Adler Typewriter

2013-03-21  Adler Typewriter


Surfing the net some time ago I don’t know how I came up to the above picture, but it brought fond memories of my childhood.

It was one like that…the typewriter machine my father used for his work and the letters that were sent to family. My first steps in the world of writing without the problems of controlling a pen to create decent shapes to the letters in a piece of paper.

A five years old child changing the outcome in the adventures of the many characters in children’s TV of the time.

Then the attraction for machines transferred to the basic maintenance and cleaning of the trusted typewriter that, with its familiar clac, clac, clac, brrrrrrr, chingggg!, provided hours of entertainment to a child spending time alone.

A sticking tape, dirty typos and twisted typos arms that got together without returning to the seating position. An easy to remove cover, some stained napkins and dirty fingers later, the trusted machine was ready to keep going for another couple of hours.

Nostalgic memories now about an outdated artifact for the actual times, and yet, fond memories that remain.

I wonder (because I don’t remember) what might have been of that beloved (for me) typewriter machine.

Do you have beautiful memories of some artifact used in your childhood? Something that doesn’t exist anymore, or doesn’t have any use nowadays, yet it was very important in your childhood, and makes you smile when you remember it?




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