Empty World

2013-04-13  Empty World


There are still some lights on at night. Electricity keeps flowing and some of the street lights remain working after all these years. It is so easy to get confused by them, even now, after so many times of renewing the hopes of somebody else out there, just to find out later that I’m the only one left.

Grey darkness prevailing most of the day, and warm, quiet nights when only the breeze can be heard. Even wildlife is gone, leaving silence as the remainder of all the missing elements that were once part of the whole, and that now has become just a memory in the mind of the only one that still roams around in search of a hope.

A private planet is what it has become; a grave world. The place where only memories live since everything else is gone. A blinding flash of light at noon and then all life is lost, vanished; leaving just the inanimate, material part of the whole. One hand to cover the face from the sudden light, the blindness for a moment, and then the mystery of being the only one left behind to search for another and all the others that are no more.

Is it real? Is it some sort of a punishment for the survivor, or the others that are now gone? Why only the material possessions remain but all life is not? Is it a lesson for the survivor to teach him the value of all the others with whom he could never get along? Or maybe a lesson for the others, who gave so much importance to the material, to the point that they themselves became discarded over what they used to value the most? How should I know!

So now, after so many hopes when searching those lights for another one left behind, and never finding life but just material elements still working on their own, the simple contentment of watching from a distance and dreaming that they must be there, continuing their party of so long.

Maybe the flash of light will come back some day, bringing back all of those that are now gone. Maybe they will reappear like by magic by means that I don’t know. Maybe this whole situation of years now is just a nightmare that by tomorrow morning will be no more. Or maybe tomorrow morning it’ll be yet another silent day in this strange grave world.

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4 Responses to Empty World

  1. weedbychoice says:

    Well written thoughts from your head…although the world does not have to cease to exist as we know it..and still we can be alone, without anyone to care.
    People walk past one another everyday and yet never see another..as today most live in their own space, never stepping out to touch. I enjoyed the words and totally understand, until we start to respond to others, we will continue to live as one…..

    Raul Reply:

    Hi KJ.

    What you said is so true…unfortunately. Nowadays, considering all the technology in communications we have at our disposal, it seems people suffer more and more of loneliness compared with just a couple of decades ago.

    Raul´s last post ..Empty World

  2. Sara says:


    This was well written. You described this empty world so I could see it and hear it or the absence of hearing. I can’t imagine life without the sounds of birds and other wildlife.

    It is a tough read. I keep hoping the one left will find another. I would hate to be in this position. It’s a good question about who is being punished, if punishment is the root. You make me think with this writing and I don’t come up great answers about how we live today.
    Sara´s last post ..The Wisdom of the Honeysuckle

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    It’ll be a complicated position to be in the place of the only one left. I like to do this kind of “mind exercises” to see where thoughts and feelings would lead to, and which many times allowes me to find new perspectives.

    Raul´s last post ..Empty World

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