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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hacked Email?

Posted by Raul on June 8, 2011


For a couple of days now I’ve been receiving emails telling my message couldn’t be delivered; and the message (which I haven’t sent) clearly is spam. I’m not a computer expert by any means, so cannot tell what exactly the problem is, and even less how to stop it and fix it.

For that reason, and adding to it too many activities right now that are taking all my available time, I’ll be closing my emails to prevent being used by someone. I hate spam, and the last thing I want is appear as another spammer flooding your inbox.

If you have received a spam email from raulojeda, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and rest assured it is not me and this blog trying to do such thing. As soon as time allows, I’ll go into the problem and try to fix it, although most probably I’ll have to leave the task to an expert in the field.

For a moment I thought to Copy and Paste one of the emails here, so if any of my readers could enlighten me on what exactly it is, and maybe how to stop it, it’ll give me the opportunity to work on the problem, but then I decided not to do so since I don’t understand all the technical wording of the email and became afraid of doing such thing could means publishing sensitive information about this blog that could open the door to hackers.

Still, if you have any suggestion, I’m all ears (or eyes).

If time allows I’ll try to keep posting, and the comment section will remain open, but the communication through the Contact form and any other form of communication that implies using Alien Ghost emails will be stopped for a while.

Thank you for your understanding of the matter  :)


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