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So finally! After so many debates and so many speeches; after so much controversy and complains, the US got itself a new president. Now it seems the jokes about the new president will fly all over the internet, which is nothing new anyway.

But it seems many people is in fear of what the future of the country might be, considering the lack of political experience and diplomacy the new elected president has, and the promises he has made.

Talking with a friend he told me, in his opinion this is going to be the most watched president in history! He will be watched by the people, yes, but also by Congress, Senate, CIA, FBI, and so on. My friend insist there is so much fear of what Trump might do, that everybody will be on the watch, in order to stop him on time before a big mess could be created with his actions. I don’t know if it’ll be that much, but definitely my friend has a point.

That reminds me of a two year old baby who is walking all around the house, and everybody is on the watch to prevent the baby from breaking things and hurting himself. Maybe Trump will be treated as a baby politician?

The thing is, personally I don’t believe his term will be a mess; or at least I don’t believe his election will necessarily be a big mistake. We just have to wait and see what happens; and what the future will bring under his command could also be good.

I am not a fan of Trump, but like many people, I think there were no real candidates for the presidency in this occasion. They both were more in the bad side than good, so deciding which one was a tough decision for people.

At one hand Trump showed to be an insolent, discriminatory and retrograde person in his speeches, while at the other Clinton showed to be a person who was more interested in personal gain than the future of the country. Supposedly the Democrat Party would choose the best candidate to run as their representative, and the one that would have the most possibilities to win; yet it is said Clinton used her hidden ways to displace Sanders and take his place at the head of the run. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it is, it’ll show that Clinton wasn’t for the best candidate for the country, but for what would be more convenient for her, which in my opinion would disqualify her as a recipient of people’s votes.

So none of them was “the one”, yet it was necessary to choose anyway. Now people is not happy, especially considering that Clinton obtained more votes, yet Trump won the race. Maybe with this continuous and growing mess that the US politics is having in the last elections, people would become more involved in the whole process, and pursue changes in the system as a way to prevent what we have been seeing in the last couple of decades.

Definitely people need to get more involved and more educated in the political system and process in the US, rather than just go by who said the most beautiful things, to then just sit and wait for new jobs, better income, less taxes, safer streets and better schools, to then cry and complain because of not receiving what they wanted.

Or the two years old will not be the president, but the people who elected him!



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