Hosting Problems

2013-07-20   Hosting Problems

I’ve heard of other bloggers with the same problem, although I don’t know how they fixed it. The thing is that a couple of days ago I received a letter from the hosting company that provides the hosting for this blog telling me they cancelled my automated payment for the package I had with them. Immediately I sent them a letter asking why they cancelled my subscription and the answer was a play of words I didn’t understand.

After thinking about renewing the automated payment system I realized I’m paying too much for the hosting service, so decided that it could be a good moment to change to a different package (slightly smaller) that would give me what I need but just for a fraction of the monthly cost I had.

Looking around it seems the best I can do is just switch to a different hosting provider and just move this blog, keeping everything the way it is but with a new monthly payment of about 15 percent of the original amount. Great!

Only one problem! I have no idea how to move the blog from one hosting company to another, and for what I’ve heard it is a real pain the whole process. And even that I searched for offers providing the move automatically as a way to get the business, I couldn’t find any at this time.

So I’ve been thinking to just sort of finishing this blog here and re-starting from scratch in the new hosting company. Then just re-publish the best posts and leave the rest behind. It is not that I’m going to loose a bunch of readers! Still, I’m not sure if that would be the best move.

Any suggestions, ideas and/or advice?


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2 Responses to Hosting Problems

  1. Sara says:

    Hey, you know I definitely not a teckie. I use HostGator and I’ve been pleased with them. I’ve had good service and can reach an actual person for help when needed. I don’t know if they’ll meet your price need, but they will move you for free. Here’s a link about moving:

    I just hate to think you’d lose all the work you done on this site and have to start over. On the other hand, there are advantages to doing that if you want a fresh start. Just let me know if you make a chance so I can find you.

    This probably isn’t very helpful, but I understand why I couldn’t leave comments at your site. I visited recently and couldn’t leave a comment.
    Sara´s last post ..Need a Hug?

  2. Raul Ojeda says:

    Hi Sara,

    I have Hostgator and they are the one who cancelled my $24.95 a month subscription! Then checking around I could get the same service for $3.45 a month from Namecheap.

    I guess I should try a more than 3.45 a month but still with Hostgator to retain everything.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Hosting Problems

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