Aspie World 8 – Ham Sandwich

2013-08-05   Ham Sandwich

One of the characteristics of an Aspie is to keep things the same, so there is stability and simplicity, which makes life easier by having less worries to deal with.

At lunch time in my job I always have a home made ham sandwich. It’s been two years now and every day it is a ham sandwich prepared the same way.

At lunch time I just go to my vehicle and, while writing in the computer seated in the passenger seat (as the picture above shows), I have my sandwich and enjoy being away from people and the worries and problems of dealing with them.

By having exactly the same everyday I don’t have to worry about the differences a different meal brings in many aspects. For instance, I know how my lunch is going to taste; I know the flavor, the texture and how full I’ll be after having it. Also I know what my body reaction will be after that, and so there’ll be no changes in routines due to a meal that wasn’t received well by the stomach (as it happens some times to my colleagues).

Most people would get bored by having exactly the same lunch every working day for two years, but for me is a mood lifter to know what my lunch is going to be, especially when the day is not going very well, so I just think of the coming lunch break and what lunch is going to be, and the feeling of going back home to my inner world, away from people, by the act of having my very well known ham sandwich, helps me feel relaxed again, and the world around doesn’t affect that much anymore.


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6 Responses to Aspie World 8 – Ham Sandwich

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    You are definitely at the end of the spectrum. While I do enjoy having a quiet lunch by myself, I also like to go with co-workers sometimes. It depends on my mood. While I tend to go to the same three places when I go out for lunch, and I tend to have three items at each place that I order over and over, I tend to rotate them and don’t repeat the same things right away. There’s still an element of habit, but definitely not as much.
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..Marionette video – Scene from Batman

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Then you are a normal person! For me even rotating between two different meals would make things complicated. Having the same every working day is more relaxing and enjoyable for me.

    Raul´s last post ..Aspie World 8 – Ham Sandwich

  2. Patricia says:

    I have the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday- it relaxes me and keeps my stomach and GI track working well. I do go out for lunch about once a month for work, and when I do I choose very carefully and eat no dinner.
    It is comforting and relaxing to eat away from others and have the same thing while getting refueled.
    My partner brings his meal from home everyday. I make a rice + chicken/pork/or seafood casserole every week for him and he takes that and fruit and a cookie everyday. Saves us money and keeps weight on his body (which is extremely hard for him)
    I think lots of people eat the same thing everyday – who really wants the sleepies or an overfull feeling all afternoon?
    Right on…
    Patricia´s last post ..QUARTET: A MOVIE ON A HOT SUMMER’S DAY

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    I guess most people try to eat something different everyday, but at the end it is just some small variations, either because of costs or simply for what’s available.

    Raul´s last post ..Aspie World 8 – Ham Sandwich

  3. Sara says:


    Like you, I tend to have the same sandwich every day when I’m working — mine is a sliced chicken sandwich with mayo. However, I also sometimes add a few side dishes and end up exactly like you said about your fellow workers…having a “meal that wasn’t received well by the stomach (as it happens some times to my colleagues).

    Maybe,I should learn to skip the sides dishes:~)
    Sara´s last post ..SPC: Penny for your thoughts

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    Oh those devilish side dishes! They tempt you; you enjoy them, and later pay the price. Sometimes I do change what I eat (not at work…the ham sandwich is sacred!) and also end up with upset stomach and upset sense of planning!

    Raul´s last post ..Aspie World 8 – Ham Sandwich

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