Caged Bird


Looking to the surrounding world; wishing to fly free; afraid of the trade that freedom implies with its characteristic unknown, the bird stands by the open door of the cage, immobilized.


The dreams of the outer world and its wonders from the safety of the cage; the fears of the feeling of abandonment when not protected by the cage, yet free to fly and explore


Decisions, decision!


The little bird steps by the door and takes a quick look around, weighing the pros and cons of continuing with the infinite walk.


“It’s just a quick fly around to know”. Yet the wall of invisible air is still there, holding the fears and insecurities of the unknown.


The thoughts of remaining by the side of safety attack the little bird’s mind, while it fights to preserve the images of the infinite possibilities if only another step was made into the unknown.


The door of the cage was open, but just for a short time before it started to slowly move to become forever close. The little bird, desperate because of the closing door, pushes itself into its deepest thoughts, trying to find the solution to its confusion and indecision about its most logic move.


Time passes no matter what -the only reliable element of physical life- and the door finally become closed.


So the little, caged bird looks around its forever home, and the thoughts of flying free become the dream that never was, yet its heart smiles with relief.


“I guess I never really wanted to go”







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2 Responses to Caged Bird

  1. Sara says:


    WOW. You’re in contemplative mood. I suppose you are right. There are many time when we see an open door, but stay in our safe zones, rather than chance the freedom. And we usually pretend this was the wisest decision.

    The thing is taking risks is often an illogical choice, as it could endanger a life and we are given a strong need for survival. For the bird in the cage, staying safe is the logical choice if he wants to live his full life. To fly outside of the cage means he risks being killed.

    Yet, people rush into fires to save a child, stand in front of tanks in protest and in general put their lives at risk, even though it is illogical to do so. Why?

    I often think of Spock in Star Trek whenever I talk about logic. I loved his character and how he dealt the illogical of the human mind:~)

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    You’re right; stepping into the unknown can became so difficult due to the instincts of survival, yet there is something, like a feeling of doing something great when we step outside and take the risks. I guess that’s why some people push the limits in every aspect of life, like sports, creation, human rights, etc. And really that’s how advancements are made.


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