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I just discovered a new term for the people who is not Autistic: Allistic

It seems Allistic means exactly the opposite of Autistic, so it is a proper term to be used by us, Aspies.

In case somebody doesn’t know, I am an Aspie, which means I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a mild form of Autism. We, Asperger’s people call ourselves Aspies. I am a proud Aspie!

Allistic people (also called by us Neurotypicals, or NT), meaning Neurologically Typical or “normal” people, tend to think we have a problem that has to be fixed. They tend to think we need fixing! We think we don’t.

You see, Autism is a different wiring in the brain, so the brain works different from what is considered normal. Since we Aspies have just a mild form of autism, our brains are slightly different wired from what is considered normal, so we are slightly different from the others, the crowd. We don’t consider ourselves with a problem; we think the others have a problem accepting us, so it is their problem, not ours. They have a problem trying to accepting us as we are, rather than trying to change us. They are the ones with a problem, not us!

So by being an Aspie, I am different, and I like those differences! I am happy with how I am. The problem is to make a life in society when people doesn’t accept us as we are, and try to change us as they are, or then they will reject us. It makes difficult to get into the society machine to get a job and go up the ladder in a company because they keep trying to get from us the typical reactions they expect from people, with complete disregard of the fact that we have our brains wired in a different way, so we perceive, think and react in a different way, so we send different signals in body language and facial expressions (we usually don’t have facial expressions), which means if they read us they will have a different answer from what it is in reality. They mistake us!

Anyway, I am an Aspie and I am happy being this way. And now I know another term to refer to normal people: Allistic

Good to know!



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