Telepathy Fears

2016-02-25  Telepathy Fears

It is funny to me when I see movies about people being afraid of someone who might have telepathy capabilities. Or even when talking to someone about the subject and seeing their faces and hearing their words about how creepy it would be to be close to a person who can use telepathy. They are always afraid of their darkest secrets to be learned by that person, and so those secret be out for everyone to know!

Telepathy doesn’t work the way they think. It is not like someone can “scan” your mind and see your secret thoughts and guilty memories. Telepathy is much like the new cellphones. There has to be a Transmitter and a Receiver, or it will simply not work.

As you know, with cellphones you can call someone and that person has to answer. If nobody answer the call your thoughts (through words) cannot be sent. At the other hand, if you have your cellphone ON and ready to receive a call, but nobody calls you, you cannot learn the thoughts of the other person. There has to be someone transmitting and someone receiving in order to have an exchange of thoughts. And just like with new cellphones you can send images and even video, with telepathy you can also send images and videos…and more.

Just consider how inefficient is the cellphone system when compared with telepathy. You have to gather your thoughts; then describe them with words constructing the complete idea you want to transmit; then let the spoken words travel from your cellphone to the other person’s cellphone; then the other cellphone reproduce the words in the order you send them, so the other person can re-construct your thought in his brain, to then understand what you wanted to say.

Obviously this whole process happens very quickly, so the communication of thoughts can go back and forth fairly fast. But with telepathy there are no words to use. Let’s remember that the human specie, by not being able to communicate efficiently, have come to develop the use of spoken and written languages, which basically are combination of symbols to form words that have a very specific meaning, which when used together (as words in a phrase) can convey a thought, image, feeling, etc. It is a process of taking apart a thought in small pieces of information in order to be able to transmit it, and that has to be put together at the other end in order to comprehend the meaning of the communicated thought.

It is like when talking about tele-trasportation, where the body supposes to be “dismantled” to an atomic level, so all the atoms that conform the body can be sent at the speed of light to the destination, where they should be put together in the reverse order they were taken apart, so to “assemble” the person at his destination. With talking it is a similar process of disassemble to transmit, to then a process of assembly to receive the thought.

With telepathy the whole idea, concept, image, etc can be transmitted as a whole unit from the transmitting mind to the receiving mind, which makes it a lot more efficient that a spoken language, but still there has to be a transmitter and a receiver in order to establish communication.

This means if you don’t transmit, nobody will know what’s in your mind. And by the opposite, if someone transmit to you, but you are not receiving, the other person cannot give you his thoughts. There has to be both in “communication mode” for the thoughts (and dark secrets) to be transmitted.

Also, with telepathy, like with newer cellphones, you can broadcast your thoughts if you want, in which case anyone in receiving mode will receive your thoughts, except those who are not in such receptive mode. So telepathy doesn’t mean mind or brain scanning. It means just a more efficient way of communication. The next step in communication in human evolution.

Wit telepathy there is also another advantage compared with spoken languages, which is the capability of distance. When talking you have just a very short distance you can talk to someone, while with telepathy it is (theoretically) no distance limit, so you could “talk” with someone at the other side of the planet, or even between planets. Isn’t that great? There is no excuse not to call grandma everyday! OK, forget what I said!!

So you see, even if you are seating side by side with someone who can use telepathy, your dark secrets are still safe…as long as you keep your mouth shut!



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