Ground Noise

2016-01-21  Ground Noise

I don’t know what is going on. They were there today, but didn’t say anything. The hole is still open, and nobody wants to get close.

Sunny day, typical for this time. The sounds were all wrong, and with it, the disturbed town couldn’t sleep.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon the whole town shuts down because of the heat, waiting for the afternoon to retake the day, as the temperatures become better.

But the sound!! It was never like that. The continuous hiss that could be heard all around, and that was coming from the mining facilities that gave life to the town, had suddenly changed to a continuous and loud roar coming from the tunnels closer to the parking lot.

There was a hole that opened like by magic, right over the main tunnel underground. Like a vent hole for the tunnels, only this one wasn’t made by them. Instead it was created by? No answer.

There were stories. There were complains over the operational systems. There were old tales about monsters, spirits and curses. There was a lot of talking in town; but nobody wanted to get close to the hole, and nobody wanted to go into the main tunnel, to see what could be learned from looking at the hole from the bottom.

Perhaps the noise that has been never there. Maybe the natural fears of the unknown. Whatever the reason, nobody wanted to investigate, and just spent their time talking and complaining about everything.

The noise, a loud roar coming from inside the main tunnel, wasn’t made by the machinery there, but rather came from the walls of the tunnel, as if a monster was preparing to come through the walls, destroying the tunnel and killing everyone that dared to be there.

They were afraid. They never considered the resonance from the generators installed underground, that now had an open vent with the just created hole by the continuous vibration of their eternal running. Vibration that loosened the ground over the main tunnel, creating a displacement of the dirt, which simply started to slide until a hole to the surface was created. Then the change in direction of the sound waves from the generators that made them change the sound that could be heard. From a hiss to a roar; a change in natural insulation that the ground around created.

The town was talking about gremlins and witches from the past; about an old curse and the return of the spirits of those who died at the mining facilities.

Quick talking…slow investigation…a thousand possibilities presented…none of those real. By the time the official investigation was completed, and the sound and the hole clearly explained, another story for the generations to come was created, set in place, and become another point in the fame of the mine with many strange and inexplicable occurrences.



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Tech Support

2016-01-18  Tech Support

My computer is acting weird, but I am afraid of calling Tech Support…I still have some Christmas cookies left!!



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Self Love

2016-01-14  Self Love

“You have to learn to love yourself first, before you can love someone else”

I disagree.

Love is about giving. There is no condition of in what direction love has to go first in order to go next.

Even worst; loving oneself first borders with egoism, and the division line is too blurry to easily prevent passing to the other field. In the way of loving oneself first, we can too easily become selfish and egoist, reducing (if not nullifying) our capabilities to give true love to someone else.

So far the only reason I’ve heard in favor of the cliché phrase is: “But how can you love someone if you don’t love yourself first?

That’s not an explanation or a logical concept to demonstrate that one has to love oneself first in order to be able to love someone else. It is just a “secondary” phrase created to accompany the first!

In my concepts, you don’t need to love yourself first in order to give love to others. Let me give you an example.

Let’s suppose a situation. A group of people is trapped in a 10th floor with a bomb ready to explode. Nobody can escape, so everybody will die. Then you have one person who doesn’t love herself. She even can hate herself and be unable to get to terms with her life. But she sees all the people around will die, and she sees the fear and the sadness in them. So she decides to grab the bomb and jump through the window, to make the bomb explode in mid-air. Everybody would be safe, but she will die.

Like many people, she might hate her life and herself, but that doesn’t necessarily means she wants to die! Yet she sacrifices herself for others. She gave love to others, even when she didn’t love herself.

Loving oneself is giving love from oneself to oneself. Love going from us, to come back to us.

At the other hand, giving love to someone else is giving love from us to the other. Love goes from us to the other person. It is going in a straight line from us, not in a circular line from us. Those are two different directions love can go, so those are two different kind of love. So giving love to someone (loving someone) has nothing to do with giving love to oneself (loving oneself).

So there is no need to love oneself first in order to be able to love someone else. The cliché phrase is wrong, or is a very easy way to justify selfishness and egoism!

My personal perspective



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2016-01-11  Images

Like a stack of cards; so many images to be held in a hand.

Images. Concepts reduced to a simple phrase, easy to say, easy to memorize, easy to repeat anytime.

Life supposedly guided by images, that suppose to be concepts, that suppose to be acquired, yet are instead just carried in the memory, ready to be drawn at anytime people need to describe themselves in a honorable way.


“You have to learn to love yourself first, before you can love someone else”

“If you love someone; set him/her free; if he/she comes back he/she is yours; if not, he/she never was”

“The ultimate sacrifice”

Images of Concepts. Concepts simplified for quick reference. Concepts that suppose to be acquired for permanent use, reduced to images in a stack of cards, ready to be drawn like a business card, that would say who we are and what we stand for, without the need to really acquire the concept by heart. Like a stack of credit cards that allow us to buy the approval of those around us.

Then a personal life turned into an image to present, to show, to make others believe. Even worst, to make the holder of the image believe!

Living by Images. Believing we live by true concepts, when in reality we live by simplified Concepts into simple Images, reduced to the size of a stack of cards, that can be easily carried in a pocket of our minds, so we don’t have to acquire the Concepts by heart. Like carrying a calculator to make any kind of mathematical calculations, without the need to really know math.

Always following the simplest path




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2016-01-07  Reality

Do we really exist? Not…really…do we really exist?

You must remember the movie The Matrix. I personally don’t believe that is true. I think that was a very entertaining movie, with great special effects, but just that…a movie.

But I can’t deny it made me think…

Our perception of reality is what we perceive from our senses. As an example, a bee have a very different perception of what reality is due to the way its eyes are formed, and what their eyes perceive. A hawk suppose not to distinguish colors very good, but a very tiny movement can be catch at an instant.

Reality is so different to every specie depending on how their bodies are built, so we could say reality is different for each one; so, is there any “real” reality?

At the other hand, according to different religions, we are spirits brought to physical life in order to learn.

To learn what? Spiritual things? Then what about reality?

Is then reality just a concept in our minds based on what our senses can perceive?

Then reality IS really different to every specie, and even more, to everyone!

Why is it that people who has died and brought back to life, when they claim to have visited life after death, they are disregarded as works of their brain? Does it mean the brain is capable to create a reality, even when the person is declared clinically dead?

We are so close minded! We believe what our eyes show us, and so we depend on the mechanical works of our body to explain the perceptions of our minds!

So many questions to start the year, don’t you think?



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