Creature One

2013-03-07  Creature One


This is another Unconscious writing I did some time ago. I still don’t understand the meaning, but I believe is my unconscious describing my feelings about my marriage and parenthood.

As before, I didn’t change the writing, so you’ll notice many mistakes, but I like to keep it the way it came out so to try to see what is my unconscious mind trying to tell.



Creature One

After many years of feeling abandoned by luck Creature One met Creature Two. The joy of company while walking the desolation of a destroyed world replaced the grayness of rain that kept washing out the sprouts of colors that persistently tried to sprout everywhere. Finally there was hope for Creature One to color the surroundings in its path to nowhere.

The rain stopped!

But walking with four legs instead of two proved to be more difficult than what Creature One anticipated, and the continuous falling and getting up to walk, just to fall again, became tiring and extremely mind wearing.

After many sun approaches and cold seasons passing, the tiredness became the norm, and with it, the questioning and the confusions that haunted Creature One returned to its mind, just to find itself at the beginning of the journey, only tired and in a faraway place that couldn’t be recognized anymore.

Does really one plus one become two?  Or there are instances when one plus one becomes zero?  Could be that the addition of physical elements sometimes become a subtraction?  And in that situation, the subtraction becomes disappearance or nullification?

The rain came back!

So Creature One was walking alone once more, but now has to come back…or walk in circles; a road to nowhere!

Creature plus Creature should have to be two; One plus Two should have to be two; then why Creature One plus Creature Two equals zero?  Unless…the only reason for the plus is to get to the point of Creature Three!  Then the feeling of abandonment disappeared again:  Creature Three was here! 

The rain stopped once more!

Colors finally sprout everywhere and the destroyed world took shape. It didn’t matter anymore what the outcome should be for Creature One, as long as the colored world remained for Creature Three to enjoy and absorb, so the circle will close and the once destroyed world ceased finally to exist.


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4 Responses to Creature One

  1. Sara says:


    I love that you share these “unconscious” writings. This was immediately made me think of birth and how having a child makes everything seem different, especially when you see through the child’s eyes. What seemed dull and uninteresting to me as an adult was often fascinating to my children when they were young. It did make me see the world in a different way:~)

    Happy day to you, my friend!

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    So it is about parenthood! Thank you for your interpretation; these writings help me understand better my own feelings, thoughts and perceptions of life and the world around. :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Creature One

  2. Patricia says:

    I agree with Sara, I saw this as a parenthood theme also, because children add such dimension and color to lives that are open – I do know some folks who hate children – I think this too is about love and attraction and how that has to keep changing with partners, but not so much with children.

    An older friend was telling me her regret about not getting married or at least having a child, which she believed she could not do without a partner. She is now 70 and volunteering with children – there is kind of a dry moon scape of regret about not sharing life with someone that was connected to her. She thought adoption would have been fine too, but she did not feel like she could do it without a partner –

    Very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing
    Patricia´s last post ..CHIN MUSIC ~Lee Edelstein

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    I can’t deny I didn’t want to have children, but my son came anyway (his first desobedience LOL ) but it has been better than I could ever imagine!

    Truly a child can bring so much, if parents are willing to enjoy the gift.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Creature One

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