Another Unconscious Writing


2013-01-30  Another Unconscious Writing

This is the result of another moment of blank mind or Unconscious Writing. In this case I had to read it several times to understand what the characters were talking about, to finally realize I have the same concepts, but never saw it that way…at least in my conscious mind. It is also posted as it came out, and without any corrections.



Crazy Chat

“Just don‘t say it!  They don’t want to hear it. They know about it, but they don’t want to hear it! Besides…if you tell them, they wouldn’t like you.”

“But they don’t like me anyway.”

“I know, but you must pretend the world is not upside down.”

“Then what would happen if the true image becomes seen?”

“I don’t know…maybe they wouldn’t be able to withstand the true about themselves and their surroundings.”

“You mean…like a cage that is always open, yet is still a cage?”

“Maybe; they know it, but they will always deny it as a norm to follow. You know…the one proposing a different idea or concept will be segregated until the majority accepts such idea. Then, and only then, the masses will adopt the new proposal as the new trend to be followed”

“But that’s blind movement! And in such conditioning changes will take forever to occur, I mean, if the majority is waiting for the majority to act”

“And that’s how it’s been forever”

“Running with the eyes closed in an unknown field, guided by the sounds made by those running ahead of them”

“Yup! And always assuming those running ahead must have their eyes open”

“No wonder why when someone fall it becomes a massive fall!”

“And the ones falling on top will complain against the first to fall for not preventing the general fall”

“Blind movement supported by blind reasoning”

“Obviously; you must give away what you don’t want to handle”

“Take control of my life but I want control of my life”


“But then, what would happen if control was accepted by open eyes?”

“The dreaded responsibility!”


“Want another glass?”

 “Sure, why not!”



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2 Responses to Another Unconscious Writing

  1. kjforce says:

    Loved the mind and your mind could be as one. Funny but I don’t make New Year resolutions, however,I stated 2013 should be the year for everyone to take “responsibility for their actions,words,choices and decisions ” and perhaps if this had been in prior years society /economy would not be in the state it is
    today..another ironic reality is many are still NOT aware that there are any problems…oh, is there a problem ? Awesome write, kudos and thanks for sharing
    kjforce´s last post ..Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi kjforce,

    It is so common to confuse maturity with grayness and sobriety, yet still following the easiest path of childishness. As an example: So many people acting as if wisdom was their middle name, yet living on credit beyond their possibilities, just to impress those around them.

    Thank you for stopping by and contributing your vision :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Another Unconscious Writing

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