Dancing Ghost


About two years ago I wrote this one out of confusion, sadness and hope, and I found it just a couple of days ago in a dusty folder in my computer; so I publish it now with a smile for a reason you will later know.


2013-11-08  Dancing Ghost


Dancing Ghost

It never was, or at least it could never be, or so he thought every time she was around him. Dancing with a smile and sweet movements that invited him to dream of love, yet he knew from the beginning it wasn’t meant to be.

She was a ghost of the past in his mind and a shadow of the present in his eyes, yet she remained in front, dancing again in the lights of sunset while he tried to avoid the ghost, at the same time that he enjoyed the presence of an illusion that brought so much joy to his heart.

A dancing ghost from the past; perceived, created or simply imagined from the darkest part of his mind, and that surfaced after so many years of wondering and questioning. A dancing ghost from the past that couldn’t be, yet was in front of his eyes; filling his heart with joy and confusion at the same time.

Yellow flowers and maybe a mistake from his part…he never knew. A cup of coffee and flying hours to let the sun escape unnoticed while the words came free for moments and then disappear forever again, like the years before.

Dancing ghost! Illusion from the past that never was a reality, leaving him confused about the present and the long time thoughts.

A whole world in front…so wide, so deep, so long, so confusing, yet full of hopes.

What happened to you beautiful butterfly? Where are you dancing now secret ghost?

Maybe some day the paths will cross again just to say “Hi” and then disappear once more, like an illusion that refuses to die on its own. Maybe some day the dancing ghost will be there to be seen like before, and his heart will beat faster and stronger for a brief moment, just to die a little bit moments later, when reality sets on.



The ghost that once went away materialized once more, so I guess paths never go in a straight line after all!




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4 Responses to Dancing Ghost

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    Halloween is the perfect time for the dancing ghost and alien ghost cross paths again, eh?
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..Marionette Workshop (Advanced): Weeks 1, 2

    Raul Reply:

    LOL. You always find the hidden funny part of something!

  2. Sara says:


    This was a lovely and mysterious writing. Was this something that happened to you?

    The story makes me think of those in-between moments when something happens so quickly, you can’t or don’t respond fast enough and then spend ages trying to reconcile what could have been.
    Sara´s last post ..Visiting the Sick

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    Yes, it did happen to me, and it’s happening now again. I guess crossing paths don’t necessarily mean they cannot be parallel lines.


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