So it seems we need to have direction in order to act in life. That in itself seems very logic. What surprises me is that it also seems the direction can be any, as long as there is one.

We may be doing the wrong thing, but if we have a direction to follow, then we can keep moving, even if it is to fall at the end.

It doesn’t seems so important to go in the right direction we follow has to just have one. Then, any actions that don’t contribute to the direction already acquired will be postponed in favor of the actions that are part of the chosen direction.

Our mind can acquire a direction for different reasons, and the direction can be acquired by the wrong reasons; it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that our mind does acquire a direction, and once a direction is acquired, our actions follow that direction, even if it goes against logic, or to our own destruction.

Crazy, isn’t it? Where is logic when we are acquiring directions? LOL



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