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Well, after three weeks the Cold I involuntarily brought as a souvenir from the family trip to the Indy 500 2016 is still with me. I believe is one of the souvenirs that has lasted me the most!

But trying to recall about the event, the race and all that it was the Indy 500 in its 100th run, the image that jump first in my mind is…trash!!

I have never seen so much trash in my life! (other than in a landfill).

It wouldn’t be a surprise that a big amount of trash would be created and left behind after an event of the magnitude of the Indy 500 (it was said there were 350,000 spectators at the event), but honestly, I never imagined how bad it would be!

Walking back after the race, going under the grandstands towards the exit and to our car parked like 500 miles away (maybe that’s why they call it the 500?), the entire walk was like in a war zone, where it seemed the type of bullets used were canned soda and beer and wrapped food! Just the thought of how many tons of food and drinks were brought to the stadium and people took it away inside them is simply scary!


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Everywhere and everything was covered in trash. Tons of it. Many trash barrels overflowing and the concrete floor, the rock covered areas, the grass, you name it, every single surface of Earth was covered with trash! And in between lots and lots of people walking their direction, creating an image more of refugees than of people after a sports event. We all looked like refugees; not because of our tired faces, but mostly because of the newly redecorated facilities in a “trash style” design.

And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t the only one shocked with all the trash around. While so impressed I had to take many pictures and videos that I could use in this blog, I saw at some point there was someone to one side, not to far away from me, who was also taking pictures of the trash. I look at the man and he looked at me, and then in like in an apologetic way he said: “I’m from Canada”, to which I responded: “I’m from Chile”, and then we both answered: “Oh”, and we went in our merry ways…taking more pictures!

You can see in them how much trash was left behind after the event. I’ve heard it usually takes about a week to clear up all the trash and get the facilities clean and pristine again…and I can believe that!


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Now, for many people it might not be a big deal and maybe they are used to see these kind of situations after sports events, but for me it was more than impressive…it was shocking! Granted, I don’t go to sports events, so I don’t know how it usually is; but also I do tend to make quick calculations in my mind, and when you count 10 empty soda cans in a 9 square feet area and multiply that for the number of square feet in the public areas in the facilities, you realize the number of trucks of soda that must have been…and that’s for soda only. Add to that the empty beer cans and the wraps of food and you are working huge numbers…you are working in tons. Tons of food consumed and tons of trash left behind.

I know for most people the first images that come to mind about the Indy 500 is anything but the images of trash, but since what first comes to mind is what impresses the most, for me what got me most impressed about the Indy 500 was the trash…sorry! And that’s why it has to be the first thing I would tell you about this memorable Indy 500 100th Run of 2016.

Next post I’ll tell you about the second thing that impressed me the most about this event, and that almost made me cry in anger.

Till next post.



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