Aspie World 12 – Whistling

2013-10-30  Aspie World 12 - Whistling

One of the things I never understood is why hearing someone whistling gets to my nerves and makes me loose all concentration while getting me really mad. I don’t explode, I just become useless. My body feels like shaking; my hands loose precision; my breath becomes agitated, and all I want is to get out of there!

Maybe is the sound? Or maybe the pitch of the sound that affects my hearing? (not everyone has the same hearing range, right?). Or maybe a psychologist will tell me that I hate my father! (!?)

The thing is, since I remember (wait, I have bad memory), let’s say, since I was a child I can’t stand the sound of someone whistling and I never found out why, and never been able to get rid of that problem.

Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe it has something to do with a hearing range more common in Aspies than normal people, but that’s only a thought without any support.

The thing is, at work some people like to whistle, and when I have to work with them, I quickly run to get some foam ear plugs to try to minimize the problem, but even though most of the sounds around disappear, the whistling still can be heard! I’m almost convinced that it has to be the sound ranges of the whistling and my hearing. Maybe one day I’ll end up howling like a dog when a siren is ON.

So I guess, just like in the previous post “Aspie World 11 – Driving” I mentioned a sort of Aspie Superpower, maybe this is one of my “Underpowers”. LOL

I hope nobody can have control of my mind with just whistling! Or can they? (Yay!)




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8 Responses to Aspie World 12 – Whistling

  1. Sara says:

    I laughed all through this post. You are so funny. However, this isn’t just an Aspie issue. I don’t like whistling either. It drives me crazy, even when people whistle tunes. It gives me shivers:~)

    Sometimes, I think it’s because I’m jealous since I can’t whistle AT ALL, which is a gift for those of us who don’t enjoy hearing the sound that comes when you “put your lips together and blow” as Lauren Bacall said to Humphrey Bogart:~)

    Love the image of the cat!
    Sara´s last post ..SPC: What Did the Chickens See?

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    Well, it’s good to know that it might not be an Aspie issue. Unfortunately the problem persist since I have to work with those whistling, and I’m not allow to beat them in the face as a “relaxation technique” for me. LOL

    Raul´s last post ..Aspie World 12 – Whistling

  2. Kelvin Kao says:

    I am fine with other people whistling if they can carry a tune. I had a roommate once that liked to whistle but there was no pitch variations, in general. It was like listening to a tone deaf person sing. It was annoying.

    Like Sara, I can’t whistle.

    As for earplugs, what I heard (ha!) was that different earplugs cut off different frequency ranges. And even how far you push the earplugs in also affects things.
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..Marionette Workshop (Advanced): Weeks 1, 2

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Kelvin,

    I’ve heard also of different kind of ear plugs for different kind of sounds, but since I’m not clear what the sound that affects me is, I can’t search for a more appropriate type of plugs.

    I did try though pushing the earplugs very deep in my ears, but later had to ask a co-worker to help me get them out because I just couldn’t reach them! Since then I carry a couple of tweezers in my pocket…just in case.

    Raul´s last post ..Aspie World 12 – Whistling

  3. Patricia says:

    My mother was a great whistler and she sent us out the door in the mornings and then whistled us home with a whistle tune called the Dutch Man, when it was dinner time. Even the pets responded to her whistle. She did not randomly whistle though – it was to call or share a tune. Her father would sit and play fun jigs and dances on the piano and her siblings would all sing and drum and dance along and she would whistle.
    I am not very fond of whistling either. And now I have trouble whistling and can hardly sing. I found it easier to whistle to get my children to come to dinner, or other events rather than bellowing the names

    I have been reading a book called Healing with the Speed of Sound and those therapists put together different sounds for differing parts of the day – personalize the sounds that people enjoy or brings about productivity. I can not listen to music with words while I am trying to concentrate or wake up….I need just straight music. I like words as stories on the radio..with music moving the story along. I can not drive with dance music on ….
    Yes we all have preferred wave lengths. There are exterior headphones that truly reduce noise and frequency. I wear a set of BOSE one’s when I work at the Food Coop or shop there because jazz drives me crazy when I am trying to get a task completed. Makes me feel nauseated.
    My neighbor loves ALBA songs – I hear it in the mornings

    The most creative piece of music is Samuel Barber’s Adagio ( usually for strings) and I have a whole DVD of the piece I use before writing – Another of famous poems have been brought about from this piece of music

    Sound is an amazing tool – being 98% water – sound waves would make a tide or rhythm within us that was either useful or not.
    I am going to review a painting today for a paid gig – must go listen to Mr. Barber’s music now :)
    Patricia´s last post ..MIND WITHOUT A HOME: A memoir of Schizophrenia ~Kristina Morgan

  4. Patricia says:

    A number not another – I am just typing too quickly these days :)
    Patricia´s last post ..MIND WITHOUT A HOME: A memoir of Schizophrenia ~Kristina Morgan

    Raul Reply:

    LOL, the same thing happens to me when “inspired” writing.

  5. Raul says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Yes, music can be very enlightening or extremely destructive, and everything in between. When working at home fixing something I like to listen symphonic rock to help me go steady and productive, while when writing I prefer ambient or Indian music to remain relaxed and let the ideas flow.


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