The Spirit in the Mirror


While the image is just a reflection, the entity standing there could be considered the separation of itself from the body. There’s no physical existence in the image in the mirror, yet we can see it standing there, looking back to us.

Any intention, thought or feeling that makes us slightly twitch our face will be replicated by the image in the mirror, so we can see it is our intentions, thoughts and feelings that are also there, being part of the image.

A perfect copy of the physical body without becoming physically existent!

Yet, that perfect copy of a body without a body, although capable of showing physical behavior, doesn’t have any physical possibilities. We are ourselves in the image in the mirror, yet, while being there, we exist without a physical body for a moment.

What if we take the physical body that creates the image in the mirror and leave just the image as the true existence of the being? Wouldn’t we be capable of thoughts and feelings, without the possibility of physical sensations? No pain, no hunger, no sicknesses, never getting old. A permanent representation of a non-existent physical shape.

When we see ourselves in a mirror, we could consider the image standing there as the separation of the entity we are, from the body where we are contained.

How will we use the presented possibility then?  Will we consider the option of giving a bigger validation to thoughts and feelings rather than physical sensations?  And with it, the need of dedicating time to the feeding of the image in the mirror rather than feeding the physical body that creates the image?

Just a crazy thought to get you a little confused  :)


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6 Responses to The Spirit in the Mirror

  1. Carol says:

    Except that I would want that image to remain young and slim. :)

    I enjoy your thoughts.

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Carol,

    So I guess we better take a good look when young. Too bad I didn’t think of this twenty years ago :(

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..The Spirit in the Mirror

  2. Patricia says:

    Oh Raul,
    You have me thinking about this one this morning and I have added the thought about sometimes I look in the mirror expecting to see an earlier version of myself and then I am surprised – Today I looked in the mirror after I took my walking hat off – Oh was my hair a sight – but then I saw my smiling laughing self and that was good! Always changing…
    Patricia´s last post ..A Suggestion

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    The sight of the hair would be a replication of the body, but the smile a reflection of the entity. A smiling, laughing self…that is really good! :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..The Spirit in the Mirror

  3. Solita says:

    The image in the mirror is always happier when I feed it cake. haha!
    But I think you are saying that if we become to enamored/obsessed with the physical image; if the mirror becomes more important than the being itself we lose the individuality that removes us from being just an image. Like narcissus losing himself in his reflection. Or Dorian Grey obsessing over his image while his being rotted away.
    Ooooh, my Tio is so deep!

    Raul Ojeda Reply:

    Hi Solita,

    Definitely feeding some cake should help to improve the mood of the image looking back to us from the mirror.

    It is mostly about considering the image in the mirror as a chance to connect with the entity we are inside the physical being. A simple device that could allow us to separate ourselves from the physical world and life, so we can analyze with more freedom the differences between entity, spirit or soul, and body.

    But it can also be considered as you mention, so thank you for the point and contribution to expand the posibilities of the presented possibilty :)

    Raul Ojeda´s last post ..The Spirit in the Mirror

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