Human Experiment

2013-03-26  Human Experiment

Let’s take a group of men and women from different nationalities, different languages and different religions.

Let’s put them in a remote place where there’s no civilization close by.

Let’s leave them there with no equipment, no tools, no supplies, and even no clothing.

What do we have?

They all look the same; have the same type of body with just a slight difference in skin and eyes color, and maybe some difference in eye shapes.

There are no main differences.

They will need food and shelter to survive, so they will have to hunt and either build something or find a natural shelter like a cave.

They cannot talk to each other using a language since they speak different ones and don’t know the languages the others speak, so they have to rely on gestures and imitation of natural sounds.

Let’s assume one of them sees a deer going by and realizes the possibility of getting food and some protection from the elements with the skin of the animal.

He would probably start signaling the others about the deer, so they can go hunting. They will realize the presence of the animal and see the possibilities.

Most probably they will use hand signals to direct each other to surround the deer and attack it with rocks and sticks.

If they do not succeed at first (which is the most probably outcome) they will organize better for the next opportunity.

After a while and with a better knowledge of each one’s performance in those situation, using hand signals they probably will select a leader to follow, creating a form of organization.

My point is that, without the technology and civilization we have today, we are no different from cavemen, and even more important, without our civilization, we are no different from each other. Races do not matter until we create differences by language, religion and customs.

All this is very nice to think that we are equal and should behave as brothers and sisters, but there is also the other side of the coin.

While we might be the same and no different from cavemen, what would happen if we bring, let’s say, Cro-Magnon men to this civilization?

If we teach them the language and several skills like driving, shopping, dancing, etc, so they can interact in our environment, being cavemen who are bound by the opportunity of hunting and stuffing themselves when a good piece is catch, mostly because of knowing it may be many days before the next one is available for feeding, wouldn’t they eat all they can, drive with madness sometimes with a sense of opportunism? Even vote for a candidate that promise what’s more important for them rather than the whole?

My point is; do we have a civilization? Or just lots of technology and creature comforts that, although it gives us a different kind of life that the one our ancestors had, does nothing to change us from the origins?

Just another crazy thought!


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8 Responses to Human Experiment

  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    Very interesting thoughts!

    I believe there are a lot of things that are still deeply influenced by the primitive instincts, but at the same time, we have ways of communicating with each other (understanding and misunderstanding one another in the process). And we certainly have a lot more context. (We can talk about many things that are far away, long gone, or abstract.) That definitely changes the dynamic some.

    Of course, these will be dialed all the way back when food, clothing and shelter takes up most of the time and energy available to obtain.
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..IMDB Credit #2

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Yes, we definitely can do lots more than before and there’s plenty of proof all around, but as you mention, if we find each other at the point back when food and shelter become the main activity for survival, all the other elements have to be left aside, and then we would not differ much from our ancestors in our actions and reactions, which makes our civilization dependant in our creature comforts rather than in our brain use.

    Thank you contributing your perspective :)

    Raul´s last post ..Human Experiment

  2. Patricia says:

    Animals and children fight over food and use trickery to survive…is the first thought that comes to mind…

    I also think about Hilary’s post today about our ancestors and climate change…we are all so related

    Now I am not sure that all of our Politicians are human, I do know several of them are not humane/kind/ or respectful of anyone else.
    John McCain called me a F..king B…h and a stupid woman when I was representing my states Cleft Palate Board..and he shares life with an adoptive daughter with a cleft palate. I find no excuse for him..and watching Cruz from Texas, I think he is sub-human all the way….I could go on and on…We a have a woman legislator here who has threatened and pulled guns on her staff – but the Republicans removed the censure on her because they needed her vote…
    means to an end….rats in a maze?
    Patricia´s last post ..On Reading a Memoir

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    Those are the kind of things that makes one doubt about our civilization. One thing is technology and comfort creatures, and another is humanity and good will. If we react with violence when we have the creature comforts, what could happens if suddenly we loose everything and find ourselves back to the cave age (Just several hours with lights out in a city creates a mess because of some people’s reactions)

    Thank you for contributing your knowledge and vision :)

    Raul´s last post ..Human Experiment

  3. Sara says:

    I think you posed a very interesting question. I don’t know if I have a good answer to it.

    Yes, there’s a lot of violence in our world, but there’s also remarkable generosity which doesn’t always involve technology or creature comforts.

    One of the bloggers I visit, Belinda of The Halfway Point, recently returned from the Congo where she and others work with woman who suffered great trauma. They help the woman rebuild their lives, even though without much technology beyond some farming equipment and sewing machine, just for example.

    Generosity and kindness exit hand and hand with violence and even evil. That seems to be the duality of humans.
    Sara´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: Rebirth

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    What you say is true; there’s lots of love and generosity in the human heart, and fortunately many people do choose to guide their lives by those principles rather than human instinct. The problem seems to be they are just a small percentage of the population. I bet where Belinda is helping there are more women with trauma than people like Belinda trying to help.

    I believe one of the reasons to be in this life is to learn to be “human”. Not just because we are part of this race we automatically are humans. We have to learn to control our instincts and bring out all the good capabilities we have, and only then we could call ourselves human beings. But if something like in the post would happen, we most probably would keep being guided by our instincts rather that our logic and goodness.

    Thank you for contributing your perspective :)

    Raul´s last post ..Human Experiment

  4. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Raul, I think the sort of thing you talk about here is an important thing to remember, especially when we find ourselves caught up in identifying with a particular social role, like being a doctor or lawyer or parent or something like that. Without the society we’ve built around us, we would be hunter-gatherers, but perhaps more importantly, we would still be the people we are.
    Chris Edgar´s last post ..For Your Listening Pleasure

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Chris,

    Yes, I do believe we have a society and a civilization, but that doesn’t mean we have changed from the times we were hunters-gatherers. We still are sort of cave people which we can see in our own history, but because of the marvel of the human brain, we have been able to develop this civilization we live in.

    Thank you for your contribution :)


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