Hippie Spirit



Sometimes I wonder what happened to the Hippie movement from the 60’s. They spoke about love and friendship, about living together in harmony, and peace on Earth. Seems like nothing is left.

Was it that finally the “establishment” won the battle? Did the Hippie Era died with the generation that lived it? Was the idea of harmony and love be wrong, and so it was condemned to die anyway? Or did they change in shape and concepts?

May be that this new movement about Minimalism and simplified life closer to nature has become the new shape of the Hippie movement? Living in Tiny Homes and campers, organized in small communities, all in a disguised attempt of reviving the apparent lost movement.

Seems like big numbers of young people are switching a life in society for a more simplified approach with the growing movement of Tiny Homes, nature’s materials for building and simplified food growth using techniques taught more and more in different internet sites.

Perhaps the Hippie concept of the 60’s couldn’t function when a big society had to survive, so the weakest movement had to disappear for a while, only to surface again under a new shape and claim.

I just wonder…



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