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2013-06-09   About Work

In the parking lot again! Waiting for the moment to start work the last day of the week, so to get done with the money generation portion of life, and become free again to live the main part

I believe I’m a good worker; not because I say so, but because work is NOT part of my life. Let me explain.

Most people have their work as part of their lives. They make friends, find lovers, connect with others, get advice and tips, get mad and stop talking to some, etc. The time they spend in their works is time living life rather than working. The activities related to their job usually become secondary to the act of socialization.

In my case, work is not part of my life. When I go to work, I set my life in stand by mode, until the moment I get back home to start the activities that are really part of my life. Work is just a necessity, and is only to have money to pay the fees to rent a space in society. For a long time I’ve been trying to make a hobby my source of income, so my activities for money become also part of my life, but that takes time and bills always come fast.

The reason work is not part of my life is because work involves dealing with people. Some jobs with a little number of persons while others with a lot, but always there is people involved in the equation, and is dealing with people what makes it so difficult for an Aspie. When working at home it is elements and situations only, so it is a lot easier for me.

The thing is, since I’m not interested in work and it is not part of my life, when at work what I do is “work”. I don’t socialize; don’t make friends or find lovers; don’t do any chatting or ask for tips, so the only way to be entertained is to challenge myself to find ways to do things better, faster and in a more efficient way. If there is talking with a co-worker it is directly related to the work at hand and the planning for the future activities.

Contrary to the majority of people, when working I focus in what I’m doing one hundred percent, while others talk, gesticulate, look at each other when chatting, etc. and work is just a secondary activity used mostly to entertain the hands throughout the socialization process. Unfortunately for me, and since this is a society of normal people, socialization plays the most important role in advancement and new opportunities, which means those of us who mostly work, get compensated with the tasks of the others that are too busy socializing and claiming the ladder to do their part for which they were hired for.

I’ve always seen how at work those who go to work get displaced in favor of the friendly ones, and I’m always surprised at how society remains in a system where connections are more important that efficiency. Perhaps that’s why some times society seems to me like an old steam train running at full speed and ready to explode at any second!



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2 Responses to About Work

  1. Patricia says:

    I work hard too and just work, work though I must say that part of my work is being relational with people…

    You make some great points here – those who can do the work and do the other too usually are the ones who get to the top – and those who do one or the other often stay in the middle.

    Do not explode – it will stop the work and not allow the living part.
    Patricia´s last post ..Our Love Could Light the World ~Anne Leigh Parrish

  2. Raul says:

    Hi Patricia,

    The common point for aspies is the problem with socialization as people normally do it, so I’m still trying to create my own business so to work alone, and not have the problem of working with others.

    Since I can work without the need of direction and supervision, it’ll be ideal for me.

    Raul´s last post ..About Work

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