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Well…I don’t feel I’m him…I feel I’m me. I’m here and he’s there. If I was there, then I would think his thoughts and not mine, but I can’t perceive his thoughts, so I’m not him.

I can see him standing there and he can see me standing here. If I could see me standing here then I would be there, thus I would be him. If I want to see me I need a mirror and cannot use somebody else’s eyes, so I cannot be in somebody else’s body, only mine, which means I’m always here in me.

Then I’m a unit and he’s a unit, and we both are separate, distinctive units. We are two different entities completely independent from the other. If we want to connect we have to synchronize our thoughts by means of speech or physical perception of some kind.

That means our thoughts; decisions and actions are independent from each other, and we can go separate ways and lead completely different kinds of lives without influencing each other in the outcomes.

Truly independent units 

The loneliness of complete freedom!


I was five years old when I realized I was a unit following a train of thoughts similar to the one presented above. What surprises me is that I’ve found many adult people in my life that can’t relate to the concept presented. Are they dependant units of a whole?

Do you consider yourself an independent unit? If so, when did you realize that? Or are you a dependant unit which is part of a whole? Let me know…I’m curious!



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5 Responses to Living Units

  1. kjforce says:

    I can relate your I live outside the box ( of life) where not too many live, they may on occasion visit, but it’s always very brief.
    I in the beginning as a young child, did question myself and at times felt uncomfortable,but have come to realize that’s who I am..”special “..I can live in the box,whether it be the middle or the corners, or out of the box, it’s my decision and I accept the responsibility.I love it here and wouldn’t trade places with anyone or anything…and as for lonely, I am not,cause I am my own best friend…thanks for sharing…
    kjforce´s last post ..Helpful Hints and Tips….

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    To me it was interesting to realize we are independent units instead of a mass (like bees or ants)and I love that independence since it allows (as you mention) the unique properties of each one of us.

    Thank you for contributing your vision in this matter :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Living Units

  2. Like KJ, I have been living a bit outside the box lately. You might remember my subject reality posts on Eden Journal where I discussed some of the possibilites of consciousness. My feeling is that we are truly independent units, but sometimes I wonder if someone is controlling the entire life experience from some higher plane. That could mean that although we feel like individuals within the experience of this life, we could report back up to a single higher consciousness that we are not currently aware of. That would mean that we are not actually individual at all.

    Over all, I’d say I feel very individual. Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder who is staring back at you? I do this sometimes and feel like I’m all alone as a pilot driving this body around.
    Eric West | Friendship Society´s last post ..The Basis of Friendship as Described by Aristotle by Eric West

    Raul Ojeda Reply:


    A physical body cannot be shared, so we are independent units as long as we are alive in our bodies in this physical life. Maybe we all come from the same source being just bits of a whole, that come to life to learn, experience and grow, so when the time to live this physical body comes, we go back to the main source to contribute with our individual growth to the growth of the whole.

    From this point we could debate about what exactly is the concept of God, the concept of Hell and Heaven (punishment and reward), and the concept of the real meaning or reason for life. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and will start to put it in writing for debate.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Aspie World 1 – Perceiving the World

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