Cycles…We Live by Cycles!

 2013-03-12  Cycles...We Live by Cycles!

If history is bound to repeat itself, why study history? We can learn about the past by just watching the present! (Just kidding!).

It happened before and it’ll happen again. The names change, the locations change, the political structure change; yet the same happen all over again.

It is not the political system…they all fall sooner or later. It is not the economy…they all started from different situations and ended up at the same place. It is not the geography, climate conditions or race…the results are, again, the same.

The problem seems to be the natural instinct of following the shortest and easiest path.

When situations are complicated, there are fights and self pressure to achieve; take for instance what’s happening in the Middle East and North Africa right now. The expression of opinion and the pressure for change can be done with violence at the risk of personal life.

When the situation becomes easier, the instinct of following the easiest path becomes the norm and the brain rests. Compare the previous example of protesters with the ones here requesting the end of war; holding signs, walking…then lunch.

In both cases the documents for the end of the cycle are signed off.

Consider the differences between Capitalism and Communism.

-An extremely brief and very loose description 

In Capitalism there are no limits to go up, and all will depend (theoretically) on each individual’s effort; but after just a little bit comes the realization of the problem with those without the required characteristics to succeed, who need the help of the system to survive. Then the need to implement an egalitarian system which will provide to those in need, becoming the dead weight of society, and the opposite of the system itself.

In Communism the equalization is the norm, so the same opportunity for everyone to achieve what is the most desirable activity as a profession, without the problematic of different incomes. Then people dream of wealth and the possibility of establishing differences between themselves by the differences in material possessions.

Both, in the essence are good systems; both are manipulated by people who seek their own wealth; and both are sabotaged by the people who, after just a little while, want the opposite of what the system stands for.

What seems to be the common point?  Acting by instincts, rather than by decisions made based on observation and thoughts that are supported by logic and education: The creature moves by its instincts rather than its brain capabilities.

So we are back to square one!

Everything starts in the direction that seems to be the appropriate one, just to be turned around after a while in the search of the “other” possibilities that aren’t “naturally” contained in the original direction and intentions.

If it starts, it’ll end. Cycles!

“An empire might be built on logic and reason, but it’s run on passion and faith” (Sorry, I don’t remember who said that)

“The permanence of a system will depend on decisions made out of logic and reason rather than passionate feelings” (I said that)

Yet every time the systems are run in the same way a person is run: by the provision to instincts, rather than using the instincts as a “fail-safe” integrated system of the machine (for its self-protection) that supports the thinking entity, it’ll be inevitable to go back to square one, as an instinct to remain at the same safe level.

So what goes up must come down. An instinct controlled society will remain cycling at the same level since the objective of the instinct is to remain in a stable level. Only when society becomes controlled by logic and education will the system stop cycling back to become a unidirectional growing society.

Just my personal opinion.

What is your take on this? Do you think we live in cycles? Are they generated by the perpetual use of instincts rather than logic?




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4 Responses to Cycles…We Live by Cycles!

  1. Sara says:


    Dare I be truthful? Of course…I found this post really a joy to read and I laughed at how true what you said is.

    Life is full of cycles. Our seasons, birth to death, and even political ups and downs.

    I see your point about instinct run societies, but I also believe instinct is human nature. We will return to it again and again, often without being aware. Of course, this does mean we repeat things.

    I think all we can really do is hope that some lessons are so powerfully dangerous that they spin out of the cycle, making us fall hard enough to seriously consider repeating that cycle.

    Well done with this post. It will stay with me today and make me see the cycles even more clearly. Thanks:~)
    Sara´s last post ..Fiction: The Biker Man

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    Yes, everything is cycle, and as you said, sometimes all we can do is hope some of the cycles are not repeated again. Still I believe there should be a point where cycles in society start to diminish. Maybe I have too much faith in the human race…LOL :)

    Raul´s last post ..Cycles…We Live by Cycles!

  2. Kelvin Kao says:

    Part of that is the unwillingness to see that there’s usually two sides to everything. Method A might seem good, but you start to realize its weaknesses and shortcomings after a while. Then you switch to Method B and then you realize it has the opposite strengths and weaknesses of Method A. After a while, you are sick of that and go back to Method A. And it cycles. The cycle is not only in the choice of shortest path, but also the indecisiveness to stick with one.
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..Harlem Shake

    Raul Reply:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Yes, there’s always two sides of a coin, and even though it seems very basic, there’s lots of people who don’t know about it.

    Raul´s last post ..Cycles…We Live by Cycles!

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