidating presence to those sorting the waters close by.

Like a human body stripped from the moisture that used to be in its skin, showing then the signs of aging and deterioration, and bringing with it the fragility of a creature that can be so easily hurt.

The lines of relation between the environment and the creatures that inhabit it can be so apparent sometimes!!



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