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Having Coffee With The Devil (Re-Post)

  Having Coffee with the Devil           (2011-01-31 Entertainment) The girl insists of the need for a fancy restaurant where to have lunch. Paying for the bill with an “overheated” credit card. His sport utility vehicle … Continue reading

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Time Changes

  The front yard tree that was there since we bought the house finally had to go. Like a dictatorship or a government right before war, the decision was made for the sake of a better future of the rulers … Continue reading

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Epson Salt Buthtub

  Some time ago I was suggested to take Epson Salt bath in the tub to help with the pain from Fibromyalgia. They said a one hour bath should take away many pains, and work better than many medications. Many … Continue reading

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Aspie World 36 – Multiple Opinions

  The other day I realized of something kind of strange. I can have different opinions of a subject, and all of those are my opinion, but it seems it doesn’t work in the same way with most people. You … Continue reading

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The Green Thing

I was shown this post somebody published in Facebook. I think is funny, but also tells a couple of truths that should be considered when trying to reach a self sustained system and the whole “save the planet” thing. Raul … Continue reading

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