Dead Butterflies


They used to be all around, flying aimlessly, close to each other, silently existing for no reason at all. They were there, creating that strange feeling that seems to be proper of just once in a lifetime.

Sounds of a voice, a gesture, maybe a silly look of stranger eyes that were to be known little by little as time went by; they were born out of those and remained there for a short lived life.

So colorful! So vibrant! So alive! Butterflies that changed the elements around, the organization of things, the perception of life; just to leave behind spider webs as a memorial reminder of what used to be, and that now concentrate in catching the dust of time.

Their brief life reminding us all of the fragility of a moment in time: Dead Butterflies!



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4 Responses to Dead Butterflies

  1. kjforce says:

    The “WEEDS” of my garden thank you for you piece on “Butterflies”. Beautiful words with meaning variable to the beholder. Look forward to following your words..
    Welcome to my word world of mataphors..
    a weed by choice..kjforce

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi kiforce,

    Now that’s an interesting one…a weed by choice!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Casiotone nostalgia- or the way we learn Guest post

  2. kjforce says:

    that’s METAPHORS…hit key as I was proof reading,,,

  3. Raul Ojeda says:

    Oh, accidents…the hands doing while the mind is busy with thoughts. I’ve done that many times when commenting in other blogs :(

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..Casiotone nostalgia- or the way we learn Guest post

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