Indoor Rain!

2013-09-21  Indoor Rain (1)


With a big hail storm on September 14th in the area where I live, the roof in my house was damaged and water was able to get in uninvited. Because of the incline of the roof, and being the enclosure the lowest point, all the water ran into the enclosure ceiling and proceeded to create an amazing indoor rain.


2013-09-21  Indoor Rain (2)


I was at work at that time, so my son took pictures and the video below.



We were fortunate though; so many people lost their houses and others became isolated or evacuated, and there were even deaths! This really was one of the biggest storms in Colorado, or at least the one that did more damage.

For us is about to wait for the insurance company to call and send an adjuster to begin the construction of a new roof, while paying only the deductible; the claim is already done. We really got it easy compared with others!

So far we had a week of dry weather and it suppose to remain like that, so for most people it’ll be the opportunity to collect themselves and move forward, while for us it’ll be going back to work in all the steps in this crazy project of the enclosure. The exterior is already done, so next week would be the time to start the electrical (lights, switches, outlets, wiring, etc.), to then finish the interior.

I’ll keep you posted :)


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6 Responses to Indoor Rain!

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    It’s great that you can look at this way, and even appreciate the view it created. Some people would’ve been really stressed out. I think definitely a strength! (And hey, you get a new roof.)

    Thanks for sharing.
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..Marionette Workshop (Advanced): Weeks 1, 2

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Kelvin,

    When compared with what happened to other people we really got it easy, and as you mention, we will even get a new roof!


  2. patricia says:

    I am so sorry and glad that you have insurance coverage. We know about water damage at our house – I have just come in after 2 hours of storm drain cleaning after a big storm yesterday and I don’t want my house damaged again.

    We have been hearing about all the problems in Colorado and are hoping it will be quickly fixed and repaired and all will be well
    Our thoughts are with you
    patricia´s last post ..TRUTH LIKE THE SUN: A NOVEL ~JIM LYNCH

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    Yeap! is not fun at all, but when we see the light side of it, everyone is fine and only the material stuff was damaged, so it’s not really that bad. What really matters, each one in the family, is alright :)


  3. Sara says:

    Wasn’t that the new room you’ve been working on?

    I am so sorry about the damage. I couldn’t finish the video. Just listening to water running in….well, it made me too sad.

    On the other hand, you are lucky compared to others regarding the freaky weather in Colorado. I am glad your insurance will get a new roof, but I’m even more pleased that you and your family are okay.
    Sara´s last post ..Write at the Merge 38: Lilly’s Change of Life

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    I feel a little guilty that at the end this storm was a good thing for me, when so many people had so many problems.

    Raul´s last post ..New Roof!

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