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2016-02-29  Spybot Anti-Beacon (1)


So it seems finally I have Windows 10 relatively under control. After many days tinkering with it and experiencing a full range of frustrations and brief moments of hopes, for the last couple of days I’ve been able to use my new laptop fairly without incidents.

Perhaps the best addition of all has been the downloading of a program called “Spybot Anti-Beacon”, which I found by accident on the net. It is a free software designed to prevent Windows 10 with communicating back to its Master, so now my computer doesn’t start downloading and/or uploading stuff while I’m using the machine.

It has proved to be a really good thing to prevent all the interruptions and slowing down of the computer, at the same time that now it doesn’t suppose to be sending my personal data to Microsoft. Still, I’m sure Microsoft will come up with something more powerful and stealthier than what is incorporated in actual new computers, so I guess the fight will continue. But as long as users like me, who have no clue about computers, have to rely on a machine they can trust, this free software could be a very nice temporary solution.

We’ll see what happen, but I wanted to let you know, in case you are having the same problems I have and didn’t know about this free software that can help you.



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