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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award

Posted by Raul on May 26, 2011


Lately it has been a struggle for me to come up with the time to write for this blog, and to do it in a positive tone of mind. Many things have been happening around here, together with several physical others breaking down and in need to be fixed, robbing up time originally planned for writing activities. So the thinking, writing and visiting friends around the net activities have suffered from a forced lack of attention.

Double reason to be surprised when a note from Sara at A Sharing Connection arrived with the news of Alien Ghost being selected to receive The Versatile Blogger Award!

By Sara’s explanation, it was a drawing rather than a straight selection, due to the many blogs in Sara’s preferences that meet the requirements. Still, an honor for me since in order to be selected by drawing, this humble blog’s name had to be in the “bag” of names from which to draw from.

Thank you Sara for the distinction, and my apologies for the fried brain cells while reading some of the posts, although your post-challenges have also fried some of mine in the process of trying not to fail to the test  :)

One of the requirements of this award is to mention seven things about one for readers to know more about the writer behind the blog, so in that sense, and trying to go more personal, I decided to share with you my:

1-Social Security Number

2-Driver’s License Number

3-Email address

4-Street address

5-Phone number

6-Checking account number

7-Savings account number

Just kidding!  :)

1- According to my mother’s records, I was born by the tenth’s months of pregnancy; purple and overgrown. The first seven years of life I spent about almost nine months in bed and three on my feet due to fever attacks that gave me hallucinations. There were sequences of ninety injections in three months periods, so I played with the little bottles and crazy thoughts since I was mostly too tired to move. By the age of seven the extraction of the tonsils fixed all the problems (Don’t ask me, I have no clue).

2- When I was about six months old an uncle used to call me “Stuffed Potato”…I don’t know why!


 3- Because of my father’s job we used to move a lot when I was growing up, so the twelve years of school I did them in fourteen of them. That’s 1.17 schools per school calendar year! Although I didn’t like to change schools because it was always living as a ghost (it usually took me about six months to befriend someone) I really loved seeing new places and experiencing new weathers and geographies. All in all, a wonderful part of my childhood!

4- Trying to find a job, together with some inertia left from the first years, I had around 47 different jobs between the ages of 18 and 29. I did many things like: car mechanic; apartment interior repairs; work clothes manufacturing; jewelry artisan (silver casting and rock polishing); radio program recorder; events organizing (theater and music shows); apprentice miner; shoe manufacturing tools fabrication; brochure publication; taxi driver; bus driver; agro machinery mechanic; road repair work; decorative lamps manufacturing; fruits and vegetables seller (farmer market type); among many others.

Apprentice of miner. I'm the one at the right.

5- I hold certifications as Automotive and Diesel Mechanic; Industrial Electric Technician; Airframe and Powerplant Technician and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, but I love writing! (I’m still trying to figure that out!).

6- Memory it’s always been a problem with me (a gift from the fever attacks?); I always struggle to remember how old I am, and after many years of memorizing my age and then having another birthday, I decided to memorize just the year I was born; from then I just make a quick calculation after asking “What year is it?” (I’m not kidding!)

7- When I was 26, and stuck trying to write, I decide to take an opportunity that presented and tried marijuana to see what happens and see if it’ll help me in creative writing. Wow! So many ideas passed through my mind at an ever increasing speed, that I wasn’t able to write them down fast enough. The room started spinning and I had an amazing trip, but completely lost control of my thoughts. I never tried again by the fear of becoming addicted.

So there you have seven things about me  :)

Another of the requirements of this award is to pass it on to someone the recipient consider a Versatile Blogger, and in that aspect there’s no doubt in my mind to name Nacho at Zerebria for the variety in his posts ranging from self improvement, common every day situations we all experience at one time or another, to hard analysis of the human mind and behavior, but all written in a “accessible” way for the common reader, without loosing the professionalism of a psychologist. Congratulations Nacho! I hope you accept, and so we all can also learn more about you.


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