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It is not uncommon for someone trying to write a post to sometimes find the problem of a blank mind when comfortably positioned in front of the computer. Have you had those frustrating moments? Might be ready to write with a clear idea of what about, just to find out that no words to describe the thoughts come out. Sometimes not even thoughts at all show up, and all that is left is a wondering mind while the eyes remain called by the blinking black, vertical line in the writing program that presses on like saying: “Are you going to write something or not?”

Finding myself very often in that situation, and with the so many attempt to contact my own subconscious with the intention to discover what the heck lies inside my brain, sometime ago I started an experiment based in the typical test psychologist do: “Say the first word that comes to your mind”. So seating in front of the computer with the writing program opened, I write the first word that comes to my mind; then the next, then the next, and so on, until no more single words seem to come out “naturally”.

After that, I stop and read what I just wrote. Most of the times are just words with no connection and no meaning, but some other times very interesting results have been collected. The following short tale is one of those “positive” results.

I don’t know how and why the story went like that, and I can’t recall having seen that story on TV or read it in any book. Also the names of the characters came as loose words. All I know is that this story is the direct result of writing word by word without thinking.

Sometimes the result is a straight story that can be easily understood (like this one), and some others I need to read it several times to understand what is it talking about (like the one I’ll publish next).

 So this is one of the results of this fun game called Unconscious Writing, and I’m posting it without any corrections; just the way it came out of my blank mind.




The thing is, I don’t really know what is gonna happen when they find out the truth about Marcel. I been told he just went quietly to the dark side of the woods and never came back. The night was lighted by a full moon, but in the woods you can always find more than one darkened spot by the tall trees that abound in that area.

His truck remained parked by the clear until the sheriff found it some seven days later. A routine drive by on the empty road that leads to the house of old Jeremy became the first news of Marcel disappearance. The sheriff saw the truck in such unusual spot and went to investigate; only to find out that the keys were in the ignition and the truck unlocked. There was too much dust in the windshield for a truck that should be parked just for a day, so he started to make questions in town.

Nobody really knew anything since Marcel used to be the crazy type, living alone and never really socializing, so no one notice his absence at all. Only Jane, who the word was she wanted to jump over him to have a husband after all, seemed to be worried but ignorant of what might have been Marcel’s last steps.

Then came the word of a strange light in the sky some days ago, that lasted for just a couple of seconds. Many people seemed to testify in that situation, although for sheriff Randall it could be just a psychosis -a crazy explanation that would give the town a crazy story to tell for generations.

For me, there is a simple explanation of what happened: Marcel committed suicide. My house is by the river that goes about four hundred yards from the place Marcel truck was found. I believe he just decided to put an end to his miserable life of solitude and drove close to the river, parked his truck and then jumped to the waters to die by drowning.

I can say that because some days ago I saw a dead body floating down the river, but I didn’t do anything and didn’t tell anyone by fear of being accused of being the killer of that poor soul.

What I can’t understand or explain is that I also saw those lights in the sky some days ago, and the dead body floating by the river seemed to be burned really badly. Maybe poor Marcel was burned by that light in the sky and his dead body fell to the river; maybe he really committed suicide, who knows, but what I do know is that whatever the explanation, there will be no proof, so the doubt of me having something to do with his death will always be present in the minds of everyone in town.

That’s why I decided to keep my mouth shut until either they find out what really happen, or they forget about this incident and stop talking about it.

One thing is for sure, and that is that Marcel won’t be missed, except for Jane, who might have lost the only possibility she had to get a man to finally be married, no matter who.


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3 Responses to Unconscious Writing

  1. Sara says:


    First of all, it’s great to have you back. It is truly amazing what the mind can create if you give it free will. I loved this story. I think you need to continue it. I want to know why your main character assumed he or she would be under suspicion and why Marcel’s body was burned when surely drowning would be enough…and then there’s the strange lights…Oh, please don’t stop the story. MORE, MORE,….and then some more:~)

  2. Kelvin Kao says:

    Some writers use this technique called “free writing” to generate new ideas and get their writing going. Basically they pick a topic (or sometimes they don’t even do that) and just start writing whatever comes to mind.

    This is an interesting story that came out of your unconscious / subconscious mind!
    Kelvin Kao´s last post ..Looking Back At 2012

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    I didn’t know it was called free writing, and I don’t know if it could be considered a technique, but for sure is fun to do, and sometimes gives you big surprises.

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Living Units

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