The Music Gods of Faraway

2013-04-26  The Music Gods of Faraway

About a week ago I went to see a Queensryche show here in Denver. This band plays progressive heavy metal rock, and was very popular in the 80’s Perhaps the main characteristic was the strong voice of the singer that used to resemble opera. I say used to because although the sound is somehow still there, the voice is no more. It was sort of frustrating to see this band with the original singer without voice anymore, and the sounds and energy of the songs very reduced, but at the other hand it was very emotional for me to be there and see them live, even if it was at their dusk.

What happens is, in the 80’s I was in my 20’s and living in my country (Chile), so if you consider, a South American country at the time that no internet or cell phone existed, all these bands were known by their songs played in the radio, and very seldom there was the chance to see a music video. The only information you could get was by one picture and about five lines of text in a magazine, so you read it a thousand times as to trying to get every possible drop of information out of it. Those bands were like mystics things you knew existed but would never had a chance to see. Europe and the United States were like other planets in a faraway galaxy that could not be reached in a lifetime.

About 30 years later I have the chance to go to a show of one of those bands, and even though a few of them are not even the shadow of what they used to be, for me still it is very emotional to have them in front, playing their music, the same I grew up with.

When in the middle of the concert, I tend to see around at the people congregated for the show and it seems so strange when thinking that probably most of them (being about my same age) did see the band 20 years ago when they and the band were young. At that moment I can’t avoid feeling somehow like a visitor from another planet who is seeing things for the first time, and is walking among those who have a long time connection between them.

At one hand is that strange feeling of not pertaining to the whole scene around, and at the other is the emotional feeling of having in front one of the bands that I’ve been listening to their music for such a long time, but never before had the chance to see live, so feeling like I did travel to another planet after all!

So far I had the chance to see shows from Rush, Iron Maiden, Brit Floyd, Reo Speedwagon, Stix, and now Queensryche, and I keep an eye in who is coming next to try and get there to see live some of those extraterrestrial beings I knew existed in some faraway galaxy but never had the chance before to be in one of their shows.

Life has so many turns!


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4 Responses to The Music Gods of Faraway

  1. Sara says:


    I enjoyed this post. Been there and done that, as they say.

    Sometimes it’s the memory of what the music means to you that’s more important than the singing. I’ve certainly experienced this since many of the great bands of my generation (1970s) are either dead or you go to them because they evoke a special or unique time in your life.

    Even so, it sounds like you had a good time at this concert, feeling the connection with similar people attending. Everyone probably had their own special memories of hearing that band. LOL about the last paragraph! I hope when you to to next concert, you’ll enjoy visiting with the “extraterrestrial beings” who join you in the experience:~)
    Sara´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: Jail Break

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    I did have a great time in every one of the concerts I had the chance to go, and I can’t deny that in all of them at some point I had a hard time trying to contain my tears because of the mix of the music and the memories that music brought back. Can’t wait for the next concert now! LOL

    Raul´s last post ..The Music Gods of Faraway

  2. Patricia says:

    I think my husband does this although we have never been to a band concert like this – he has his Pandora on his phone set up with songs he remembers and likes.

    With dyscalcula, I often do not remember the name of the band or song until I start to hear it. I could not afford many records, tapes or CDs so I wander around looking, but there are many songs that bring up lovely memories of the times of my life….I should have put them on note cards like I did books read – then I would know them all

    I love story songs and ballads – musicals….I love to dance to the music I danced to when young. (My partner does not dance so with the girls gone…I do not do that either)

    I just sent to the Seattle Men’s Choir singing ABBA hits…very happy evening

    Good post. Thank you for sharing
    Patricia´s last post ..THE BEQUEST OF BIG DADDY ~Jo-Ann Costa

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    Yes, having a collection of music was an expensive hobby that wasn’t also for me. Fortunately now with the internet it is very easy to find the songs we love in YouTube, so we can remember those moments of so many years ago.

    I also don’t dance (why is it that we men cannot dance? LOL) but still can enjoy the music. :)

    Raul´s last post ..The Music Gods of Faraway

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